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[HELP] Respect / Autodecay issues on my server

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[HELP] Respect / Autodecay issues on my server

Hi !

I have some issues with settings on my server and i don't figure out why it's not working.

If you can help me please ?

First the bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true is not working both on game.ini and gameusersetting.ini.

Second the automatic autodecay is not working.

I'm allowed to destroy structures and claim dino at the end of the cooldown but i have to do by myself.

I would like at the end of the cooldown the structure and the dino be deleted directly to prevent garbage on the server from players.


Thank you


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I've seen cases where a valid (but small) game.ini or GUS.ini are ignored.
I never found the reason why, but adding more lines did eventually get the files to be recognised.


You can find out if yours is being read or not by putting your game.ini and GUS.ini into the correct directory, then starting the server.  Let the server completely start up then stop it again.

Look at the files again.  Ark will replace your file with its own updated version.  See if the lines you want are still in there.

Which directory are you using for Game.ini and GUS.ini?   Mine are located under c:\ArkServer\Shootgame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer


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