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Why does the assault rifle only do 33 damage?

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the gun is primarily designed for PVP interactions. 33 damage at about 10 rounds a second can do quite a bit of damage to another player.

also, most people don't go out and fabricate primitive assault rifles when hunting dinosaurs; they find high quality blueprints that deliver high damage percentages, if they even use an assault rifle for dinosaur hunting.


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On 10/10/2017 at 10:48 AM, 20GT said:

Why is the damage on the assault rifle so low.

It's not worth making if it's only doing 33 damage to a dodo. 

Prim assault rifle is 33 dmg a shot, 10 shots a second and a 40 round clip, so 330 dmg a second or 1320 dmg a clip.

the basic shotgun fires 10 pellets at 66 damage a pellet, 1-2 shots a second and 2 shots a clip, so 1320 dmg a sec, 1320 dmg a clip.

pump action shotgun is 10 pellets at 49 dmg a pellet, 1-2 shots a sec and 6 shots a clip, so 490-980 dmg a sec and 2940 Dmg a clip.

Longneck is 56 dmg with a 4 second reload. So 24 dmg a sec and 56 damage a clip.

Fab sniper, 165 dmg, 3 shots a second, 8 shots a clip. So 495 dmg a sec, 1320 dmg a clip.


When you take reload time into account the margins on all non-pistol weapons becomes virtually identical other than the longneck rifle, so situationally, all firearms in ark are of the same usefulness, shotgun close range, assault rifle mid, fab sniper long range and a crossbow with flame arrows for cost effective high damage.







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