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unofficial Over Server Stats Dino Tames

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Hello everyone

I wanted to know if there a way to surpass pre-established server stats for tames.

Since we found a user with over powered tames. For an example i do own a griffin lvl 350 and my melee damage is on the 2k% but found this user (already banned) with a griffin lvl 422 with a melee damage of 2M since every hit does a 601k of damage normal but with the dive attack can easily reach the 4M damage per hit.

I tried to replicate it but all was in vain. I did try do Single Player and then transfer to server.

Is there a way or a method to replicate it?

We play on a unofficial server and have crossplay enabled.


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I've had before on one of my temp servers players able to download creatures from their single player games on to the server. It never occurred on my cluster so I thought it couldn't happen but I made them show me in person what they did and yeah on a single map server if all transfer options aren't changed people can move stuff over from single player.

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