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About This Tribe

Looking for lots new and experienced players! Only requirements are that you are 16+ and can be an active member. This tribe will be started on a PVE The Island official server but as we grow we will establish bases across the other maps. We'll explore, fight, tame, and breed the hell out of this game while still having a ton of fun and messing around. Please join and use the "introduce yourself" tab to list your age, experience, etc to be considered for recruitment! :)


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. hello I'm vilamore and im 29, i just got the game so im new to ark , im also new to this form/ website lol , i hope there is still time to join your tribe , reading about it really made me want to join , i know im still new , but i will try my very best to help the team out in any way that i can. ps i hope everyone is having a great night / day here's hoping to be a new member / friend to the ark team
  3. pls add me on disc if u havent already!
  4. hi pls add me on disc if u havent already!
  5. pls add me on disc if u havent already
  6. Introducing myself I have played solo for a while, however i am looking to play with others and see what Ark is really about. I am mature 30 ish dude and have some spare time to get my nerd on.
  7. Introducing Myself Hey, Kordath here, I've got around 50 hours in (still learning) and about tapped myself out on solo play fun, would love to join a fun group. Got the discord and am a grown adult person.
  8. introduction laid back player looking for a active tribe. started on Xbox, but not real good with consoles so I got it for Pc. did a few creative servers, and I really got a feel for the game and how it works. so I joined a Pve Crossplay server, and there was no cooperation and no socialism. looking for a active progressive tribe, I am till learning the finer points of the game, but have quite a bit down pat already...
  9. Hey Demon here Hey been played ark for 1.8k hours mainly on unofficial pvp but abit on official. Im from the uk. Just looking for a tribe with active member and to breed and progress without have to think about getting wiped overnight.
  10. Been awhile The trailer for Genesis got my excited to play again and I remember playing alone is no way to play. Looking forward to surviving and thriving with y'all.
  11. hey add me on discord its under the "how to join" and ill talk to you through there : )
  12. Introducing myself Hi I'm Frappattack and I've been playing Ark since early access day one. I am looking to join a tribe of people looking to tame all the things and destroy all the bosses. I've been on PvP servers since I started but I have grown kind of tired of them, they tend to be fairly anti-social and the griefing is prevalent. It's difficult to find a tribe on those servers sometimes, hardly anyone talks. So I figured I'd give PvE a shot and your modestly sized tribe caught my eye! Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Looking to join the tribe Im Contention, I have 500+ hours on game (most of it is on xbox). Recently returning on pc and just want a tribe to play with. Ive played on all maps and have pretty good knowledge of the game. You can add me on discord Contention#1154
  14. hey add me on dis (its under the how to join tab) i can add u today
  15. Looking to Join the Tribe Hi, I'm Camille. I've only played ark solo and have never joined a tribe before, but the game looks like it would be much more fun with others, so here I am. I am a 21 year old guy and am in college, so the amount of time I can play each day is dependent on how much work I need to get done. I've played ark to the max level solo, but I also changed many of the settings to make it easier for me, so I cannot say I'm too good. However, I am good at gathering resources and exploring the map for more resources or dinos. I'm also in the USA Eastern Time Zone. Hope to see you guys on the server, -Camille
  16. we are a on a pve server not pvp if youre still interested add me on dis
  17. Joining Hello, I am a brand new player and I have 0 experience with this game but I want to try cooperating with others and learning how to play.
  18. Looking for tribe Ark recruitment - Age: 37 - Gender: M - Are you in a tribe: No - Days Played: im newer just been playing for 2 months enjoyed the game solo now want to join a tribe - Favorite task/job: breeding, farming, - How can you help the tribe: anything thats needed - Timezone: Pacific - When can you be on 10am till late afternoon. Delmmar #0387
  19. Wanting to join Hi im Kjet, im 16 and live in Australia ive got 1200 hours and basically all my hours are from pve i dont usually play pvp, i can do whatever but i enjoy gathering materials and breeding. I can play outside school hours and pretty much every day. Time Zone - AEST
  20. Ark recruitment - Age: 16 - Gender: M - Are you in a tribe: No - Days Played: 83 or 2000 hours - Your skills: Breeding and Farming - Favorite task/job: breeding, farming, pvp - How can you help the tribe: anything thats needed - Timezone: Alaska - When can you be on: whenever needed - How long a day are you on: 6-12 hrs
  21. Sorry forgot Abbit on discord and Steam
  22. Hello Hi returning player 1400 hours PC and over that on PS4 but im on PC now. just looking for ppl to play with my characters are on PvP server but i can't find a tribe to join. Also i wouldn't be doing much PvP here solo so might as well enjoy the game with ppl. I like to do it all. I think i got a pve char but lowe level. Any ways will be on the rest of the day at least another 8 hours.
  23. hey I will be online for the next two hours if you can go to server NA PVE 407 : ) If you cant get on then add me on discord mango_sprite#0637
  24. Hi, I'm Silent I'm 21, I've been playing ARK since it came out but started off pretty slow. I started playing again around June of 2017 after a break. I have 749 hours on ARK altogether. I'm available most times of the day and will get on when I am able to but I never disapeer for longer then a day or 2.
  25. Hello, I'm Shaggy I've played somewhere around 500-600 hours of ark on xbox one and just got it on steam recently. I'm familiar with everything except the End-game stuff and Tech. I would like to join your tribe. Shaggy#6481
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