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  1. Part of the lag problem Imagine everyone on the server loading the wild layer (before they built their base,) erasing it and placing their base, everytime they fast travel, log on or teleport. So much wasted CPU attention, memory!
  2. Has anyone confirmed that they moved the nests with completion of the Ragnarock map? If so what are the new cords?
  3. How do you get a fridge to stop sorting? official PVE
  4. That's probably what is happening, I've moved my gacha house to a new area and it's probably not as active as the other spot. Thanks
  5. I used to be able to put my owls next to my gachas when they are empty and log off and they would have alot when I logged back in. Something has changed
  6. Stasis has always been around. But things still happen to dinos. They starve, get attacked and my owls used to drop pellets, the last of which doesn't seem to happen any more. They said in the patch notes "Set Owls to not 'poop' so frequently so they are a more rare resource" I suppose one way to accomplish this is to only have them drop pellets when someone is near, just seems a little much to me. So now we have to babysit them just to fill our gachas?
  7. My owld aren't dropping pellets when I'm not near them? Is that the nerf that is mentioned in owl production? It sucks because I have to log in and stay right there while they fill up the gachas.
  8. Here's a question: What if you are insided by your wife, when you are at work, with your own character, because you spend too too much time playing Ark. Do you divorce her?
  9. Ok ok I can see the tribe rank system not working when you have a bad falling out with someone close to you that turns ugly. But I'm sure Wildcard is purposely not dealing with it because it would open a much bigger can of worms for them. They just can't deal punishment willy nilly and having to play judge for thousands of players isn't what they intended for this game. They possibly would need a whole separate judicial system because of all the kiting and insiding. Because kiting I'm sure is next on the list of offensive activities.
  10. Complaining about insiding is like complaining about getting killed by trying to tame a giga with a club. Use the correct tools to protect yourself. Giga taming - use shocking darts and a high rifle or die. Accepting people into your tribe - use the tribe ranking system or wish you were dead. It's not Wildcard's fault if you eat with your fingers instead of using the silverware they gave you. It's not Wildcard's fault that you don't use the correct tools.
  11. This resembles me trying to get my kid up on a Saturday morning.
  12. Drat...what kinds are you getting? I'm going to do some testing this weekend. Thanks for the info, we'll figure this thing out. Lol
  13. Are you on PVE OFFICIAL? I'll give you a dust female. If you find and quality tame me a 150 MALE gacha, production doesn't matter.
  14. new at breeding them, What does this mean?
  15. I understand what you are saying, but I'm looking to breed them for the most excellent weight stat first, then get a matching pair to keep that stat or better in the bbys. Time consuming either way, waiting/searching for a 145/150 of the production you want or breeding one. Both paths are getting a lot of randomly selected wheels you don't want. But it seems quicker in my head to breed them. Only because you're not going to find 5 or 6 145/150's together like you are eventually going to have when you start breeding and collecting the females. In the end its eventually going to go quicker to find the ones you are looking for when you are breeding them 20 at a time.
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