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Found 37 results

  1. Hi devs, I'm the Ukrainian translator that actually translated ARK into Ukrainian. It means that I'm really passioned with the ARK, but… On the last Tuesday Steam added 11 new currencies to its store. I'm sure you know about that as every dev received at least 3 notifications about changes. But if a develover don't activate the currency, Steam won't show any price for new regions. So right now 11 regions can't buy the game. Look at the SteamDB and the prices: Can you please fix that and put Steam recommended prices or lower? For Ukraine it should be at the level of Russian or lower in USD, as its ecomony and payability levels are way lower than Russian. Thank you.
  2. Regional Pricing

    Hello! First of all I mean no offence in my next writing at all. The game is great and developers are the best. The reason I'm writing this lies in today regional changes in Steam. Namely with the separation of the Ukrainian region from the CIS region and the inclusion of Ukrainian Hryvnia currency. The game ARK and all of its DLCs and season pass, Explorer Edition and so on are unavailable to purchase. The reason is very probably that Studio Wildcard haven't yet set the price for our region. While the setting of the price is just the matter of time, the prices of the game and the content worry me a lot. Recently, when the game leaved the Early Access the price in Ukraine has become $40 while in Russia it costed 55% less. I might point you that the price for Ukraine is incredibly high and I'll try to explain my words. First of all the salaries, pensions and living wage and the purchasing power in general in Ukraine is around four times lesser then in Russia. Our economy is in the deepest crisis putting it on the same level as poor African countries. A great amount of public sector employees live for a month income of ₴3200 (~$120) or even less. The science, education, medicine fields etc. are ruined. For example I, as a theoretical physics researcher earn a little more than $90 a month! Doctors have around $120-135 monthly, university lecturers have around $120 and most professors of science earn not much greater than $190+ for a whole month. So you understand that an arbitrary Ukrainian faces a choice - to buy a game on steam for $40 or to survive. For most developed countries $40 is to go once in a café on a weekend but in Ukraine you must fit all your food for 30 days inside $40. There is another side of thinking about the fair pricing. Ukraine region recently was #12 region by steam online globally. But vast majority players play only free games. You could think of it as there are millions of players in Ukraine, the gaming culture is extremely strong here but they just couldn't afford buying a legit game from a legit store. So a great majority of Ukrainians either play freeware or play pirated. My point is with fair pricing the almost absent Ukrainian market can have a great potential proportional to its player base. You may sell hundreds of thousand copies of a game for affordable price or a few hundred for prices like usual. To conclude I hope that when the game becomes available to purchase in Ukraine again it will be priced fairly (I think 0.25-0.5-1x of Russian price but I am no economist) so many thousands of Ukrainian players could play this great game, enjoy it and support the developers with what they can. Best regards, Oleksandr Stepanenko
  3. Ark Roleplay server

    ArkSurvivalists is on it's way to going live! Feel free if you are new to sign up, and we will take you through the application process. If you are a returning member, welcome back! We hope to see everyone back on the server once our launch date is definite. Until then, stay strong survivors. I'll see you on the island! clicking the forums and then server applications to find how to apply Also join the discord
  4. Help! I'm on mac and whenever I try to load up Ark: Survival Evolved, I get to the main menu, I try to join an online server, and it loads for a few minutes, then it goes black and brings me back to the main title screen. Then whenever I try to press play, it wont let me, but it will let me go into single player, and options and everything else. I have a strong computer, so I am confused to why this is happening. Ive already tried uninstalling the game and verifying the game files multiple times. If this has happened to anyone else and you know a way to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you <3 Steam: xBlackhawK
  5. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew any good servers to play on. (Im on Mac) I prefer servers with more players, but I like unofficial servers. I don't really enjoy when the gathering/exp levels are too high, but I like it when they are on around x2-x5. I don't enjoy servers that are only made for PvP, with kits and such, but I like it when PvP is still enabled and a few mods are there, like S+. So if anyone has any good suggestions I'd love to hear them. My steam username is xBlackhawK by the way. Thank you for taking your time reading this, I just need a good server to play on. Peace. <3
  6. This is not isolated to me. I live in Ireland but we seem to default to the UK servers. I've found users across the UK who are also have the exact same issue. Download speeds of only a few kbps for long periods, then speeds in excess of 10MB/s which last for only 20 seconds in some cases. This has nothing to do with my own connects, I have 10MB connection and it is perfectly stable. I was able to download the 25GB game in under an hour on the UK server. Example of others with this issue We've found that switching the download servers to France or Belgium significantly help the speeds. I tried for a day and could not get 30mb downloaded, switched to france and now I have 60GB of workshop mods. I thought this may be due to throttling by steam so I limited my connection to 2MB. This made no noticeable change in download speeds. This has now been an issue for 3 days is still occurring. Please can someone at WildCard contact steam, they won't listen to lone customers.
  7. Ragnarok, chunk corruption

    {PC} {UNOFFICIAL} Every time I enter the chunk around 32, 20 the entire multiplayer server (that I do not own) crashes. The server owner and I tested this several more times, and we have confirmed it is causing the server to crash. I have attached a screenshot of my map just when I crashed. Note you can see the flying ichthy in the background. The server owner even tested this location on his separate single player test server and same issue. "I know in the forums it said not to post maps, but this wasn't what I was trying to show. The server crashed so I was unable to lower my map, but it is still decent reference.
  8. Ragnorak, Corrupted area

    Every time myself and a few others go to an area on the map Ragnorak the game crashes the server 30, 20 is the cords near the area best we can figure. We have used a test server and the server that is active to the public. Thank you for any help you can give.
  9. Pls help me !! The Support Dont Answer me and i need your guys help ! When i launch with any oqtion the Game thought Steam comes : Fatal Error ! ...... I have Check Game Files , Reseted Game Reselution and have Reinstall but it doesnt going !! When u guys need the Error ? Say it than i send it
  10. Hi, I'm trying to join a unofficial server since yesterday, ([PvP][H200][T1000][XP1000]) and currently its players is 1/30. It doesn't show up in ARK Server list or in Favorites. I tried to join it via BattleMetrics and Steam shows it is 37/30???, I don't own this server so I can't restart it. I tried searching it via Steam server list, but it didn't appear. I tried Network Troubleshooting and Port Forwarding, but nothing. How to fix this bug? Thanks! Server in BattleMetrics
  11. Joining failed

    yesterday i tried to play on a official ark server like everyday, but when i tried to join it always stopped loading and the massage : ,,Joinig failed`` came! Why is this ? I never had this before !
  12. Does anybody know why my steam wants to reinstall ark every two weeks? its not an update, the game worked fine before, and there is just no reason why it needs to reinstall. I found no fix for that and I am sick of it.
  13. Are there any plans to allow people who purchased the UWP version of the game to add the season pass to their Steam account? I've had the Steam version since early access but I bought the collectors edition for Xbox One. There wasn't any option to get the collectors edition items for PC, other than a vague maybe, and I was fine with buying it again since it has crossplay with PC. But it seems dumb to expect us to pay another $40+ just to play the same DLC maps with friends on Steam.
  14. Reworked Ice Wyvern

    Goodmorning, I don't know if this is the right place to report such a thing, but it's the only place I found to do that. I'd like to report a bug concerning the new ice wyvern: substancially I've used the admin code to spawn it on the island map, in single player, then I've used the forcetame command to tame it and everything was ok. The problem comes next: when I close the game and I open it again the wyvern just desappear, it doesn't remain there like the other dinosaurs I've tamed or the other two wyverns, it just vanish. I'd like to report that bug in order to solve it. Thanking for your attention, hope it would be usefull.
  15. Is there a reason as to almost everytime I verify my game files, there is always some file that needs to be redownloaded? I verify, it completes sucessfully, downloads 2 files. I play, close the game, and re-verify, and surely it has to redownload something. Do I need to redownload the client? I don't see anything wrong when playing the game but my OCD is telling me there is
  16. New Servers

    When is it planned to launch the new ARK Servers For PC? Will it still be 08/08 or has the date been rescheduled? And how is the status of ARK for PC Final version next? Do you have any information on this?
  17. Recruiting Tribe Members

    Hi my name is Jay I'm looking for some ACTIVE members. We are a new tribe and already have other people and we all do our share. (All applicants must have discord!!) You can post a message if you are interested with the following. -IGN & Lvl -Steam -Age -(Your most enjoyable activity)
  18. Crossplay Steam to Xbox1

    I would love to be able to access the same server on Xbox 1 that I play with on Steam. Or at the very least be able to download my survivor onto xbox 1and vice versa with Steam
  19. hello everyone i just want to ask why if i did all the achievements and i deleted my local data for re-installing the game i didn't have anymore the reward skins... i mean... isn't it linked with steam? why isn't there a system that allow to match steam data to local data? like GTA:O for example...
  20. Hello everyone Can someone tell me if the Perfect Explorer achievement in steam is working?
  21. I cannot update ark ( steam )

    So after 2 days of trying to play ark on pc im starting to give up constantly getting the error message ' an error occurred while updating ark survival evolved ( app running ) ' i have tried reinstalling multiple times, validate game cashe, run as admin, a cmd prompt, changing steam client to a different hard drive, putting ark on a different hard drive, changing region and deleting folders and verifying, every little trick to get the update going and not one thing has worked, if anyone know anything else please let me know 😞😞

    I am trying to download ark for days now on steam.It gets up to 10 GB out of 17 (base version + ragnarok map) and then steam just shuts down and my pc restarts.When i start steam again it doesn't recognize old download it start's new download.I tried to verify game cashe,changed download region and repaired instalation folder on steam but nothing works. Any tips and suggestions from you guys ? Also i contacted steam support and they sent me their url with some solutions but nothing of that works for me.
  23. ARK 258.71 Error

    Good day, fellow survivors! Having since updated to the latest patch (258.71) I am unable to hold a connection to the games menu screen, I have verified my files several times and performed multiple reboots to no avail. I've attached the files below, any help is greatly appreciated. Specs (shouldn't make a difference, but will provide anyway) Windows 10 64-bit AMD 8350 @ 4ghz 24GB RAM Crossfire R9 270X OC Game is running off a Samsung 850 Evo SSD (nothing but the game on the drive) Thank you for taking the time to read this
  24. Please fix PVE Xbox

    Please fix pve I'm in the hospital right now and all I wanna do is play ark PVE not pvp but I have to deal with people kiteing gigga and titans to my base and pillaring my base I just want to play with friends and breed dinosaurs and build my base but I can't because I have to deal with them problems ark devs if your reading this please put a admin on every pve server to monitor what's happening it's supposed to be PVE not PVP or do something
  25. TRAINS (and other stuff)

    i was just thinking, it would be really cool if there was a tier of technology that was all steam-powered; with things like hookshots, hydraulic mills, and TRAINS. Anyway just a suggestion.