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  • BLITZMAS 2020

    Blitzmas is coming to ARK Mobile on Tuesday, December 22nd. This special holiday event combines our bi-monthly Blitz Week with this year’s holiday festivities. We’ve got Gift Drops around the Island, Blitz Dungeons, Boosted Rates, & Wild Eerie Spawns in Multiplayer and a whole lot more for players to enjoy.

    Event Start: Tuesday, 12/22 at 12:00pm EST
    Event End: Tuesday, 12/29 at 11:00am EST

    These special Drops return to ALL game modes during the in-game hours of 6:00pm - 5:00am. We’ve updated the loot table since last year’s event to include more sought-after items.

    All week long, players in Single Player can pick up God Console and Ascendant Creature Unlock for 25% off. Daily featured sale items will also be available in all game modes, and Prank Gifts will be available once again in Multiplayer.

    All wild creatures* on current Official Servers will spawn as Eerie during the event. Additionally, players will find that the days are shorter during this time of year.
    On Unofficial Servers, server owners will find the option to turn on Wild Eerie Spawns through their web interface during the event. Please note that this setting will be forced back off at the end of the event, after daily maintenance.

    *Due to technical issues, the Unicorn and Electrophorus will not spawn as Eerie.

    Players on Official Servers will find the following rates active for the duration of this event;

    • 2x Breeding
    • 2x Hatching
    • 2x Maturation
    • 2x Imprinting
    • 2x Harvesting
    • 3x XP (Primal Pass holders)
    • 3x XP (Watch Ad Buff)
    • 3x Fishing Loot Quality

    We’ll be giving away a variety of in-game items on our Discord Server all week long. If you haven’t already joined, head to http://discord.gg/PlayARKMobile and become a part of the most active ARK Mobile community on the internet.

    This selection of previously-released Dungeons has been revamped to grant 2x Eery Element, a 5x chance at encountering Noctis, and wild Eerie Equi in the hallways - all with a reduced Dungeon timer. We’ve even got a special surprise in store for Christmas Day. See below for the full schedule;

    Tuesday, December 22nd: Tangled Webs of Deceit
    Features: TEK Teleporter BP, TEK Boots BP, Ascendant Ghillie Leggings BP, Journeyman Rex TEK Saddle BP (low-chance)

    Wednesday, December 23rd: The Tarnished Hallways
    Features: TEK Implant Chamber BP, TEK Helmet BP, Ascendant Flak Helmet BP, Journeyman TEK Shield BP (low-chance)

    Thursday, December 24th: Mighty Gullet of the Amphibian
    Features: TEK Kibble Processor BP, Tapejara TEK Saddle BP, Ascendant Fabricated Sniper Rifle BP, Journeyman TEK Chestpiece BP (low-chance)

    Friday, December 25th: ??????????
    Features: TEK Chestpiece BP, Mosasaur TEK Saddle BP, Ascendant Flak Chestpiece BP, Journeyman TEK Rifle BP (low-chance)

    Saturday, December 26th: Putrid Alleys of Defiance
    Features: TEK Rifle BP, TEK Generator BP, Ascendant Assault Rifle BP, Journeyman TEK Gauntlets BP (low-chance)

    Sunday, December 27th: The Hungry Dark
    Features: TEK Grenade BP, TEK Sleeping Pod BP, Ascendant Bronto Platform Saddle BP, Journeyman TEK Leggings BP (low-chance)

    Monday, December 28th: Halls of the Phoenix
    Features: TEK Shield BP, Megalodon TEK Saddle BP, Ascendant Argentavis Saddle BP, Journeyman TEK Helmet BP (low-chance)

    *All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.
    **Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.


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    Hello...when come new map ark survical evolved mobiel..we are exited new map


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    Hello...when come new map ark survical evolved mobiel..we are exited new map


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    Is there a way to access previous worlds if you accidentally hit the call button for the choice thing that says you are about to enter a single layer survival are you sure you wont to enter if you hit cancel from what I see you can get back to that world devs or ey body know how to fix that

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    This game is so reliant on in app purchases that it’s a shame. I got the primal pass could not use it and they said I have to contact apple instead of giving me the primal pass.

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    I need help, did your team make changes to primal pass on ark mobile? I play on 2 servers and only 1 is giving me primal pass, before both did, is it no longer arktypes and primal pass shared on your whole account? 

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