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  1. I found the problem, turns out after downloading the mods they needed time to install. After they were all installed the problem disappeared, my guess is the installing took up some of the memory/power of the game which is why stuff didnt work.
  2. Graphics Broken After Download? I downloaded a bunch of mods from the steam workshop for ark today. When I opened the game after it had downloaded them I noticed that whenever I loaded onto a map, be it a server or singleplayer, the graphics seem to be broken. Textures do not load and the game lags/freezes periodically as if trying but failing to load the textures. I havent even activated any of the mods I have gotten yet and cant play the game like this. I need some help, please. To clarify, I have tried fiddling with graphics settings and starting the game on reset resolutions and it has not helped.
  3. Thank you everyone for replying! Here is another question, when playing on servers does latency/ping have a large impact? I live in new zealand and if the servers are US or EU based I might have higher than normal ping.
  4. Thank you for the advice! Really my only question is, these hackers I hear about that raid servers, if I joined a server for multiplayer would this happen? I really want to play with others but I wont bother if people can come and destroy everything and trap me forever.
  5. Joining Hello, I am a brand new player and I have 0 experience with this game but I want to try cooperating with others and learning how to play.
  6. Hello, I am new player I just got this game and am excited to start playing once it has downloaded. I wanted to go it solo cause I have heard that in multiplayer there are raiders who destroy all your stuff and trap you so you cannot play. I am pretty blind; all I know is you can tame dinos, build a base and survive. Any tips? Interesting stuff to do for a newbie?
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