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About This Tribe

Looking for lots new and experienced players! Only requirements are that you are 16+ and can be an active member. This tribe will be started on a PVE The Island official server but as we grow we will establish bases across the other maps. We'll explore, fight, tame, and breed the hell out of this game while still having a ton of fun and messing around. Please join and use the "introduce yourself" tab to list your age, experience, etc to be considered for recruitment! :)


  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Wassup, you up for playing some pvp on rag or lost island, have about 1000 hrs experience on pc, and about twice as much on console.
  3. Hey there, anyone up for grinding on pvp on either rag or lost island. Been wanting to play pvp with a tribe for so long and wondered if anyone was up for it.
  4. 18 years old, around 30 hours in single player learning the game and just looking for some chill people to play with and enjoy the game, little bit boring by myself/
  6. Age: 21 Relatively new to ark just looking to join a tribe and get to grips with the games mechanics more than happy to do certain roles to help others if needed. Discord name: Smi7ey#0660
  7. Im Travis, 27 years old. have about 800 hours of experience on pc and console combined. Ive played both pve and pvp. the last tribe I was in was playing arkpoc, they got raided twice and decided to quit. I can do any role just looking for people to play with.
  8. Hello, I’m 16 and Ive played a lot of singleplayer but would like to experience playing ark with other ppl and having fun in a tribe. I’m not really a beginner beginner but I don’t have any experience being in a tribe. My discord is Scotty#3036.
  9. I'm 18 years old and just started playing ark a couple weeks ago with friends. They don't main the game though so I am looking for more people to play with. I prefer PVE servers as I am not ready for the PVP experience. I have about 30 hours on the game all on one ragnorak server. My discord is MaDrikK#0156.
  10. Hello,I'm Rex 28 years old. Hoping to join a PVE server to get starting and small tribe to learn how to getting better in game. I played single player[200 hours] and now I want to try play with some friends. This my discord:D4REX#3958
  11. Hello My name is Josh and I have I wanna say about 80 hours of Ark exclusively "the Island" I want to try other maps too. I am 21 who spent about 40 hours on a PVP server til we got raided and then moved to PVE but my friends lost interest but I wanted to keep playing. I want to experience the story and progress through the maps.
  12. I am a Windows 10 Player meaning I play with other xbox players through my pc. It has been about 2 years since I have played ark. I have over 100 hours of experience, and I am currently on the hunt for my old character. If i do not find it, not my biggest worry. I know someone to do boss fights and leveling is fairly easy. I will get to the part of why you are reading this though. Yes I can grind a lot and yes I can breed a lot I am pretty time free these days. Discord Tag: Shnoodle#0629
  13. im 18 and willing to grind, i can be online almost everyday. my discord is keem#1802 for any questions and to inv me
  14. I'm 40 and live on the east coast of the US. This game is somewhat new to me. I just want people to play with via PVE.
  15. Hey! I am a pretty new player that is looking for a chill tribe to join and learn with. I wiki most of the stuff myself, but have gotten bored playing by myself. I play most evenings, but can't commit to any strict schedules.
  16. Hi there, I'm a returning player with 400+ hours looking for a fun tribe to join.
  17. good I would like to join if tribe I have been playing 4 years to the ark I have 16 years Spanish schedule my discord samuel#6375

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