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  1. Most likely/hopefully a pathing issue then but that wouldn't take an hour to fix. If the stuff is there i doubt we will get a rollback.
  2. Does this include items people transferred server with? and is the upload file still bound to the correct player ID? Not important but would at least tell me if a rollback is likely, or a time frame.
  3. It was hard to track element vein destruction, and rollbacks would have had to be substantial screwing a lot more people in the process. A bug they created that came into effect an hour ago however, it is easy to identify when it happened. At most they will have to restore the backups created before the last major patch (like 2 hours ago).
  4. Easily if you take a yuti and have a decent saddle on them all.
  5. 1 Stego + 20 C4 = FOB getting built lol. You would waste more resources doing this than learning how to build properly/strategically. There are many things that block other players building but do not block spawns, such as gates, spikes, boxes, campfires, standing torches, cages, crop plots and signs. Most new players start on a beach, so stop using beaches for resources, if a base does not decay after a while, the people are still playing and can be asked to move. Remember, OTHER PEOPLE PLAY THIS GAME TOO. Any land blocking, for any reason including the common 'preserving spawns' BS is just a selfish playerbase on PVE. Pillar spam on PVP is pointless most large tribes use a combination of dino gates, spikes, foundations and signs. Start a tribe, place your 5 build boxes in strategic locations, ally with a friend. Start a new character on the server, rinse and repeat until the server is fully locked. Plus on PVP the build box would be a very valuable thing to protect as it would prevent FOBs being pushed forward, defensive structures whilst attacking etc. Or mega tribes could just get, say 20 people on a server, all place their 5 build boxes, therefore preventing people from counter FOBs etc and allowing server ownership rather quickly. Also, THERE IS NO MEAT SHORTAGE ITS CALLED THE SEA YOU IDIOTS, MY TUSO HAS ALWAYS OUT-PERFORMED MY GIGAS ON MEAT RUNS.
  6. Ive never been 2 hit on a raft by a leed.......... Do you not watch where your going, look around you whilst travelling etc? i normally get my honey in the water before the leed even attacks. Observation is key to survival in real life aswell as in games.
  7. D. Throw a bit of honey in the water when you see one coming, and carry on with your raft life............. They put in a REALLY EASY way to keep yourself safe from leeds. And before people say its difficult to get honey. You dont need much and its really not. Kill a hive (crossbow from a distance the bees cant get to you), loot the honey. Think it spoils too quick? Your on a boat, if you have power use a fridge, if not use a preserving bin. Leeds are not an issue for anybody with half a brain.
  8. They exist to stop people spamming rafts everywhere/hiding raft bases at the map edge, or turreting up the sea (we had over 100 turret rafts covering the islands ocean pre leed) They also mean you have to park your boat properly, or think about its placement in PVE as previously 1 wooden raft, 20ish foundations away from the coast = safe. No way of avoiding them - chuck some honey in the water and they leave you alone.....
  9. That's a mechanic I've not noticed, He never seems to stays around very long for me, and since I do most of my runs solo, I can turn he aggro between fire breath attacks, if he is clustered/surrounded he hardly stays on the ground, if I can spread my theros out they get a nice burst of dps, then he flies around for 15-20 seconds before landing again, I also try to keep the fight contained next to the starting area if possible, may mean I miss a few opportunities at damaging him, but I have no dps issues so I'd rather avoid the lava as much as possible.
  10. On official, SE all day. Once you learn how to handle the weather and get some good ghillee or desert cloth its really not hard, plenty of hiding spots, an entire desert with plenty of hidden valleys etc in the sand and noobs dont last long. On unofficial, abberation then rag. Abberation is vibrant and fresh, and the new desert area in rag has got me back enjoying the area again. But i know in a month ill be gliding around SE on a rock drake with a magenta shinehorn on my shoulder.
  11. Also, alpha manticore is easiest with 10 unridden lightning wyverns 10k health and 550+ melee, and a yut or rex for each player present. Enable ai special attacks before entering, whistle attack my target at manticore and try to buff the wyverns when possible.
  12. Yes. General idea is 21k health and every point left into melee, 600% is the minimum. I agree with the lack of piggies when using theros, olivar is kinda the thero expert, but basically, veggie cakes heal 10% of the max hp UP TO 2100hp every 30 seconds, so never exceed 21k. IMO using a pig makes the theros eat cakes less often thus making them less effective. Yes (there is a 12+ page thread debating this lol)and its all down to cakes. To save olivar explaining in full later on here as somebody is going to ask. The damage from dragon comes mainly from the fire breath/lava, which does a flat 10% of your tames max health. At 21k hp, 1 cake heals this every 30 seconds, basically doubling the survival time of the entire Chicken army of doom and in a perfect situation results in almost no hp loss from the entire fight, my best is 3k loss max, worst was one thero down to 8k, the difference is due to good/bad control of your tickle chickens, my best hp loss i consider to be a perfect run, not 1 screw up, bug or miss key. Somebody needs to put right at the top. Try to remain calm, if something goes wrong dont panic, stay on task, its not over till the timer hits 0.
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