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  1. Obsidian gathering and Ankylosaurus

    I'm in the process of making a motorboat right now What kind of threats does it contain?
  2. I know about the resource map https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map_(Ragnarok) Has anyone been to all these places? Which ones are Ankylosaurus friendly and close to water.
  3. well if i had a rock golem
  4. sounds well put together, any chance of a screen shot
  5. A light in the dark.

    Great so you get close to 5 in a line with the turbine in the middle. 25 ish total.
  6. When it comes down to it I'm always wishing I'd place this item closer or further to/from that item. I'm about to construct about 10,000 walls so I've placed 5 large chests opposite each other split by a path where I can reach both sides when encumbered. I'm going to fill these with stone lumber and thatch from riding up on either side or the middle. I suppose it's going to be something similar when I start mass production of ammo. What's your setup for the process of unloading dinos and construction?
  7. Has anyone figured out the ratio of lights to space. If on open land how far apart is the best placing for omnidirectional lights and what's the pattern to get the most out of one turbine?
  8. Do wyverns need milk immediately?

    Just to clear one point up you must have wyvern milk or it dies? There's no other way to get a wyvern?
  9. We used piled Fence foundations to make a wall along with a pillar.
  10. Greenhouses

    W.T.F. The Dung beetles don't eat dung on their own? You have to feed it to them???? Tamed animals don't graze on their own either!!! That's ridiculous!!!! I'm truly surprised dinos don't die from constipation and were required manually make them poop to prevent it.
  11. We've already figured that part out. it's actually a friends so i can't build on it, but he does it when he's around.
  12. because they will swamp the carno. in that area there are at least 40. I've already seen them kill a wild carno
  13. Greenhouses

    This is going to sound weird but does dino poop roll down hills?
  14. Greenhouses

    I haven't messed with the plots, are they inventory run? I'm hoping to build it over a manure farm and build the plots on top of stone trap door frames so I can access them from underneath. Is that possible? Alot less running around if I can get the fertilizer created directly underneath them and just pop them up into it.
  15. Greenhouses

    Thanks for the great replys. I'm on Ragnarok and I'm using the second Plato from across the broken castle bridge. It stands completely by itself. So I've built a bridge to it. It's all flat land. (do you have to give Steam 5$ to post on their site)