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  1. Interview Yo bro: Age: 15 How long have I been playing: 2 years Highest lvl I’ve reached:92 small tribes until I got wiped and lost my character Why do I enjoy the game: Raiding, Grinding for ammo etc I have never actually played cross ark before but willing to give it a try. I will do note run and swamp cave as soon as possible.
  2. Interview Age? 15 lvl? 0 I’m brand new to official what are you good at? I’m good at PVP , Raiding , And full out grinding for the tribe What are you looking for in a tribe? I’m looking a great bunch of people who will grind the hell out of the game with me and to get along with! Activity? 8-15hours per day What can I bring to the tribe that no one has better? The amount of time I am grinding and pvping within the game is unreal. I am polite and I am always willing to give my 110% to my leaders and tribe mates Why’d I have left my last tribe? I was alpha on small tribes with a bunch of people I met I grinded the hell out of the game whilst nobody was helping. I done raids alone got cryod manas etc till we got wiped. Everyone else in my tribe quit and I have full on gave up on small tribes. So I thought why not give official ago!! Ty for reading my post I hope i get accepted! Don’t worry about my lvl I will do note run and swamp cave Psn Griimmers
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