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Can we talk about lazyclicker

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I have missed them for 6 months straight. I play a LOT. 4600+ hours. live above one suspect across from another, tracked with server tools and they dont play but for 2:00min per server. technologically efficient includes cheating with technology because that is effencent. Very loose term. sound nice. As hard as you work on your base you only have it as long as you take the time to upkeep it. Thats fair. When you use software to take that time for you, you nul the whole point of autodecay in the first place. It would be really nice if wild card released old saves incrementally for players who are done. let  your stuff decay. still retain all you made. Its like making a sandcastle at the public beach, you can spend weeks on it  and hold it down for however long, but jeez, it belongs to everyone. when you are done enjoying yourself move on. Maybe may a castle on a your own private beach(server) keep it there forever. maybe a way to copy that castle and import it to your beach at some point would nice. At one point there was no auto decay. and now we have one for a reason. 

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Another fantastic semantics debate, Ark fans.  Well done.

Less semantics would be nice and more probable ideas,which I've seem to be the only person talking about those, would be great. I know we can only do so much but maybe a dev, and not a forum moderator (no offense guys) that does have some pull can get something out of this post. What do we do when we are done? how can we show off all those hours? the servers will at some point go down. Wouldn't a way to preserve it privately solve all of this? This is the discussion I hoped to spark. 


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