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  1. Here's to being white and not feeling entitled. I can wait. Longer if you all feel the need to drive this home. Very excited too btw as I've had my base cords on the wall for over a month. Edit* while I was not worrying about my unpaid dlc to arrived I forgot to show my stand. BLACK LIVES MATTER!
  2. the 2 servers that know that had heavy amount of asian players and us servers (People love high ping for some reason) are down but not the one that I know dont have a heavy presence. Odd. Are you assisting them right now or something?
  3. Less semantics would be nice and more probable ideas,which I've seem to be the only person talking about those, would be great. I know we can only do so much but maybe a dev, and not a forum moderator (no offense guys) that does have some pull can get something out of this post. What do we do when we are done? how can we show off all those hours? the servers will at some point go down. Wouldn't a way to preserve it privately solve all of this? This is the discussion I hoped to spark.
  4. I have missed them for 6 months straight. I play a LOT. 4600+ hours. live above one suspect across from another, tracked with server tools and they dont play but for 2:00min per server. technologically efficient includes cheating with technology because that is effencent. Very loose term. sound nice. As hard as you work on your base you only have it as long as you take the time to upkeep it. Thats fair. When you use software to take that time for you, you nul the whole point of autodecay in the first place. It would be really nice if wild card released old saves incrementally for players who are done. let your stuff decay. still retain all you made. Its like making a sandcastle at the public beach, you can spend weeks on it and hold it down for however long, but jeez, it belongs to everyone. when you are done enjoying yourself move on. Maybe may a castle on a your own private beach(server) keep it there forever. maybe a way to copy that castle and import it to your beach at some point would nice. At one point there was no auto decay. and now we have one for a reason.
  5. A macro can be chained and thats still a macro. a macro that chains with another macro is still a macro. but the start of the chain needs to be a person that starts the chain. This leaves the decision of what macro or chain of macros to be up to the player to execute. These bases Ive watch for 6-7 months are main base in size and powerless and dinoless and have been to the looks of someone who has let their dinos and upkeep like gas of tek running the fridges stop and the bases were surely right behind them... that was a looooong time ago. they are in the same state causing a bloat in the save file which causes the autosave to really be felt every 15 min. There is only 1 ticker. on a 10sec ticker and decay as 1 is actually a place in line of the single ticker. if 3 objects appear within the 10 sec at different times, 3 decay-this-thing schedules appear on the single ticker and as it ticks across the it will decay-this-thing as scheduled. Thats my rough understanding so no effects to us there. I've tried to find other ways of doing this log in business to understand a way of detection but You can honestly schedule windows to launch the link to join every 3 days and as long as everything is within render of your beds base achieve the same thing. The security for joining is weak and is a strong reason I made this post. No player should have to compete with a computer.
  6. Like I said, the quote I posted was from the documentation page and is self declared a bot. It has a bunch of conditionally automated features most of which you cant do on your keyboard. This post is not about macros which are 100% legal.
  7. Macros; user triggered keystrokes. Botting; conditional or if this, than that, triggered commands with the ability to gather data and react with programmed specifics. It even states "bot" in your quote. This post is not about a macro. Consider a macro that repeatably fires your longneck vs an aimBOT that aims it. Legality it almost every game revolves around the players required trigger. If you can turn it on, go on vacation, its more than a macro. Im all for macros for the players that play. Im not for taking up realestate from the players that play by the players that dont.
  8. This is a quote from the instructions. Go the the “Auto-Joiner” tab Enter the server name (it doesen’t need to be exact but always the first server is selected) Example 1: “EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland123” OR “d123” works both Example 2: “EU-PVP-Offical-Ragnarok123” OR “k123” works both Setting delay: The bot scans the center screen for error message permanetly. Between those scans is a delay and this is what you can set here. As recommendation I would have here set to 500 ms
  9. yeah honestly the pvp does not suffer from this at all. This is about PVEers having to live around manikin bases with no active players holding down a base that otherwise would have decayed. Lets say I dont want to start the new dlc until the gates open. I play the new dlc and claim as much land as possible. Flip on my warez, I can never see the server again until they open transfers, all my land is still there. every "best spot" can be taken indefinitely. No fear of decay. anti decay FULLY automated. I remember hearing things like "cant wait until the devs turn back auto decay, this place looks like a trailor park" For some it like the devs never turned it back on.
  10. This is good info. I also reset everything I do manually. The problem with the auto login feature is that it is completely autonomous. Wouldn't that be classified as a bot and not a macro? I know everyone uses macros and even I use it to collect z seeds and WC cleverly designed the earthquakes to move us around as a anti macro mechanism. You have to be present. With this tool you dont. Thats the part that really gets me. It makes it unfair for others. Lets say you want to hop on the seesaw at the playground. making a device to bounce you during your turn. Thats fine. No one is going to push you off. No one has the right to. You are on it and playing with the public seesaw. now you go across town and let your autonomous mechanism hold your turn while others would like to play. The line is long and everyone just wants there turn to ride. They cant. machine in place and no one gets to ride. This seems vastly unethical. What can we do? Capcha the servers? Change the way links to join work? Add activity flag to the countdown on refreshing. Some players Ive seen spent 20 min a week per server on 5-6 servers. server analytics shows a solid 2 min on each server. wild card has an endgame plan; tek tier. thats fine and now very achievable but whats the point if I can make thatch city and it never decay with out having to do anything while the clicky software upkeeps my base. I would like to believe they are just unaware on how to figure out who using the software since it doesn't hook to anything in the game. There is no steps to logging in that a bot couldn't use. Its literally a link. This forum was harder to get into.
  11. I honestly dont know how far my reporting can reach. Im SUPER dyslexic. Being on a forum is hard enough. I excel at abstract thought and footwork, though. I have discovered battlemetrics after living above a base for 6 months to never see it decay. I've never seen movement. Whilst there I noticed other huge structure only bases with no one there. I play this game a LOT. Id see them. I dont know how well I can trust the login and logout data of battle metrics as for "proof" of a report. I would also like this post to be for devising ways of neighborhood Watching this and the best way to case the report so that it can be given to the abuse department.
  12. that would be a big problem, are you familiarmelier with "the loudest sprocket, gets the grease" If people dont know about it, it will continue until everyone knows about it. We already suffer from it and it gets worse before it gets better. I'm not even sure if its against the rules. It 110% should be.
  13. Can we talk about lazyclicker Are the devs aware there is a free to download BOT that allows players to use a separate account and pc to bypass the autodecay feature that was designed to free space of people who stopped playing? If so, what are they going to do about it? Most importantly can we report players found on official if we track them and their 2 min play times on groups of servers that they take MASSIVE and I mean FREAKING MASSIVE real estate on, indefinitely? How?
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