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Big Advanced Tribe | Chill Members | Very dedicated | Supportive | Looking for experienced members. (Crossark)


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  2. 1. MEN_LORDofGENDER (a joke from over 10 years ago) 2. I'm 31 3.I've logged over 2k hours on official and wanted to try to get back into it 4.105 I think 5. I love all the grinding building and taming but I'm much more for defending and building defenses than raiding. 6. Please consider me as I've missed the ark grind and can get alot done for anytime that accepts me.
  3. I’m mackdaddy66619 I am 33 I’ve been playing for 5 years I have lots of experience in pvp as well as modded servers I played pvp on PC with an alpha tribe called nonono or N3. We fought against TEA another main alpha tribe from china. I like to build but I’m most skilled at massive breeding projects and I like to go on raids.
  4. 1- BigMac2for5Deal2- 24 years old3- I've been playing on and off for years. Probably have around 1,000 hours between PC and PS4. 4- My current character is around level 77 or so. Couldn't tell you what the maximum level I've reached is.5- I'll do nearly everything. But I'd like to learn more about the breeding in this game.
  5. Hello I’m have little over 1 yr on ps4-5, 3 years exp on pc. Which played with an alpha tribe on The Center map. I really enjoy breeding and imprinting, epic building, raiding. In central time zone. 36 yr old mature and active. Please get ahold of me: GKoski22 Thanks
  6. 1-Gadea-cjcfurtuna 2-yes (17) 3-+2k hours 4-100 5-Tame, breed, farm, PvP, defend base, runing caves
  7. My psn is Shortwbum123 I’m 19 years old I’ve played for 2 maybe 3 years with breaks in between I lost my old character to an Ann so I would have to start again but I mainly enjoy farming and breeding I know quite abit about the game but I’m still learning
  8. ♧ 1- PSN ewoknola2- Are you older than 15? 293- How long have you been playing the game? Few years when it first game out, took a break not back for around 4 montha4- What was the maximum level you reached? 1055- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? Grind, tame. Thanks! Be well.
  9. 1- PSN LSMrafMasked 2- Are you older than 15? Yes (26) 3- How long have you been playing the game? 5 years but took a little break (return player)4- What was the maximum level you reached? 30+ 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? I love doing a mixture of things

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