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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Unridden Megalosaurus

    s+ mutator allows breeding of basilisks, reapers and karkinos. I have bred all three. So either orionsun is a genius (distinct possibility) or you are misinformed about what it takes to crash a server.
  2. Unridden Megalosaurus

    no baby forms but the tame can exsist under the mesh until mature.
  3. The Big foot is visiting Abberation?

    It's not currently useful, but they are going to give it an armor debuff (bye bye turret tanking effectiveness/reaper tankiness, and allow it to carry a shoulder pet (portable light carrier) and give it a decent jump and movement rework, making it a mobile debuff bot. You are aware that you can transfer the titanaboa kibble out of aberration are you not? Thylas imo would destroy the verticality of aberration and make rock drake eggs trivial, and why does everybody love direbears, there are plenty of better games out there, plus with the ease of honey gathering on aberration, they would be too easy to tame. As for effecting spawns, it depends entirely on which spawn grouping they put it in. Nobody will care if there are less parasaurs or stegos spawning because they added the ape, there are hundreds of spinos and ravagers as it is, aberration needs a bit more spawn variety, 3 or 4 more tames would benefit the map, possibly add dilos and oviraptors as rarer spawns in the glow pet pool (which addresses kibble missing for 3 important tames) and some terror birds would be a great addition to the luminescent zone. And who in the hell needs more sheep, I literally have a trough full of mutton and drop wool.
  4. Meaningful Companion

    The most important tame in any tribe I am involved in is a max level female parasaur named Anna. It will never be used, never noticed, but will have a pen built for it and daily love and affection from a tribe mate we picked up a long time ago on legacy official pvp, she is scared of the dark, won't leave view of the base alone and was pushed around and bullied for 6 months by bad tribe mates so had no self confidence at all. But every plant will be filled with fert, every tame fed, turrets filled etc, basically all the base rubbish nobody wants to do, she loves and because of it, if anybody even threatened her parasaur Anna, we would rain hellfire and brimstone upon them. Now we're set up on a good unofficial cluster she wanted to push her boundaries and together we have done every cave, (she killed me 3 times in ragnarok lava dungeon) collected every artifact outside of aberration and beaten every boss other than Rockwell (she refuses to go into the radiation zone). But yesterday she announced she had tamed a new Anna on aberration, because it just wouldn't be the same without another useless parasaur named Anna. Now she is hunting for a 'pretty mate so she doesn't get lonely'.
  5. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    That's a mechanic I've not noticed, He never seems to stays around very long for me, and since I do most of my runs solo, I can turn he aggro between fire breath attacks, if he is clustered/surrounded he hardly stays on the ground, if I can spread my theros out they get a nice burst of dps, then he flies around for 15-20 seconds before landing again, I also try to keep the fight contained next to the starting area if possible, may mean I miss a few opportunities at damaging him, but I have no dps issues so I'd rather avoid the lava as much as possible.
  6. Yes the original poster made it quite clear that he is talking about shifting over to the island to take on the bosses there for the tekgrams. I however am talking about this post which is a reply to this one with this
  7. Single player requires you to go to the special boss portal, otherwise you can use drops and obelisks etc unless its disabled on your server.
  8. Which map?

    On official, SE all day. Once you learn how to handle the weather and get some good ghillee or desert cloth its really not hard, plenty of hiding spots, an entire desert with plenty of hidden valleys etc in the sand and noobs dont last long. On unofficial, abberation then rag. Abberation is vibrant and fresh, and the new desert area in rag has got me back enjoying the area again. But i know in a month ill be gliding around SE on a rock drake with a magenta shinehorn on my shoulder.
  9. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    Also, alpha manticore is easiest with 10 unridden lightning wyverns 10k health and 550+ melee, and a yut or rex for each player present. Enable ai special attacks before entering, whistle attack my target at manticore and try to buff the wyverns when possible.
  10. Dino Recommendations for Bosses

    Yes. General idea is 21k health and every point left into melee, 600% is the minimum. I agree with the lack of piggies when using theros, olivar is kinda the thero expert, but basically, veggie cakes heal 10% of the max hp UP TO 2100hp every 30 seconds, so never exceed 21k. IMO using a pig makes the theros eat cakes less often thus making them less effective. Yes (there is a 12+ page thread debating this lol)and its all down to cakes. To save olivar explaining in full later on here as somebody is going to ask. The damage from dragon comes mainly from the fire breath/lava, which does a flat 10% of your tames max health. At 21k hp, 1 cake heals this every 30 seconds, basically doubling the survival time of the entire Chicken army of doom and in a perfect situation results in almost no hp loss from the entire fight, my best is 3k loss max, worst was one thero down to 8k, the difference is due to good/bad control of your tickle chickens, my best hp loss i consider to be a perfect run, not 1 screw up, bug or miss key. Somebody needs to put right at the top. Try to remain calm, if something goes wrong dont panic, stay on task, its not over till the timer hits 0.
  11. They keep getting progressively later to some unknown reason. They used to start at 5-6pm GMT on Friday every week (I'm in England) 6-7pm in mainland Europe, so I'm guessing 11am Friday in the USA? So I'm guessing 1am Saturday in a lot of China. Ths was fine for most people, but I can see why Chinese/Australian/Russian players would have an issue. Surely the easiest solution would be to have it region specific, and since they run EVERY weekend it could easily be coded into the game, when a servers local time hits 5pm on a Friday auto start evolution event. Nobody can complain then, if they are, they should be playing on their regions servers, less playable ego event would the cost of playing in a different region, and the increased latency that is not game related.
  12. Quitting over disease griefing

    LOL Noobs being noobs
  13. Who Plays Ark Because of Neebs Gaming

    I play ark because it's awesome, if you discount wild cards involvement lol. Personally, I don't rate neebs too highly. Got a admit, it's a pretty catchy song though, thanks to Thick and his sweet bars....
  14. Ark Transfer cooldown on wyvern milk?

    Salt makes it possible, if your quick. I havnt transfered milk in about a month, but the old 'reset spoil time' bug still worked. (Travel to another server with a spoilable item in your inventory, it should reset the spoil time, and works on every spoilable item).
  15. Request

    they should just make the rope bridge mod part of the game..... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893834064