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  1. U can proc on 407 now
  2. Nice message ! Come to serv 407 and we'll invite u when the leader is here maybe ? She will talk to u ! See u soon on 407 !
  3. Being said, is an enforcer an option in the red zone ? I mean, it's a machine so
  4. Well that's not very practical. Any ways to fix it client side ?
  5. Wanted to know if they were an option to get eggz.
  6. Lots of cool infos ! Need reaper breeding
  7. Elea

    Baby Gacha Food?

    The thing to raise those is to have a bunch of gachas on wondering and gattering around the baby. They gatter so much, the baby is fed all alone. I dont know how it works, maybe it's a bug, but as long as u are connected, the baby food will raise by itself. 5 gatchas around, no work baby. 1 at the time.
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