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  1. Hi bro if its still up im in Hey my psn os Dantas__, im 27 . I’ve started on console a while ago in gen, so bob is 70. But in PC I have played in the time where u could put speed in flyers , lol, going till ragna. I enjoou all aspects of the game , includentes the grind abs breed part, after all, preparations r needed ! Hope we can get to play together!
  2. Want to join grind build and tame Hey in from Brazil , 27 uses to play in pc, now on console, just got Gênesis Also! I know the mechanics farming, building, taming , breeding . Been Having a hard time solo pvp gen
  3. I wanna join In on gen bro solo atm, lets join forces ? Whats ur psn
  4. Look forward to join Hey guys My name is Guilherme im a good tamer 27 yr, use to play in pc for a long time , now in console playing genesis solo . I na good at combat Also. Hope we can meet up soon !
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