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  1. I beg the Wildcard devs to take a moment to look at prim plus and just fix some of these issues. Honestly at this point just fixing the current issues is enough for me because even if we get new stuff it breaks every time. So please, fix the game mode we all love and enjoy.
  2. Elysian Ark Rp We are proud to announce that Elysian Ark rp is now returning to Ark! Elysian has been on Atlas for the past couple months but is now making its long due return to Ark and the first season of the reboot will be premiering soon. We are an 18+ heavy Rp server that has been around since the early days of ark and one of the most popular private servers around. If you wish to sign up make sure to click the discord link and Join! (More info is on our discord) https://discord.gg/G9vjPtT
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