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Looking for lots new and experienced players! Only requirements are that you are 16+ and can be an active member. This tribe will be started on a PVE The Island official server but as we grow we will establish bases across the other maps. We'll explore, fight, tame, and breed the hell out of this game while still having a ton of fun and messing around. Please join and use the "introduce yourself" tab to list your age, experience, etc to be considered for recruitment! :)


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. intro I am Rens I am 17 years old i have 2k hours in the game on PC/ps4 and still enjoying the game. i have been playing solo and i am now looking for a tribe to just play and enjoy the game. I would love to join.
  3. Intro Hey Guys, I played one intensive year on PS4 and now i‘m playing on PC. I know to Build, breed and raise and did some bossfights too. I‘m playing every Day and i‘m 29 years old.
  4. Hello Im lionmang looking for people to rip some ark with!! i have 259 hours, know how to tame and build traps but have never gotten tek or have done bosses
  5. Introduction Hi Angels, I'm RooKie I first got ark back in 2017 but never played much or progressed much past lvl 40 or so because I never had a consistent tribe to play with. my objectives for the server would simply be final boss and anything fun along the way. as far as being active goes ill probably be on once every other day with extended sessions here and there. the tribes overview bio really calls to me. im 16yo m btw
  6. me n my gf NEED of FRIENDS to PLAY with me and my girl friend just trying to find people to play with tired of playing alone.... we are both more into farming taming and buidling not to much raiding going on for us also never played on a server with people so this would breath fresh air into our game
  7. casual player with 927 hours casual player with 927 hours im a good farmer but havent played in 6 months looking for a good tribe i played 5 hours + a day
  8. intro hi im 25 looking for an active tribe because solo it doesnt make fun anymore so hopefully i can join you guys. i have around 600hrs in ark and played mostly pvp
  9. intro 18 smoke a lot super chill lots of experience tryna get back into ark would love to join
  10. Ark ANGEL Recruiting request Greetings Everyone, Age:20 Sex:Male Country: Singapore Experience: 600hrs on ARK (PS4) used to be in a Mega Tribe named SPACE COWBOYS (SC noharm) Description: Active on weekdays (3hrs perday), Active on Weekends (6hrs perday). Comments: Really getting back to ARK after a 6 months hellish Aerospace Course, it will be great if i'm able to join this tribe and let the grind start again PSN: vspect Steam: vspect Discord: vspect#9297
  11. Returning Player 1220+hours Hi, Alex Maclean, 26, works from home, I love breeding, and taming, been looking to get back into ark, My previous Jobs did not allow the freetime for me to play like I used to, but now I would love to give it another go. Would love to join your tribe.
  12. Wow 7 hours a day! We’d love to have you, pls add me on disc it’s under the how to join tab : )
  13. Hey add me on disc for more info it’s under the how to join tab: )
  14. Introduction Im a fairly seasoned ark player. I have about 2000 hours on ark.. half is official and the other half is unofficial because i was a solo player, i try play atleast 7 hours of ark a day and would appreciate if i could join.
  15. Introduction Hey, i'm Olaf and i'm looking for a tribe I'm spending a lot of time in the ark and it would be a lot more fun if it wasn't solo. I would like to join and learn some high end stuff. 22 years old btw
  16. Until waiting for your answer i was recruited by another tribe. Picked like an animal with Argentavis and dropped in their base. It was tribe of mutes, nobody to take a time and talk with me. Also didn't know how to talk in tribe as slash on numeric pad don't work. Now with google i discovered that is shift + ":". I waited a lot in their base. Seem only 2 members were online and no any attention for me so i left that tribe. But surprise: all i had and owned was locked as belong to tribe i left - stone house. tach house, mortar, forge, smithy, storage boxes with items, dodo and raft . All lost. So i run to obelisk and go for another server. I'm level 62 now and doing from start with tach house on new server again lol. Thank you for your time and have fun.
  17. Introduction Hey, im 25 years old, fairly new player sitting at 64 hours played. Looking to play with some people :D.
  18. introduction hi, my name is zach im 18 and looking for some people to play with i have 23 hours in the game and trying to learn and have fun while doing it
  19. Introduction Hey, im 21 Yrs old with about 400 is hours between steam and xbox versions, looking to get back into the game. Hop to be playing with you all soon
  20. Introducing myself Age 20 male. Experience 1000 hours accros 2 accounts. Would like to play both pve and pvp. I am a bit competetive myself. Would love to communicate via discord.
  21. id like to try No any experience except reading wiki and playing single player on pc. I tried official server but alone on server with 10k+ days is hard so returned on my single player game. Have few hours each day on disposition to play. I like pve with no big obligations. Oh, I'm 16+. Noa
  22. hey! pls add me on disc, its under how to join, ill be on for awhile so i should be able to add u today : )
  23. Introduction Hi, My name's Kieran, 31, and 3k+ hours in Ark. Lots of time in official, hardcore pvp official and all sorts of other modes. I look forward to playing with you guys and girls.
  24. Introducing Myself My names Braydon I go under Officer in game I have a total of 2491 hours in game ive played official for half of that and would like to get back into official but it would be more fun with people and I just wont to have fun. 17 years of Age
  25. hey add me on disc pls its under the how to jion tab : )
  26. Hey pls add me on disc its under the how to join tab! ill invite you to the recruit server : D https://discord.gg/ZxuBGr
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