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  1. Cavewolf/Ravager damage nerf

    They have got it wrong, wild ravagers need a pack limitation in an area (try having a pack of 9 next to your base) and a reduction in Health or health regen, a lvl 80 should not need 60+ arrows to kill. Tamed, they are what a Carno should have been. And now I need 2 wolves for my cave runs, when nobody has complained about wolves being op/difficult since full release.
  2. Ravagers OP!

    Here's my experience. Gashed drains 5% of full hp over 10 seconds, there was a pack of 8 at the lake, they killed at least 10 paracers in literally no time, including a 150 and 2 other 100 plus, not one ravager died, another has wandered in to join them since, making them literally untouchable other than building a tower and spending 50+ arrows each. The gnashed seems to occur from any ravager as long as it is pack boosted (trapped a lvl 5 there, lvl 30 nearby and the lvl 5 gnashed me, killed lvl 30, no gnash). Wild ravagers are damn powerful. Tamed ravagers are somewhat comparable to a carno with higher speed and weight. They are still beastly and gather chitin and meat at a stupid rate. Dropping their damage by 40% (how they just made wolves useless) will make them worse than a raptor once tamed, and as th Gnashed effect is from wild only and is a flat percentage of health, not effect the difficulty of wilds, making them (imo) a useless tame, and not fixing the real issue, they are mini tanks, in packs of 2-3 its managable, but once they reach 4+, or have a high level between them, the pack just grows and grows turning huge areas into a slaughter house.
  3. Resource farming.

    Berries, mushrooms and wood.
  4. Resource farming.

    Roll rat is awesome for wood, and honey is abundant to tame them. But the saddle is costly early game (475 ingots + cp). Reapers are awesome for chitin and meat, tame one now. Sheep are found between the lake and 40 55, also ONE RICH METAL NODE, Its 3.20am so i will update with co-ords tomorrow but if you go from 23 57 and move uphill away from a lake there is a river, it will go down into a valley, look for gas collector spots along the cliff edge and you will find it (may be a graphic render bug but there is a red line on the floor just before the gas collector/metal node). The reapers are all down by the beach/lake, the only threat is raptors and the odd carno, otherwise, trike, stego, carbo, dodo, lystro, bulb-dog, paracer and do-ed galore. Plus a route to the surface or a cave, and to the lower level. Also, there are at least 6 or 7 different different loot crate spawns around the area, 3 are up on the cavern sides in hidden nooks, and 2 more spawns if you carry on down into the valley and cross the river, look for the glow. the devs have been really smart with their positioning.
  5. I cannot download aberation

    So, the dev teams official statement says simultaneous release. I cant download. Either fix the 'news' link on the page or gimme my update. Fyi, not having it uploaded to steam at announced release constitutes false advertising in the EU as the dlc was not able to be made available at that time by the dev team.
  6. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    As it states clearly that it is being released simultaneously on all platforms when it was NOT UPLOADED TO STEAM it was a lie then. And is currently false information, therefore a lie now
  7. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    Just a heads up to all the pc players wondering what is going on, Aberration is now available on Xbox and PS4, PC has another 2-3 hour wait as the devs have not uploaded it to steam yet . It is (on console) around 50GB, so EU players, go find something else to do for the night, your not going to get on aberation. All other posts relating to this have been moved to the aberration thread nobody is going to check. Please leave this here community mods, this is where it belongs, in the general discussions relating to ARK, you know, the forum people look at.
  8. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    2 months 2 hours is not a 'short delay' As you are a mod, want to update the news bit at the top so it isnt a blatent lie to the customer base??
  9. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    The delay is from Wildcard, as show earlier in this very thread. A developer announced on twitter that the patch has not been uploaded to steam yet.
  10. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    yes, disadvantage players, not basically prevent an entire region from playing for an extra 12+ hours because they want to release in the morning. Tell you what, why not release at 8pm PST like originally stated, ohh, cos that is 2am in europe, its always based on US play time. EU players are screwed every time. My SE update finished at 4am when that released lol.
  11. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    I dont take days off lol, thats why its extra annoying, i cant log in tomorrow morning, but have to work 10 hours first.
  12. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    unfortunately, i work at heights and start work at 6am, last time i didnt sleep i fell through a conservatory roof.
  13. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    couple of hours when people are taking days off for the release is a big thing, espicially in the uk where the update will not hit until 6/7 pm, or mainland europe where it will be 7/8pm. plus 2-3 hours of download, and american/china get a full day of aberation before EU players have a chance. This means nothing on to unofficial, but on official PVE it means all EU players will log in tomorrow to pillar spammed worlds, and PVP players will be facing geared players when they spawn in naked. This changes everything for EU players, who now will hardly be able to play the new map on official
  14. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    News just in from my friends xbox. 7.94GB download, followed by a 40GB game update. Looks like EU players are screwed now lol.
  15. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    It was always going to happen, real question is how long till this post gets moved, and how long till they UPDATE THEIR DAMN FORUMS. I should not have to go to twitter to find out their is a delay.