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About This Tribe

Looking for lots new and experienced players! Only requirements are that you are 16+ and can be an active member. This tribe will be started on a PVE The Island official server but as we grow we will establish bases across the other maps. We'll explore, fight, tame, and breed the hell out of this game while still having a ton of fun and messing around. Please join and use the "introduce yourself" tab to list your age, experience, etc to be considered for recruitment! :)


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. want to get recruited I'm 16 years old and I'd love to join this tribe. I often play only duos and I'm starting to realize that it's hard asf. I am very good at collecting resources and i can tame a lot of dino´s in can bread. Im not good in pvp. I can only snip. on single player im level 102
  3. Introducing: HeinzDoffensmitz Hi im HeinzDoffensmitz and i just bought ark on pc im searching for an tribe . I was realy good on ps4 i can tame in official grind and all that stuff. I have discord HeinzDoffensmitz#6059 Cya in the tribe :D
  4. Introduction Hello, im 16 yrs old,have 300 hours ingame and i have a level 71 character on official Pve.
  5. HI! Name: Please call me Dom Age: 24 I have over 1200 hours in Ark- the overwhelming majority of that (like a full 1k) played on Xbox. Life got busy so I actually stopped grinding around when Ragnarok was initially supposed to come out. So like 2 years ago? Or something, I dunno life just goes by so quick now. Anywho, I'm so ready to get back into playing this game like it's my job lmao
  6. Bigdh00 Intro Hi Guys, Played quite a bit a year ago on console. Looking to find a chill tribe to play with on PC. Looking forward to playing with you guys!
  7. Hi Guys Gravemint here (INTRO) Hey Everyone, Im the dude that spent most of the time farming for my old tribe and accumulated so many hours without experiencing further game content lmao. But yeah im fairly comfortable with the game. would love to join the tribe and get back into ark.
  8. Farmer Mo Hi meow, I'm Mo, looking to play some ark with some tribemates. Only done PvE so far, mostly official, once with a tribe with a bunch of mods.
  9. GAMERANGER HIS INTRODUCTION Introduction Hi, I played ARK for 1457 hours, most of it was smalls, but now I want to try official. I am interested in breeding but i dont mind grinding ressources or taming too. Im also good at defending and i am level 90. i played also on ext/rag/center/abb Discord: GAMERANGER#9068
  10. Kaos's Introduction Hi! im 24, from Mex, have good English so don't worry about it, have been with multiple English speaking tribes in Xbox, mainly the island and SE on pvp officials, so if the tribe decides to go into pvp servers I can help out with that too, had about 1560hrs in Xbox, know how to breed, tame, build etc. Would love to get in touch with you guys to be part of the tribe Discord: Kaos Maximo#9085
  11. Introduction hi my name is Luca and i am 14 yo(But i am mature ), i live in italy, i played this game since 2016 but i stopped for 2 years i have 550 hours but i learn quiclky i speek english quite well and i can play 2/3 hours per day my discord is Sting#3843
  12. Introduction Hi, I would like to join if ur on a pve server, Im 24 with 2k+ hours of playtime.
  13. introduction Hello, Age: 17 Sex: Male Country: Australia Experience: have alot of ps4 ex but not so much pc Description 8 hours a day 14 week break off school STEAM :NDSTF Discord: NDSTF#8035
  14. Can I join I have about 5k hours. Im a farmer and pvper I don't have any dlcs though
  15. Introduction Was playing on ps4 for years but looking to get into it for PC. Please message me back on discord i have added you buy havn't got a reply back yet tkz. Discord Tagster14#4295
  16. Introduction Hello, Age: 27 Sex: Male Country: Croatia Experience: Have 1.700 hour in ark, im good in farming, building PvP Description: I can ply about 8hour per day, at weekend depends on foodbal macth STEAM :XinXao Discord: XinXao#7355
  17. Introduction Hi, I'm relatively new to ark, but I've been playing pretty solidly for the past few months. I have ~200 hours in the game and I think I'm ready to start looking for a group to join for the long term to help me learn and grow as a player. I'm 16, I live in the US, EST, PC and Xbox. Discord is @GamesBoost#4429. Hope to join you guys soon!
  18. Hiyas Over lvl 100 and experienced. Looking for tribe with at min some exp. Great at caving breeding meat running building you name it.gt genuine shadow. Great to hear from ya.
  19. Ark Angel Recruiting Request Hello, Age: 18 sex: male country: United States Experience: have a little over 400hrs most of it is from ps4 used to be in a sister tribe connected with wildones called UMK. Description: Active through some weekdays may be gone on some days due to work and school and can be active most of the day on sunday comments: trying to get back into ark and enjoy what i love doing and thats breeding dinos and having fun with the tribe PSN: BUZZ1274 STEAM :BUZZ1274 Discord: BuzzKill1274#2032
  20. Hey, Trannel my name! Age:17 Sex:Male Country: Germany Experience: 7k hours on every kind of servers Description: very active, like to play in a group and love to breed Steam: Trannel Discord: Trannel#9132
  21. Looking to join Carlmage123#3628 i am 26, have 3000+ hours on ark. good at any task, from farming to building. Any further question please leave a message on the discord above
  22. wanna join i'm 16, have aboute 600h in game if we count both of my accounts, swedish, looking for a fun tribe to play whit, Discord: WeirdWolfs#6288 if u wanna ask any questions
  23. Angel Recruiting Request Greeting, All Age: 30 Sex: Male Country: USA Experience: 1600+ Hours on pc played a lot of the time by myself after my first tribe disbanded. Description: Active a few hours every morning before work then I can get about 6 hour a night on the weekend depending on what's going on. Comments: Looking to get back into ark and almost a year of not playing looking forward to the new map coming out. Steam.dwoody89 Discord:#3052 Thanks look forward hearing from you.
  24. Hello I've played ark on ps4 for many hours but have recently got a PC a month ago so i have switched to PC ark as it is much better.
  25. Buenas mi nombre es orlan! fui alfa en ps4, pero me cance de jugar play ya que puros niños se encuentran y quize probarlo en pc ya que dicen que tiene mejores graficos y la verdad que si! alcance en un tiempo el nivel 105 en una tribu de 3 con mis amigos, pero luego nos raidearon mientras no estábamos y me gustaria volver a intentarlo con una tribu con gente que hable mi idiota(español). Espero su respuesta, seriamos como 3 en total si me aceptan les presentaria a mis amigos!! muchas gracias por su atencion
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