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  1. If he is using megatheriums (as he should be) perfect tames are available instantly through honey, gamma brood can easily be done with 10 140's that are well levelled Plus the saddle bps are a lot easier to acquire than rex bps. For gamma, id take 8-10 megatheriums 400% melee, 8-10k hp, and a 40 armor saddle minimum. A yuti is a bonus but really needed at gamma. So solo about 2 weeks. Duo you could do gamma easily in a week, breed the best before hand and level them for beta, level them again and heal, run alpha with a yuti aswell. easily do-able with a 3 or 4 man within 2 weeks.
  2. Saupe

    Broodmother Help

    Easiest way to do brood is with megatheriums. 10 Megas with 12-14k hp, 500% melee and 60+ Armour saddles. Take a yut for hard. Whistle neutral for them to get the spider buff, then whistle attack target at brood. I average about 4 minutes.
  3. Saupe

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Technically, it was not unraidable, just incredibly difficult to raid. For instance you could probably put a platform up nearby yourself, and spend all night throwing ridden trikes/stegos at it with a crab. But yeah, as GtJacked said, it was a bug out location, they had only just finished building it.
  4. They may have done. But yes, the common strategy was to basically fill a cave with dodos/lystros/jerboas but not from your main tribe, you use alts allied with the main tribe on server (take your character off server, start tribe with new one, ally up, hit tame limit, bring another character across, start a new tribe, hit tame limit etc). So the main tribe has full access to, and defends the tame cap cave. If you want to go one better, you triple wall WITH SPACES inside the cave (reduces chance of tames wandering through walls) and set them all to wander, eggs dropped wont hatch, but the strain it puts on servers can cause roll backs/server crashes if you try and load them in too quick (i.e. 150+ move speed, run straight on through and turn around).
  5. It was way worse, GMs restored an entire tribes dinos (like 100+ tames) and on a few of them accidentally added an extra 0 to the spawn level and didnt check after. you can still find clips showing the original parents as lvl 2600 or something stupid and is one of the main reasons for the current level cap on tames.
  6. Soooooo, you have the originals, and could have bred the original parent to replicate the tames you lost? We say just take it, because YOU WONT GET A BETTER OFFER, it is that simple really, either you take the lvl 201s or nothing. They cannot give you better. So a wild lvl 201 perfect tames (GMs cannot insta kibble tame), comes out as a lvl 301. you would get 2, the possible stat rolls on those 2 new tames could be ridiculous. im talking 40 points PER STAT AVERAGE before you start breeding. Not the 30 point average you get on any 150 you tame. Take their damn offer.
  7. You got offered replacements and didn't accept? Your a fool people have lost entire breeding lines due to bugs and glitches and got nothing from the GMs. Also, there policy for dealing with another GM is that the new GM will check what has been said before, and more or less, stick to it. Otherwise it creates issues between GMs. So if you get another GM to look, you will receive the same offer as it is already recorded on their system.
  8. This is not only a PVE issue, and as far as i am aware, is much more restrictive on console where tame limits are significantly lower. I have personally Tame capped storage servers on PC Official PVP it took a while (like a month of taming every dodo seen on server, we even had dodo/jerboa breeding lines) but was sooooo worth it. It used to be an accepted strategy for mega tribes to exploit the game mechanics. Tame cap the server so that invaders cannot download soaking or scouting tames. They would try and download a tame, it leaves the obi, and would instantly de-spawn, permanently. Im using past tense purely as i have been unable to play for 4-6 weeks (killed my pc) but shall be returning to official soon, all my tames will be dead as ive been a solo player for the last 6 months, but i doubt anybody has found my loot store.
  9. Saupe

    Building: Pillar snap point advice

    Have you tried making a cross out of fence foundations, and snapping off the fence snap points?
  10. Saupe

    Cannon Paracer/Quetzal help

    You can fire a cannon through a doorframe, and they definitely stop rock elemental thrown rocks, splash damage can still hit the cannon if it is sticking through the door though.
  11. Saupe

    This Raporting Raptors!

    Got taken off my bear yesterday whilst gathering fiber by a 145 raptor. It didn’t break a single piece of my PRIM flak, I stabbed it once with my pike, got back on my bear and ate it. Cloth armour is trash, and being naked in a survival game is idiotic. Stop moaning about a mob mechanic when your ignoring large parts of the game. Don’t leave your base in trash gear. Also,you can still pike and knock them back, you just need to survive for 5 seconds.
  12. Saupe

    bosses Recommended Rex stats for bosses

    Easily if you take a yuti and have a decent saddle on them all.
  13. Saupe

    What is the best taming pen

    With or without dino pick up enabled, small dinosaur I use a 2x2 1 high stone building, add a ramp outside if you cannot carry wilds, bait them over the ramp, and exit through a door. For media size creatures (anything that fits through a normal gate). 4 gate frames in a row, with spaces or you to exit between each gate frame. Put a gate on both ends, open one, bait creature in, shut gate. Large tames I usually don't pre-build a trap. But carry 4 stone gate frames, aggro the tame you want on a tanky tame (I prefer Wyverns or Rexs), let it attack you whilst you snap 4 gate frames around it in a square shape. Back off, check its trapped and KO it. Put gates in once it is down to protect it. I use this mainly for Rex's and spinos. Gigas I tame off a griffin, or use the metal gate frame and bear trap method.
  14. Saupe

    Major problems since last update.

    I have the same issue on my single player. running without battleeye does not fix it. Can you reply if cce2002s suggestion works, ab is my main server and being unable to plan buildings is a real pita.
  15. Saupe

    what y method tame reaper

    Trap it, hide behind a wall and shoot it through a window, when it gets low (particle effect), grab a shield and walk up to it.