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  1. Title says it all "Did anyone else experience a mind wipe after the aberration update?"
  2. I'm glad I know this happens now and again. I just mistakenly added a point to water. I'm going to write my stats down or screenshot them so I know what to focus on next time.
  3. Megalania not climbing bug

    I just searched the patch notes for the PS4 and the last time it mentions the Megalania is Version: v510-Fixed Megalania rotation when climbing in certain narrow corridors. That means that they still intend the Megalania to climb. The conclusion is that the Megalania not climbing is a bug, please fix it soon.
  4. I heard that people were having problems with their Megalania not climbing but never heard if it was nerfed or a bug. My Megalania is not climbing either
  5. Level issues

    Act as if you were mindwiped and apply it all again. Happen to me as well.
  6. Mind wipe help

    What stats are hindering you? All you can do is research Google for good stat numbers and compare it to what you have now and the problems you are having, then try the mindwipe again. Another thing is apply half and apply the rest as needed.
  7. There is no lock or pin code for my fridge on a PVP private server? Is that normal?
  8. Mods and a PC PS4 server?

    sorry I forgot to update this after I found the answer. The only MOD that will work on a PS4 server hosted by NITRADO is Primitive Plus
  9. Hi we have a PC server that provides Ark to our PS4 clan. Will the structure plus MOD work on it? I can't find anything about the PS4 on the steam page? (plus do we have to give steam $5 to talk on their forum?)
  10. Titanboa eggs

    I know it can't just be anywhere wild. They spawn in the scar and it's closer to me than the swamp Nooblet tried just anywhere wild and it didn't work.
  11. Titanboa eggs

    I've heard that a snake egg farm has to be in the swamp to work. Will Ragnarok scar work as well (they spawn there)
  12. i have a 3x6 metal base with one AC. At first it was too cold. so i put it by a campfire but it was still too cold so i moved it to an area that had 6 standing torches... too hot I shut them off one by one and when i had one left it was 13 degrees and it started incubating. 3 hours to go I went to get more wood for about half an hour and came back the ther egg had damaged out. whats up how does the ACs work. how many do I need to keep a constant temp? how close does the egg have to be to them? Can I put them on a ceiling tile one tile off the floor or on catwalks to save space?
  13. Please add a noise of some sort to the chemical bench and any other quiet machinery when they are running. Because it's too quiet sometimes I forget and leave it running. Better yet add a auto shutdown when it's finished crafting and not being observed. (one has to have dreams right lol)
  14. The AC's are rather loud, there is no real reason for it
  15. Well good thing this thread is for suggestions not for answers . I'd love a slight noise on all running machines
  16. Where is the TOS of this forum? I've searched the forum and google with no luck. If someone knows where it's located please post a link. Thanks
  17. Where is the TOS of this forum?

    If we have a question about the forum TOS where do we ask? The tickets seem more about the game. If you are wondering my question is about rule 5. I have an account and my little brother made one using the same computer. Then I get this "We have detected a duplicate account login from you. Account Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Please be advised that Alt Accounts are against our TOS, and could lead to a suspension of all duplicate accounts and the Main account. Consider this your final warning! What do they consider the same account? the same computer/IP address?
  18. Just a little hum would work, nothing obnoxious
  19. When it comes down to it I'm always wishing I'd place this item closer or further to/from that item. I'm about to construct about 10,000 walls so I've placed 5 large chests opposite each other split by a path where I can reach both sides when encumbered. I'm going to fill these with stone lumber and thatch from riding up on either side or the middle. I suppose it's going to be something similar when I start mass production of ammo. What's your setup for the process of unloading dinos and construction?
  20. Is there a cap limit on the flint/thatch on the grinder?
  21. Also I have an idea that I'd like opinions on. I'm thinking about putting pillars under my entire base in a sub basement so I can use the bridge trick whenever needed. Here's the part I'm not sure of. Above that subbasement I'm thinking of making the floor out of the tops of vaults so that I can access everything from riding/walking on top of them. Earlier someone mentioned the machine on catwalks. Of course pillars will have to be placed at particular spots.