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offline Unstable /Offline Servers & no support atall !


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Unstable /Offline Servers & no support atall !

hi guys!

im sad to post this here, since noone seem to care about the official reports/posts in the "right" parts of this forum atall!

and since we get 0 official replys or information about whats wrong with the servers, im forced to posting here now!

how can it be that servers continuously are unstable/laggy/rubberbanding/crashing & be offline for many hours & no1 cares/explaines to us why?!

instead we soon get a new map/dlc , that the devs want money for.... but the core game is nearly unplayable on alot of OFFICIAL servers out there!

so wildcard wants us to get in the right mood of throwing more money at them again, but at the same time, to see the servers you want to play on being offline(for hours and hours) for no reason or explanation atall, its just extremely frustrating!

i really like this game & want to support it with all my heart! but  the fact that none of the devs seem to care(or respond) atall about the fact that servers just dont work seems unreal to me!


im aware that ppl will look at this post and either shrug or will make fun of it, because thats what the internet does ;) but does that diminish the fact that wildcard just doesnt seem to give a damn about the health or their own OFFICIAL server network?!


i really do hate the fact that i felt the need to write this myself, but i just didnt see any other way to maybe reach someone that could possibly change anything about this! but my server is offline for hours again (2h at the time im writing this) today & what else is there to do then to try & reach ANYONE who cares& maybe able to explain to us why this is happening?!

any official word on this atall would be MUCH appreciated!



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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