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  1. U can proc on 407 now
  2. Nice message ! Come to serv 407 and we'll invite u when the leader is here maybe ? She will talk to u ! See u soon on 407 !
  3. Being said, is an enforcer an option in the red zone ? I mean, it's a machine so
  4. Well that's not very practical. Any ways to fix it client side ?
  5. Wanted to know if they were an option to get eggz.
  6. Lots of cool infos ! Need reaper breeding
  7. Cryo, the native dinos and the city are great indeed. I though elements would be more accessible, lamp is unnessary tidious. Still, I liked Aberration better. The map is sooo pretty. And the progression is much more pronounced. We had to have a PvP map after the awesome PvE of Aberration, I get it. Still, I miss the 4 layer map.
  8. Elea

    Baby Gacha Food?

    The thing to raise those is to have a bunch of gachas on wondering and gattering around the baby. They gatter so much, the baby is fed all alone. I dont know how it works, maybe it's a bug, but as long as u are connected, the baby food will raise by itself. 5 gatchas around, no work baby. 1 at the time.
  9. Crypods should have been implemented a long time ago, and easily accessible. As an aberration item, it's gonna be hard to get and keep runing, so ppl wont use it as they should to empty the servers. But it was a good idea do ! Just make it more accessible and it might even be one of the solution.
  10. Thylas and rock drake. But otters are high on the list. Not to mention apes. And Griffins.
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