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  1. Ragnarock, PVE, Official 14912 Heath / 320.7 Melee I'll get him a better saddle. I just acquired a rock golem for free. He looks like he was leveled for fighting but I want to use him for construction. I need to level him up a bit to get weight on him. I'm not positive he can tank a Death Worm so I'm thinking about bringing my lighting wyvern. Wear it down with the lighting wyvern and then send him in for the points. How well do you think he will do against the Death Worm if it was 1 on 1 from the beginning?
  2. 20GT

    in-game UE4 ID?

    Is the specimen implant sample number that persons in-game UE4 ID?
  3. 20GT

    in-game UE4 ID?

    Is the specimen implant sample number that persons in-game UE4 ID?
  4. I thought that a trough only reached 12 square. I have found that it reaches more from above does anyone know the exact distance? Also does it matter if the dino is tall like a rex? What part of the dino counts toward being close enough? I'm trying to place my second story troughs out of reach of my first story dinos.
  5. 20GT

    pve Feeding trough distances?

    Sideways It's not 12 its 14 And its16 tall
  6. ??? On the PS4? Do you mean that it is possible to hand paint? Or upload an imag? How
  7. It looks like you can upload an image to a flag on the PC? Is there a way to use a USB to do this with the PS4?
  8. What's the quickest way to make Kibble? I'm talking about adding the ingredients. Does anyone just put in everything minus the egg for any of Kibble and then just put in the particular required Egg? Savoroot Citronal Longrass Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat Prime Meat Jerky Cooked Meat Cooked Meat Jerky Mejoberry Fiber I don't see why that wouldn't work. I'm wondering when it says "Cooked Meat or Jerky" which one it will take if everything is in there? Ankylo Egg Savoroot Prime Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry x3 Fiber Turtle Egg Rockarrot Prime Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Dilo Egg Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Dimetrodon Egg Citronal Cooked Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Dimorph Egg Longrass Cooked Meat or Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Dodo Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Gallimimus Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Lystro Egg Rockarrot Cooked Prime Meat or Prime Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Pachy Egg Citronal Cooked Meat ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Parasaur Egg Longrass Cooked Meat or Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Pteranodon Egg Rockarrot Cooked Meat or Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Raptor Egg Longrass Cooked Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Stego Egg Citronal Prime Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Terror Bird Egg Citronal Cooked Meat or Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber Trike Egg Savoroot Cooked Meat Jerky ×2 Mejoberry ×3 Fiber
  9. Ok so I'm on official PVE and getting ready to do a wipe and I'm wondering about something. I know it can only be used once per level. Do the levels count when adding back your stats? am I going to be stuck with high crafting stats and nothing else till I reach the next level?
  10. 20GT

    RPG and the ice cave

    Why don't I ever read anything about using the RPG in the ice cave? Is it nerfed in there? Ice worm 1800 hp RPG 1800 damage
  11. 20GT

    Easter Egg Painting Contest!

    So where do we find all this out? Word of mouth? The grapevine. No I didn't know that.
  12. 20GT

    Easter Egg Painting Contest!

    Can't paint eggs on the PS4. There's no documentation for Ark from the Dev's they always assume we know how to do everything they create. Ok I figured it out. You have to place the egg like a structure but can't pick it up. So my Egg is inside where no one will see it. What a complete waste of time.
  13. Are there any relevant platform expansion threads? Everything that I find is outdated and seems irrelevant . It's April 5th 2018. What are we capable of doing on official.
  14. Title changed on 1/16 from: Fridge organization, Kibble farming advice To: Kibble farming advice What's your system for organizing and storing your Kibble? How many fridges do you use for Kibble? How tall should a Kibble pen be? We can put all 14 in one pen or all in the same pen if it includes submersible water, right? How many fridges do you use when you are maturing a full crew of Rex's? It must be alot I'd assume. And how do you place them for easy access? I tried placing some on a ceiling tile above a row of them but it didn't work. I think because the little box on top was in the way. Wondering if cat walks would be different.
  15. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    Yes I suppose so. It just annoying to do lol.
  16. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    What about when a Kibble is needed on demand, will one sized breeding work for all of them? Or do the smaller ones need a smaller room? I know a 1 Rex will breed another (or more) from a 2x2 area made of door frames next to the same area with shared door frames in between. Essentially a 2x4 divided. I figure I'd use that design but blocking the doors by movable wooden cages when needed. Except for the dimorph not sure how I'm going to mate them.
  17. 20GT

    Ragnarok Oil Pump

    I'm considering doing this on my official server. I was wondering what the drawback was. I do believe they have a timer. I'll boot my tribe mate and see. So the structure timer doesn't set to the 2 day restriction as well? You'd think it would. So if in 2 days it can be destroyed when will it decompose?
  18. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    Hmmm how often do they get stuck and float? Do you think a ladder on on the next square would reach them? If so, as long as the dino is smaller than the square you could just put them 15 high with the Stego on top and they would all fall in one condensed area. But that wouldn't work for emergency mating eggs.
  19. Is there a way to stop tribe members from transferring dinos to other ark servers Add dino transfer protection to tribe ranks. I didn't see anything about this when I was setting up my ranking system, did I miss it? On official servers how you can limit who can and who can't transfer creatures? I don't want to wake up one morning and see that our wyvern has been transfered by a tribemember who's just earned the right to fly the wyvern and decided to turn on us.
  20. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    What dinos have you found that barely drop eggs? So far these dinos great Turtle, Dodo, Lystrosaurus, Gallimimus, Stego, Trike, Dilophosaurus
  21. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    Cool what about the smaller dinos. Dodo Eggs don't roll well. I've brightened your image so everyone can see it better.
  22. It's there because I just saw it there. 10 seconds later it's back.
  23. Ah crap your right.
  24. 20GT

    Kibble farming advice

    Lol no. If they don't constantly lay eggs, I'll have to mate them to get Kibble eggs, which means moving them around. If they do lay eggs I put them on the edge and fill them with rocks so they don't move. For some reason they would move a bit if not loaded.