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Big Advanced Tribe | Chill Members | Very dedicated | Supportive | Looking for experienced members. (Crossark)


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  2. Hi bro if its still up im in Hey my psn os Dantas__, im 27 . I’ve started on console a while ago in gen, so bob is 70. But in PC I have played in the time where u could put speed in flyers , lol, going till ragna. I enjoou all aspects of the game , includentes the grind abs breed part, after all, preparations r needed ! Hope we can get to play together!
  3. Lfg I am 15. I have been playing ark on ps4 on and off since launch. I have played mostly on small tribes while also playing on crossark 5. I have got to the 90s on both. I enjoy the grinding aspect of ark and seeing my grind become somthing
  4. Looking for tribe 1. imaStylishGuy_ 2.I’m 15. 3.Im not sure but I’ve got some experience. 4. Not sure. 5. All of it.
  5. Application Hi im 17 from Australia timezone here is Australian eastern, currently lvl 0 after losing my lvl 101 character in the ark data and since then I’ve moved onto unofficial but now I’m trying to get back into official and I have now been playing ark for about 3 years. I believe that I’m skilled in building, breeding, grinding and taming. My pvp skills however is just above average, I am neither a bob nor a god like pvper. I am highly motivated and eager to build up, learn new things. I am looking for a motivated, dedicated and active tribe that is norm toxic most of the time psn is shauntolentino_
  6. Recruitment form 1- Funkymonkey0099 2- i’m 17 years old 3- i’ve been playing ark for 2 years 4- i’ve reached max level multiple times 5- I enjoy basically everything i enjoy playing the game.
  7. Recruitment Forum 1. ClvR-7 2. I'm 17 3. 5 months 4. 105 5. Farming and building. I can do other. stuff like taiming and breeding
  8. Recruitment Form 1: Kittyitty 2: 20 3: About a year 4: Never played on an official before, only SP and my own server. I know I need to join a tribe if I want to stand a chance out there lmao. 5: Breeding, farming, grinding, and building. Fine with doing to grunt work and maintaining base.
  9. Recruitment Forum 1. PSN= Wags4 2. My age is 15 exactly. 3. I have been playing for 2 years. 4. Highest level I reached was 91. 5. I am experienced in PvP, Taming and grinding. 2 other things I can do OK at is Building and Breeding. Please Take this into consideration, and if im too young I understand. Thank You ~Wags4
  10. Recruitment form LowkeyyHigh I’m 16 I’m level 101 small tribes not as high on Big tribes Ive played the just under 3 years I mainly do breeding, Pvp and PVE, also I enjoy building and grinding
  11. Interview Yo bro: Age: 15 How long have I been playing: 2 years Highest lvl I’ve reached:92 small tribes until I got wiped and lost my character Why do I enjoy the game: Raiding, Grinding for ammo etc I have never actually played cross ark before but willing to give it a try. I will do note run and swamp cave as soon as possible.

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