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About This Tribe

Looking for lots new and experienced players! Only requirements are that you are 16+ and can be an active member. This tribe will be started on a PVE The Island official server but as we grow we will establish bases across the other maps. We'll explore, fight, tame, and breed the hell out of this game while still having a ton of fun and messing around. Please join and use the "introduce yourself" tab to list your age, experience, etc to be considered for recruitment! :)


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Sure, I got all the time now, down for some fun
  3. Hey buddy just wondering if you're interested in playing PVE official? I play on PC all paid DLCs. Looking to do cave runs and boss fights. Send me a message on Discord. Overwarch#6045
  4. Application Hello, I would like to join your community to have som fun in Ark, do bosses, have some great tames and mess around. I have 540 hours of playtime like 90% of it was me solo. I will play a lot in August but for now since I go to work I will be playing a bit less. I am looking forward to spend some quality time with other survivors and just basically have fun. Add me on discord if you like my little essay xd.
  5. GT: Lil oozy Fart I’ve been an ark player for a while with over 2K hours of experience. I’m 20 years old with a mic and looking for a fun tribe to grind out.
  6. application im a 500 hour bob looking to get into official, im down to farm and do whatever, im usually pretty active and i dont mind farming for 3 hours while smoking and listening to music, all my experience is on unofficial so i dont have a official character yet but i should be leveled pretty quick, im a no lifer when i get motivated though so give me an enemy to fight or a task to get done and im all hands on deck. i work in the am usually from 6am to 2ish pm weekdays central us, also im 20, i sent mango a discord invite, lmk if you'll have me :)
  7. application Application, I am a 16 year old player that has finished school and I have nothing at all planed so I can/will be a very active member. I just got ark a month ago and really enjoyed playing and learning the game with my friend. after we completed the island on ps4 we decided we wanted to start playing on pc again and I have been playing island in single player lots. I want to improve at ark further and beat the bosses of the other dlcs and beat all 3 bosses in alpha instead of beta. I love progression games and the satisfaction of enjoying the rewards of grinding so I am happy to do anything to help progress the tribe. my discord tag is 500 hours on tracer#8705
  8. application Hi, im 21, somewhat new, only been playing a month. I like to learn new things, so I am open to doing anything. Discord: Tirg A#9447
  9. Dybala#2108 Experienced player, can tame, farm, breeding, pvp, fobing, raid.... Add me on discord.
  10. Hello i’m new to this website. been playing ark since beta. need new tribe members on my mobile ark server to help expand. i play pretty much all day and night. whenever i get the chance really. i am over 23 yrs old also. thanks for consideration.
  11. Looking to join the tribe Hello, I am 16 I have 200 hours on ark. I am always looking to improve, I will play at least 2 hours a day but most likely 3-4. I am a good team player, but I am not afraid to do tasks by myself. If you gibe me a job I will do it. Thank you. Discord- Skittles#0482 Steam name- Uknown_Exile
  12. Looking to join Hi there, I'm looking to get back into Ark after a few months out. Normally play unofficial and have1300 hours experience. I enjoy taming, grinding amd generally just mucking around. Am 40 too, in case there is some kind of age restriction of too young or old!
  13. Application to join tribe Hello, Booked here. Hello! I recently started playing ark again and i want to be in an active tribe. I'm a 21 year old male and have around 1k hours on Ark. I play roughly 4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I really enjoy breeding, taming and building. I'm from Belgium. Cons: My enlgish is understandable/good, i'm an active player, very social & loyal. I'm really looking forward to playing with you boys/girls. Discord: Chicken Joe#3143 . I'll also put a picture so you can see what my last base looked like. I mostly played solo on unofficial servers (20x all) but i'm down for normal servers. (On the picture i played with 4people, but i build the base) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1918260485
  14. Hello, Sassy Panda here. Hello! I am looking to return to official servers and want to find a tribe to join. I am 27 and have around 900 hours on Ark. I play roughly 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I really enjoy taming and gathering, but I also enjoy building design. I am hoping to find a tribe filled with nice people to hang out with and have a good time. My discord is: Ninja Bunny#3265
  15. Hello, ready to play Hey i'm looking to join a tribe and have some fun as i've mainly played solo. I have 800 hours and with my free time I can play up to 8 hours a day. Happy to help grind, do boss fights etc. MrNinja999(hashtag)5281
  16. This is my Nice Introduction. Hello! My name is TheHiker and I am a 16 year old ark player I've been playing ark on PS4 for years and have logged tons of hours doing some grinding and boss defeating. I've just gotten the game on PC due to the giveaway and Already have a level 65 guy on a official PVE server and a level 150 pteradon. I have experience in all facets of ark stuff and would love to join this tribe. I can play all day on most days and my time zone is CST. Thanks
  17. Introduction Hi my name is Pentaghon I’m 16 years old. I can play aroud 8-10hrs a day. Even more if its needed. I have aroud 1000hrs in this game. And i played it since alpha version. I am good at pvp, taming.. everything except breeding(imprinting etc..) My discord id: Pentaghon#4794
  18. Looking for tribe in official Looking for tribe in official with: -decent amount of people -decent in pvp -active -no toxic HMU on discord, Nowireless#4827
  19. Hi, Introducing myself Hi, I have played Ark on PS4 and have around 400 hours. Switched to PC and I am about 480 hours. I have always played single player so I am very new to this forum. I just created a Discord so sorry if I missed anything. I play a lot but I have gotten bored of always being by myself grinding, breeding, caves. Looking to join a fun team. I am assuming this is PVE but PVP would be cool too. I am in California and I'm 41. My Discord is RickVicious #3237. Thanks
  20. Introducing myself I’m 15, but I’m just as sick of 12 year olds all over ARK as you are. I have 100+ hours of ark experience and play on Xbox. If given the right resources I’m a great hunter and grinder
  21. Ren15790 So i am ren i have a few hundered hours on ark and im budding i just wanna have a tribe cause honestly it sounds alot more fun than solo im 17 and yeah my discord is Serena#5091
  22. Hi, I've been playing single player for a while (120 hours) and looking to get into the multiplayer side of things on Ark. This will be my first tribe and will probably be starting as a low level character, but I do have some experience taming, and dont mind grinding for resources/tames etc.
  23. Hi, here to introduce myself. Hey! My name's Joe, I am Ark player (ofc). But yeah, I have played from 2015/16, a lot on the PlayStation 4. I have over 300+ hours on the PC version. Anyway, I know that's not a lot compared to a lot of 'experienced' members/contributors. But yeah, I'd love to join! I can do 10 hours a day (I know, I have no life). More about me? Well, I am a lead designer of a video game that we were previously making, but failed - lead director of the studio, and so on. I'm very much into fine art, and art in general. I like to read, write, and so on.))))) And . . . yes . . . I loooooove video games. :] And that's a bit about me, thanks! )))
  24. 400+ hrs in ark , can stay online for 5+ hrs daily . Any map except genesis. eastern time zone preferred.Discord:-Perseverus#8725
  25. Looking for new tribe GT: Mufalla Discord: Mufalla#7147 Play alot. 44 yrs old. Love the grind.

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