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Big Advanced Tribe | Chill Members | Very dedicated | Supportive | Looking for experienced members. (Crossark)


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  2. My PlayStation name is Uranium_Havoc. I am not 15, I am 13. I have been playing ark since it was in early access on pc(5 years) but have switched to ps4 since then. My highest level in pvp was around 80 because I would do note runs then get wiped by the alpha tribe, I have however reached 100 on pve. I am experienced in pve and am semi experienced in pvp but I am looking forward to getting more into it, just hard to do it solo. I enjoy doing basically everything but if I had to choose a few they would be Breeding #1, Taming #2, and Building #3.
  3. -I am 18 years old -I have been playing for 4 years -my highest lvl has been 135 but I lost that character and now I have and play with one of lvl 108 -I do everything, I'm a good player and I don't complain about any task or rule -my psn id is SGKaos_SR I hope and they add me: D
  4. so I’m not 15 but I’m 13 and can do work. I prefer frontline pvp but I will fill any role, ive played ark for 2 years and just wanted to get into official my psn is TOXIC_ROGUE_YT
  5. 1- Yaxox 2- 18 3- I played for a year and a half. 4- Max lvl was 101 but due to my account getting lost I had to grind up a new one, currently at lvl 84. 5- I love Taming, Breeding and Grinding Hey so I just got back from quite a long time without playing after I got wiped so I would really appreciate to join and help yall.
  6. So if anyone wants to add me on psn ryderblind1199 is my id and would like to start gaming with a few people. Me and a friend Have just been running around duo for a bit
  7. I’m down to play with you boss or anybody that wants to play, I play pvp solos, and I have tons on experience on solo pvp. Love the hustlin and the base making specially with camouflage bases I love to do. Love to grind, gimme a shot boss trust me we’ll take over the ark! been playing for years I’m on ps4 unofficials now but need people to play with. psn is Bigpapii6996
  8. I did only get the game like 2 months ago but I have played every day since and I’m not an expert yet but I’m very good at the game atleast. I also need people to play with so this is perfect. I have every map as well and don’t play pvp as often Bc it’s kinda boring alone so I usually just play solo by myself. I can get on about once a day every day almost.
  9. Request to Join -19 -Have a ton of experience playing on Ragnarok and Scorched Earth -Been Playing for over a year and half now -Reached lvl 100 -I enjoy taming and Going on Material runs PSN (Gravedigga_Husky)
  10. New recruit Psn chavo_el_16 age 21 Been playing 400 plus hours max level was 111 stopped playing cause of work Enjoy everything especially taming
  11. New recruit psn: Zed_the_titan Over 15: yes, 28 Total playtime: maybe 500-600hr Highest level: 94 ps4, 100+97mobile, 118 on pc Enjoy: breeding, taming, and team farming
  12. Recruitment Hi, my psn is slip-stream31. I am 15 and from England. I have 5 years of experience and have grown up with the game. I am an amazing grinder and decent pvp-er. However you may need to teach me some things for larger scale pvp as I have grown accustomed to small tribes, hope to hear from you guys soon ??
  13. Recruitment My psn is TTV_Majikman I am 17 I love to grind and tame and I am extremely active I have over 600 hours put into ark and play everyday looking for a tribe that I can grow with I am a very dedicated Player I have reached level 98 then accidentally overwritten my survivor
  14. Looking for a new decently sized tribe IanJL1118 I am 15 been laying ark on and off for about 8 months. My max level was 95 and then I lost the survivor. I enjoy grinding for materials and raiding. I am also ok at breeding and raising tames. I am down to join whenever I get a message back.
  15. I want to Join My name is Maui I’m sixteen PSN - Jimmy1414141418 I’ve played for six months I’m level 78 i enjoy grinding and breeding
  16. Age 27, im in I love to build, breed and tame. I hav a mic and im very trustworthy. PSN - Guitareaper Master builder, educated in techniques such as triple layer foundation and hatch covered x plots. Can also build 100 paste per hour farm. plz pm me on psn if im able to join, thx
  17. im trynna join i forgot to add this my psn is several-high3
  18. im trynna i had been playing solo smalls but i keep getting wiped -i am 16 -i have been playing for 2 years(mostly smalls and 10x) -i am dedicated i am always the one asking people to go on runs -im good at everything including building - i am on 6 hours to 15 hours a day
  19. Looking to join 1- UnCookednoodles 2- 26 3- 3 weeks 4- 87 5- all of it
  20. Interested in joining tribe Psn - Snapper723 2.I'm 15 3. I've been playing for 1 year 4. The maximum lvl I've reached is 105 5. I'm fine doing anything for the tribe. P.s. I'm micless, but still very attentive to details and follow any instructions I'm given well.
  21. BradSparrow Hey my psn is BradSparrow am 25 highest level is 89
  22. Hi bro if its still up im in Hey my psn os Dantas__, im 27 . I’ve started on console a while ago in gen, so bob is 70. But in PC I have played in the time where u could put speed in flyers , lol, going till ragna. I enjoou all aspects of the game , includentes the grind abs breed part, after all, preparations r needed ! Hope we can get to play together!
  23. Lfg I am 15. I have been playing ark on ps4 on and off since launch. I have played mostly on small tribes while also playing on crossark 5. I have got to the 90s on both. I enjoy the grinding aspect of ark and seeing my grind become somthing
  24. Looking for tribe 1. imaStylishGuy_ 2.I’m 15. 3.Im not sure but I’ve got some experience. 4. Not sure. 5. All of it.
  25. Application Hi im 17 from Australia timezone here is Australian eastern, currently lvl 0 after losing my lvl 101 character in the ark data and since then I’ve moved onto unofficial but now I’m trying to get back into official and I have now been playing ark for about 3 years. I believe that I’m skilled in building, breeding, grinding and taming. My pvp skills however is just above average, I am neither a bob nor a god like pvper. I am highly motivated and eager to build up, learn new things. I am looking for a motivated, dedicated and active tribe that is norm toxic most of the time

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