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Big Advanced Tribe | Chill Members | Very dedicated | Supportive | Looking for experienced members. (Crossark)


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  2. BigChopGotNext- 18 I've been playing before rag dropped. Hit lvl 115 twice with all tekgrams. I like building and grinding to improve my base(s).
  3. 22 years old from Australia got 5 years experince recently got ps5 so not level but can do note run as soon as im in the tribe I got a mic can do pretty much anything.
  4. Hello I’m Jimmy I have been playing ark for 4 years now my highest character is 97 with all basic tek ingrams. I’m 31 years old pretty busy life but I’m always on from 5-9pm mon-sun eastern standard. I have a ps4 but am waiting for my ps5. May 5 it’ll arrive. I’m just coming from a 40 person tribe we were insided and we dismembered after that. I really love the large tribe feeling of having security and just others to grind with. I love to grind and tame. Not a big pvper but not saying I can’t just don’t like to loose stuff. I’m very active in discord and easy to get along with. Money is of no
  5. Dj_premium_geth 23 Level 92 character with only gamma queen tek engrams Just got back into ark like a month ago now looking to play for long term even into ark 2. I enjoy abit of everything farming, PvP, boss fights. Side note: Aussie. Times I can play depends on work really but when I'm not at work I'm on ark
  6. 1-Dude_Imperfect_2- 27, plenty of time to play (retired)3- Mostly single player, looking to go more in depth (2018) 4- 1055- I enjoy Taming, mostly killing time.
  7. Need a decent size crew to do anything majorly above average compared to others, not like i have a list of people to call to drop everything and grind on ark and these forums are trash leaders should post things weekly updates so at least to let people know to raptor off of not. thx
  8. Im looking to join your tribe. Im a very intence grinder and I can help with anything. I want to boss fights and do OSD drops. 1. Dreadful-Agent 2. 30 3. 5 months intensively. 4. 104 5. Building and breeding.
  9. *500 health on him for bloodpacks
  10. I'm 22 I have been playing ark on and off for the last year a half I mean what isn't sick about the game I never tried pve just seems like once you had everything you cant really use it against anyone, but need improvement with pvp I usually grind out turrets and metal and gun towers but haven't had enough tribe members to use make the game easier usually just a duo tribe but my boi is tired of getting wiped so just be hoping to be make some good loyal ark buddies kind of thinking what I could before the big update and thats getting better at pvp and boss fights but I would say I'm mid tier in
  11. 1- PSN Big_Gesto 2- Are you over 15 years old? yes i am 30 3- How long have you been playing? 1 year ago by seasons 4- What was the maximum level you reached? 100 character. 5- What do you like to do in the game? Domesticate, breed, grind, build ...? tame and breed Love and peace !
  12. 1- PSN : Katsumied 2- Are you older than 15? : Yes, I'm 27 3- How long have you been playing the game? : On and off since the game released. 4- What was the maximum level you reached?: I never really played on official servers so probably low. 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? : Grind, build, some taming and occasional breeding.
  13. Hi all I'm 24y old from EU with all dlc's got some telegrams could play up to 8 h a day just looking for chill tribe to join so if you guys still looking for ppl just reply here or add me on psn Federatti_PL
  14. Hey looking to return to ark after over a years break looking to get back into playing and having some fun with chill people to help ease me back into the pvp world of ark. 1- PSN- Kahlix-1 2- Are you older than 15? Yes I’m 25 3- How long have you been playing the game? Played ark since release of scorched earth then took a break just before genesis 4- What was the maximum level you reached? Was level 102 I think been a while would be starting fresh character as don’t know where my character is. 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? I like
  15. Hey I'm an all rounder. Late 20s female from Australia. Can bring anything that the tribe needs. Taming, hunting, gathering and building. Thankyou! PSN - Bondschesty
  16. Hey I'm 23 years old british, been played for a couple months solo, have reached 100 but my current is 85, looking for some dope people to play with. Love to grind and tame but also pretty decent at pvp my PSN FunkySamurai97
  17. Bonjour, j'ai 15ans bientôt 16 je joue au jeux depuis 2016 mon nv maximum étais de 90 mais j'ai perdu mon perso donc j'en ai recrée un de nv 75 Ce que j'aime c'est faire éclore des œufs et de faire des raids. Je serais ravis de rejoindre votre tribe pour ravoir les sensations que j'avais avant.En attentes d'une réponse. Merci Mon psn: GiAFArig-BluE
  18. Hi I’m 23, lvl 83, I played Ark since day 1 on Xbox and finally redownloaded it on the PS4. I been wiped a few times but always grind back up. I gather resources and tame dinos faster than it takes for your McDonald’s order to get made. I got a tribe of 4 we are just looking to tribe up and get this Mooney before ark numero 2 comes out. PSN: Nippygibby
  19. 1- Neysus94 2- Are you older than 15? 27 3- How long have you been playing the game? 6 month 4- What was the maximum level you reached? 98 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Breed,build, grind If we're still recruiting I'll add you on psn. Love and peace !
  20. -25 - from the uk -Ton of experience on rag mostly solo on offical pvp. - have reached level 100 in the past but character I use atm is lvl 84 -psn is ScouseRazza1 -Very active member I enjoy taming,gathering resources and building bases. Need to find an active reliable tribe to join sick of being wiped after a week of solo pvp.
  21. 1- A_Henk2- Are you older than 15? Yes, 32.3- How long have you been playing the game? Since the game came out. With breaks4- What was the maximum level you reached? 100. Currently have a 95.5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...? Build, breed, raid, adventure,
  22. If you are interested please write : 1- PSN-WiLdMaNiAc101 2- Are you older than 15? -21 3- How long have you been playing the game? - over a year- intermediate breaks 4- What was the maximum level you reached?- max level is 96 5- What do you enjoy to do in game? Tame, breed, grind, build...?- I enjoy the game in its entirety. good at grinding, play on small tribes, taming, breeding, pvp
  23. Hi there, my name is Josh and Im 25 years old. my PSN is Josh13054 and I can be active most of the day . I've been playing ark for a little bit now with over 300 hours on solo and 100+ on pve with a maximum character level of 97. I enjoy taming, breeding, farming, and making my world famous mejosteak!
  24. Hello I am 16 years old my time zone is GMT + 1: Spain I am an active player + 1300hour in ps4 I have aberration genesis and extinction DLC and I am currently playing official pve level 92 all the tek finally my psn id is: elpro752
  25. Hi I'm 32 years old I've been playing since beta before the release im from hardcore would like to switch to core..I have a 105 HC player in ob along with a 98 and 88 and 84 on core I'm lvl 84 currently I lost my 101 char transferring servers but am interested I know how to do everything including breeding I've beaten all bosses on hardcore....add me CaptainlongL7ick
  26. Im 21 been playing ark from day1, me and my mate want a server to build back up on official after taking a big break from the game and got wiped, we tried to rebuild but we get constant grief now so we are looking for a tribe to join or a half safe server to build back up on and ally, we love pvp and know everything there is to know about breeding building etc, psn is ng_kip17

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