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  1. Saupe

    Building: Pillar snap point advice

    Have you tried making a cross out of fence foundations, and snapping off the fence snap points?
  2. Saupe

    Cannon Paracer/Quetzal help

    You can fire a cannon through a doorframe, and they definitely stop rock elemental thrown rocks, splash damage can still hit the cannon if it is sticking through the door though.
  3. Saupe

    This Raporting Raptors!

    Got taken off my bear yesterday whilst gathering fiber by a 145 raptor. It didn’t break a single piece of my PRIM flak, I stabbed it once with my pike, got back on my bear and ate it. Cloth armour is trash, and being naked in a survival game is idiotic. Stop moaning about a mob mechanic when your ignoring large parts of the game. Don’t leave your base in trash gear. Also,you can still pike and knock them back, you just need to survive for 5 seconds.
  4. Saupe

    bosses Recommended Rex stats for bosses

    Easily if you take a yuti and have a decent saddle on them all.
  5. Saupe

    What is the best taming pen

    With or without dino pick up enabled, small dinosaur I use a 2x2 1 high stone building, add a ramp outside if you cannot carry wilds, bait them over the ramp, and exit through a door. For media size creatures (anything that fits through a normal gate). 4 gate frames in a row, with spaces or you to exit between each gate frame. Put a gate on both ends, open one, bait creature in, shut gate. Large tames I usually don't pre-build a trap. But carry 4 stone gate frames, aggro the tame you want on a tanky tame (I prefer Wyverns or Rexs), let it attack you whilst you snap 4 gate frames around it in a square shape. Back off, check its trapped and KO it. Put gates in once it is down to protect it. I use this mainly for Rex's and spinos. Gigas I tame off a griffin, or use the metal gate frame and bear trap method.
  6. Saupe

    Major problems since last update.

    I have the same issue on my single player. running without battleeye does not fix it. Can you reply if cce2002s suggestion works, ab is my main server and being unable to plan buildings is a real pita.
  7. Saupe

    what y method tame reaper

    Trap it, hide behind a wall and shoot it through a window, when it gets low (particle effect), grab a shield and walk up to it.
  8. Saupe

    Cave Small Tribe Official

    Correction, Has been since its release!
  9. Saupe

    Quetzal in dire need of saving.

    How many tames can you pick up with an argy, quetz, kapro, ptera, tape etc. on OFFICIAL PVE? C4/rockets/homing rockets/clusters are virtually useless, you ever needed a Fab sniper? You ever needed a metal base? Do tek buildings serve any purpose other than looking pretty? Since you have already stated you play on unofficial servers, none of it is any relevance to you anyway, let me guess, your server runs classic flyers and has dino pick-up enabled??
  10. Saupe

    Quetzal in dire need of saving.

    Splitting PVP and PVE from each other update/content wise has been suggested many times, its too much work for the devs, so instead us PVP players suffer because something sucks in PVE and PVE players suffer because something is op/abused in PVP. Bubba is an idiot, he should go troll elsewhere, doesn't even know what a body bag is, i mean, they have been common knowledge for almost 2 years, does he even play ark? Quetzals are more use in PVP than PVE, most PVP players are happy with their current role, we would rather the devs stopped messing around with the balance that ultimately ends up aiding the mega tribes more than the small/solo tribes.
  11. Saupe

    Quetzal in dire need of saving.

    He never said that, he suggested SEPERATE FORUMS FOR PVE AND PVP, a very sensible idea considering PVE has half of the functionality of the game removed....... It isnt a delusion mate. Look at the fact that half the stuff on a PVP server is DISABLED on a PVE server, i.e. INTENDED GAME MECHANIC DISABLED FOR PVE......... Ohh, and 99% of PVP players have no interest in being 'top tribe' most of us hate megas with a passion. since 16 out of the 20 most popular servers in ark are PVP servers, i think you lose on that bubba,,,,,
  12. Saupe

    Every small tribe server is capped

    Yeah, because splitting up the PVE megas is a good idea? lets have 10 kibble farms instead of the 1 we had as a large tribe.. Plus it makes no difference to you guys anyway.
  13. Saupe

    Structure Decay Changes

    And the problem of pillar spam will never end. SIGH. thanks devs, you found a solution, and caved to the LARGE PVE TRIBES. Because face it, there the only ones with true pillar spam whilst "protecting the metal spawns, and the meat spawns, and the bush spawns, and the tree spawns". In other words, pillaring every piece of land any where near them to prevent pthers building in any kind of proximity to their base" Like seriously, go on any high population PVE server, notice how there are 3-5 tribes on the entire server, and they own every pillar there. This is not to protect spawn areas, but to stop other people being able to play on their server. at one point the top 5 PVE servers were entirely pillared ffs. Listen to this guy, this could work,
  14. 1 Stego + 20 C4 = FOB getting built lol. You would waste more resources doing this than learning how to build properly/strategically. There are many things that block other players building but do not block spawns, such as gates, spikes, boxes, campfires, standing torches, cages, crop plots and signs. Most new players start on a beach, so stop using beaches for resources, if a base does not decay after a while, the people are still playing and can be asked to move. Remember, OTHER PEOPLE PLAY THIS GAME TOO. Any land blocking, for any reason including the common 'preserving spawns' BS is just a selfish playerbase on PVE. Pillar spam on PVP is pointless most large tribes use a combination of dino gates, spikes, foundations and signs. Start a tribe, place your 5 build boxes in strategic locations, ally with a friend. Start a new character on the server, rinse and repeat until the server is fully locked. Plus on PVP the build box would be a very valuable thing to protect as it would prevent FOBs being pushed forward, defensive structures whilst attacking etc. Or mega tribes could just get, say 20 people on a server, all place their 5 build boxes, therefore preventing people from counter FOBs etc and allowing server ownership rather quickly. Also, THERE IS NO MEAT SHORTAGE ITS CALLED THE SEA YOU IDIOTS, MY TUSO HAS ALWAYS OUT-PERFORMED MY GIGAS ON MEAT RUNS.
  15. Saupe

    What's the point of the leedsichthys?

    Ive never been 2 hit on a raft by a leed.......... Do you not watch where your going, look around you whilst travelling etc? i normally get my honey in the water before the leed even attacks. Observation is key to survival in real life aswell as in games.