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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Nail mail function

    It would be nice if we could nail notes on people's gates or doors as a way of communication. It sucks trying to meet your neighbors when you can't see there platform profile name and they are never on when you are. A blocking function could also be implemented to combat harassment.
  2. Any ideas on fixing my ramp?

    I now try to estimate and start from the bottom. But now that I'm getting the hang of it I'd really prefer to start at the top. Just haven't had much success in the past. Now I connect a ceiling tile to every lower pillar so it's a cohesive unit. I've edited in the pictures on my post this morning please look again
  3. I'm building a ramp and thought I was doing good till I saw that I overlooked a small impassable spot in the middle. Since I've gotten so far should I work from the bottom up? I was attempting the pillar trick but even though I had connected each one by ceiling tile as I went down eventually it no longer worked. It's like the ramps are a bit short and throw it off sync. Nothing like the YouTube ramps. Official no collision server.
  4. Nail mail function

    That's actually a great idea. I'm going to put unlocked and 1 pincoded small storage boxs and sign explaining them at all my outposts. The pincoded one will be for friend incase we have vandals purposely emptying the unlocked mail box. I'm on PVE so mean people can't do to much. But we did have to close in our generator because someone kept shutting it off. Haveing my own mail box doesn't help me talk to someone I'm trying to contact though.
  5. Any ideas on fixing my ramp?

    Ok I started over from scratch on single player and then managed to finish my ramp on the official server. The other pictures show some weird abnormalities like no support on a tall pillar until I added an extra ceiling tile And one spot where I had support on the side of a tile but not the front. Same spot
  6. Weird Rock formation?

    is here for a reason?
  7. Rex stuck on nothing?

    So a correct maturing barn has no floor? I'll reform mine
  8. This was the first Rex. But I was able to mate it. Now it's child is stuck? Is this hereditary? https://youtu.be/1r6oUXqwanI
  9. Greenhouses

    Do you have to keep greenhouses at the usual 2x2 large plots seen on the YouTube videos to get the 300% bonus? Since there are 12 different seeds, can we make a 300% green house big enough for all of them?
  10. It's ridiculous not to give Ragnarok a wind percentage indicator just because it's part of the SE map DLC. You gave us the turbine, let us find a place to use it properly without setting up wind turbines like daisies all over the map. It should be part of the placement procedure. When the hologram is green to be placed that's where it should the wind percentage as well Having to place the turbine and connect wires just to find out whether there is any wind, is a horrible waste of resources and detrimental to gameplay enjoyment
  11. was trying to upgrade from thatch to wood but it wouldn't target the thatch. https://youtu.be/RZDpaz2qbX8
  12. In that particular instance it might be too close. But it still should let me target it. This problem has been ongoing for me.
  13. Not for stamina but for others it does. It actually added apostrophes.
  14. There's a problem with the name filter. It says stamina is a bad word. https://youtu.be/PSWPPp7T_jM
  15. Basilosaurus hangouts

    It's well known that Spino's are in the canyon by the artifact in the water. Does anyone have a preferred place to hunt Basilosaurus?
  16. I'm just wondering how's it going. Anything good?
  17. Do the colors count as mutations?
  18. Are toilets worth creating?

    Ah thanks for the tip. I didn't know there was a visual way to tell.
  19. Just wondering if toilets are worth creating?
  20. Are toilets worth creating?

    I suppose you also have to time it right or your either not ready to poop or its too late
  21. When the structure is unrendered they get away. If you weigh them down there's no room for their food. I was considering blocking them in with sheep or saber's?
  22. Not on following, 2 female 1 male. All on passive Can you not breed 2 at a time? ??? What's the problem?
  23. I'm going to create a safe starting point on my clan server. Just a building that will let new users choose Blue door a jump start with tools and things inside. Red door leads outside no help. If I build this with a roof directly on a spawn point will they spawn inside or on top?
  24. Never mind I'd delete the post if I could. There all 3 female.