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I think that ARK needs more useful shoulder pets and small unrideable dinos or at least TLCs to existing ones, some examples of ones I would like to see added are; Dwarf Elephant (it can gather wood when on wander), Iberomesornis (shoulder pet similar to Icthyornis, but smaller and specializes at killing bugs instead of fish), Bernissartia (shoulder day starts that packs a punch and specializes in fish killing) ,Nemicolopterus(shoulder pet like dimorph, but not as strong, specializes in meat gathering), Gasparinisaura (Gathers berries when on wander), Minmi(gathers flint and metal when on wander), Archicebus(shoulder pet that gathers berries when you walk by or when it is on wander), Leptocyon( smaller than hyaenadon, has backpack as saddle refrigerates meat and allows it to carry a lot of your items), and finally Hadrocodium ( it is a very small shoulder pet which is used to pick locks at a 54% success rate).

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5 hours ago, Lowly said:

Oh here's this idea

A puppet/plush toy

You place a dermis inside it and it takes the form of that dermis in miniature and can sit on your shoulder

Now every creature in the game can be a shoulder mount

I like your idea, and some of my suggestions are just small creatures like the lystro that cannot be mounted, but they have different uses, shoulder pets have not had the glory that they deserve, and since the mechanic of shoulder pets have been in the game almost since the start I think they should add more so that we can have some variety. 

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