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  1. Adding More Tame Ordering Groups and/or Hotbar Slots Hi there, I’m aware that not too many Ark players use the tame ordering groups... that being said, once someone learns how to use them, having ten seems like a small amount seeing as how useful they can be. If possible, I’d love to see another page added for ordering groups, maybe with the added click of a bumper or something while holding the button for the radial wheel pop-up. As well, this could be applied to hotbar slots in some fashion. Having 15 or twenty hotbar slots would be amazinnnnng. Thanks!
  2. HARDCORE IS THE BEST WAY TO PLAY! Please add some servers @ARK Devs Thanks for all the work you do. HC is certainly not dead... IMO most players are simply intimidated by having to outsmart the death mechanic. It plays so differently than other servers like Official PVE, PVP, and dedicateds.
  3. ELEMENT ORE NODES/ANKY Hi there, I hope this reaches the Devs. Recently I brought a Karkinos and an Anky to the Cave at the bottom of the Red Zone near the drake trenches. I was only able to register a few of the many nodes down there when I waas swinging on the back of the anky. Just throwing it out there for a posibble fix in the future. Ended up pickaxing the rest of the cave. Thanks for making a dope game!
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