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  1. The points don't match
  2. Wyvern not listening

    He's not in a group, none currently are Yes I disabled group whistles but follow one stop should have gotten him
  3. Wyvern not listening . How do I get him to sit? A Lot of times the whistle doesn't even sound. YES I tried the "MOVE HERE" but it didn't work either and was mistakenly cut from the beginning of the video
  4. This thread is way off topic The the whole point of this thread is not to have to manually remove everything. Make the game easier to control. the devs already have a transfer all, make it complete. the armor is 6 slots the hot bar is what... 10 slots... manually having to remove 16 individual items sucks.
  5. the The point is to make it easier to empty your inventory.
  6. Grouping Dinos

    How does that work different than stop all?
  7. Grouping Dinos

    I'm on the PS4 but this is more of a general question not pertaining to just the console. There's not much worse than mistakenly hitting the "follow all whistle" or "go here whistle" and getting ambushed by all your dinos at once. Or hitting the "Attack Target" to close to your base. All your meticulously lined up dinos are once again in your way. So I've set my dino at my base to ignore group whistles. But sometimes when I'm out I get a dino ignoring both "all" or "one" whistle functions. I'm wondering if this stems from the ignore setting they are on. Does anyone else have this problem? Since I can't change the dino behavior unless it next to me. I'm thinking about setting each dino into their own solitary one dino group so I can change it on the fly without being next to it.
  8. It would be great if you added a button combo to make "Transfer all" into a real "Transfer all" armor, hot-bar everything. I'll mysteriously die in my bed occasionally so I've started emptying my inventory before logging off. It's extremely monotonous and not very fun at all, With all the repetitive stuff we are required to do just to play. Plus it would help in emptying your inventory for fast travel. How many times has someone, luckily, returned in time to find their armor dropped by their bed? Since you already have a ""Transfer all" it would be nice to make it empty your inventory if you hold down a button while clicking the "Transfer all" icon.
  9. Just got a Golem last weekend and you are right, they are so much better than the doed, because the golem collects mega lumber as well. I've put stone blueprints in his inventory so I don't have to transfer resources to myself to make stone items. I've got my brontosaurus following him around and when I need thatch I just jump on the bronto. Their both set on neutral so I just leave them wherever on the plato across from the castle. This is an extremely fast way to make stone buildings.
  10. I'm glad I know this happens now and again. I just mistakenly added a point to water. I'm going to write my stats down or screenshot them so I know what to focus on next time.
  11. Megalania not climbing bug

    I just searched the patch notes for the PS4 and the last time it mentions the Megalania is Version: v510-Fixed Megalania rotation when climbing in certain narrow corridors. That means that they still intend the Megalania to climb. The conclusion is that the Megalania not climbing is a bug, please fix it soon.
  12. Level issues

    Act as if you were mindwiped and apply it all again. Happen to me as well.
  13. Mind wipe help

    What stats are hindering you? All you can do is research Google for good stat numbers and compare it to what you have now and the problems you are having, then try the mindwipe again. Another thing is apply half and apply the rest as needed.
  14. I heard that people were having problems with their Megalania not climbing but never heard if it was nerfed or a bug. My Megalania is not climbing either