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  1. How to get Golden Bullet in Ark Hello fellow survivors, i asking how to get the unusable gold bullet in ark. Since i see in few server that use it as currency. So I'm asking how to get it to use it on some servers as currency. Thanks everyone for any help i can get. Happy Holidays
  2. ARK crash when i have net on pc hello everyone i have found an issue with win10 ark (XBOX Play Anywhere), the issue is that when i'm connected to net the game crash every time i open it but when i disconnect my net ark works. what can i do to solve this issue?
  3. i bought genesis pass but check it before you buy it since only is available for one system each pass, i bought xbox one and though i would have it on pc but pc is another season pass. hope WC update WIN10 and Xbox season pass into one and make it play Anywhere like they past season pass.
  4. same issue here, actually i have another issue with my Ark win10 version and the issue is i can't find servers to play but hope isn't for the virus i got from a game that open ads on my browser the photo i take it around 5:20 pm (Mexico time) and i found servers on xbox well i know this isn't the right place to be asking this but need help
  5. I was hoping too the tek giga even teased a friend telling him it was the giga and started freaking out since had some dark memories when he lose his wyv to a giga. Maybe a tek otter would be more exciting
  6. please release a sea dragon octopus this pic is courtesy from tumblr and i like it https://gomalemo.tumblr.com/ <-------- profile from the person who made the picture and have nice creatures if wildcard need someone to create new creatures
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