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Big Advanced Tribe | Chill Members | Very dedicated | Supportive | Looking for experienced members. (Crossark)


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  2. Im 21 been playing ark from day1, me and my mate want a server to build back up on official after taking a big break from the game and got wiped, we tried to rebuild but we get constant grief now so we are looking for a tribe to join or a half safe server to build back up on and ally, we love pvp and know everything there is to know about breeding building etc, psn is ng_kip17
  3. Hi, I'm hoping to join a tribe and explorer more of the game, or stand a better chance at PvP. I'm 33, been playing for about half a year and got to lvl 90. Mainly done solo PvP, or explored in single player, so far. Jakey_Cee
  4. Hey i dont know if your still down but if we could we could maybe be friends and teach eachother things on the game I pve and pvp and i have a almost 2 years of experience ill add you and im 13 btw
  5. Hey bronius I just texted you on psn my gamertag is op_hfaustin4200
  6. 1- GandullElAletoso 2- Yes 3- Around 8 months 4- Around 90 5- I like to breed and to build, but I like more to breed. I like to stay all the time needed until the animal can it by itself
  7. Hello, My PSN is BroniusRex I am 30 years old and a business graduate who loves to cook. I have been playing the game on and off again for a few years, but I would like to try playing official. I have reached reached 90 in the past. I really enjoy taming, grinding and basically anything really. I just love the game. thanks for considering me! -B
  8. I'm 30 and my psn is SOME_THING79. have been playing off and on for a couple years. I've always gone solo because nobody good really stays with it and I end up getting wiped. I've gotten to lvl 80. I mostly like taming, crafting, and construction. I'm not opposed to traveling and grinding away for resources. I like the idea of a large good group of people each focusing on different tasks to get things done.
  9. Hello my gamer tag is tristin24kg my wife and I are experienced players 2+ years i am lvl 106 she lost her character a while back so she is lvl 95 or something we quit the game a few months ago but looking to play serious again have lots of experience on rag Island and abb and we are decent at pvp -also have a lvl 101 crafter
  10. My PlayStation name is Uranium_Havoc. I am not 15, I am 13. I have been playing ark since it was in early access on pc(5 years) but have switched to ps4 since then. My highest level in pvp was around 80 because I would do note runs then get wiped by the alpha tribe, I have however reached 100 on pve. I am experienced in pve and am semi experienced in pvp but I am looking forward to getting more into it, just hard to do it solo. I enjoy doing basically everything but if I had to choose a few they would be Breeding #1, Taming #2, and Building #3.
  11. -I am 18 years old -I have been playing for 4 years -my highest lvl has been 135 but I lost that character and now I have and play with one of lvl 108 -I do everything, I'm a good player and I don't complain about any task or rule -my psn id is SGKaos_SR I hope and they add me: D
  12. so I’m not 15 but I’m 13 and can do work. I prefer frontline pvp but I will fill any role, ive played ark for 2 years and just wanted to get into official my psn is TOXIC_ROGUE_YT
  13. 1- Yaxox 2- 18 3- I played for a year and a half. 4- Max lvl was 101 but due to my account getting lost I had to grind up a new one, currently at lvl 84. 5- I love Taming, Breeding and Grinding Hey so I just got back from quite a long time without playing after I got wiped so I would really appreciate to join and help yall.
  14. So if anyone wants to add me on psn ryderblind1199 is my id and would like to start gaming with a few people. Me and a friend Have just been running around duo for a bit
  15. I’m down to play with you boss or anybody that wants to play, I play pvp solos, and I have tons on experience on solo pvp. Love the hustlin and the base making specially with camouflage bases I love to do. Love to grind, gimme a shot boss trust me we’ll take over the ark! been playing for years I’m on ps4 unofficials now but need people to play with. psn is Bigpapii6996
  16. I did only get the game like 2 months ago but I have played every day since and I’m not an expert yet but I’m very good at the game atleast. I also need people to play with so this is perfect. I have every map as well and don’t play pvp as often Bc it’s kinda boring alone so I usually just play solo by myself. I can get on about once a day every day almost.
  17. Request to Join -19 -Have a ton of experience playing on Ragnarok and Scorched Earth -Been Playing for over a year and half now -Reached lvl 100 -I enjoy taming and Going on Material runs PSN (Gravedigga_Husky)
  18. New recruit Psn chavo_el_16 age 21 Been playing 400 plus hours max level was 111 stopped playing cause of work Enjoy everything especially taming
  19. New recruit psn: Zed_the_titan Over 15: yes, 28 Total playtime: maybe 500-600hr Highest level: 94 ps4, 100+97mobile, 118 on pc Enjoy: breeding, taming, and team farming
  20. Recruitment Hi, my psn is slip-stream31. I am 15 and from England. I have 5 years of experience and have grown up with the game. I am an amazing grinder and decent pvp-er. However you may need to teach me some things for larger scale pvp as I have grown accustomed to small tribes, hope to hear from you guys soon ??
  21. Recruitment My psn is TTV_Majikman I am 17 I love to grind and tame and I am extremely active I have over 600 hours put into ark and play everyday looking for a tribe that I can grow with I am a very dedicated Player I have reached level 98 then accidentally overwritten my survivor
  22. Looking for a new decently sized tribe IanJL1118 I am 15 been laying ark on and off for about 8 months. My max level was 95 and then I lost the survivor. I enjoy grinding for materials and raiding. I am also ok at breeding and raising tames. I am down to join whenever I get a message back.
  23. I want to Join My name is Maui I’m sixteen PSN - Jimmy1414141418 I’ve played for six months I’m level 78 i enjoy grinding and breeding
  24. Age 27, im in I love to build, breed and tame. I hav a mic and im very trustworthy. PSN - Guitareaper Master builder, educated in techniques such as triple layer foundation and hatch covered x plots. Can also build 100 paste per hour farm. plz pm me on psn if im able to join, thx
  25. im trynna join i forgot to add this my psn is several-high3

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