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  1. Interview PSN: WAGS4. I am 15 years old. Have been in previous tribes none of them big. I think i should be added because i am a grinder and tamer and also semi-good at breeding and pvp. Highest level was 91 lost the character because of a bug but i can make a new lvl 80 char super quick because of xp note run. Just want to be in a tribe and looking for lots of pvp. Currently i am making another character.
  2. Recruitment Forum 1. PSN= Wags4 2. My age is 15 exactly. 3. I have been playing for 2 years. 4. Highest level I reached was 91. 5. I am experienced in PvP, Taming and grinding. 2 other things I can do OK at is Building and Breeding. Please Take this into consideration, and if im too young I understand. Thank You ~Wags4
  3. Interview I am 15 (sadly sound like a damn squeaker but not annoying/mic spammer). I'm a grinder and tamer. I can also rarely breed if we don't have any breeders available. Highest level was 91. I can play for way over 10 hours a day. I have about 2 years experience for ark and I am average at pvp but know the strategies to pvp. Would love to join to help wipe mega tribes and get to meet new people. I have had so much trouble building up i have gotten wiped by gigas and meks twice now. Im hoping if i get in this tribe it will be different. p.s when i got wiped the second time i quit for
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