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Found 18 results

  1. I have a 300% speed manta(not even close to fully leveled), that just swim insanely fast for deep sea loots (Cant Find Any but worth the fun outrunning alpha squid BIG TIME) And ive got a full speed bronto, its footsteps are too fast to distinguish each step. ( Have a few ppl complain why I would keep this useless dino Im on PvE) Not ready for a max speed thyla for cave running but I will expect great results on the Center map. And I lost the manta when I park it outside of underwater bubble for taming a mosa. 2 Plesi spawn once every half minute making me hard to take care of everything.
  2. Bronto tek-saddle idea

    I came to cool idea based on Star Wars - Bronto gungan style shield tek saddle.
  3. Ark 264.38, Windows PC, The Island, Vanilla (no mods). 1. The Bronto's legs seem to move at unnatural angles, making him look like he's walking with broken legs. If you watch him walk, there appears to be a rotation problem, where one or more legs will rotate so they appear to point in the wrong direction for the body. 2. The Bronto's visual footsteps are not in sync with the footstep sounds. The sounds run (maybe 2x or 3x) faster the legs.
  4. New Brontosaur Footstep Sounds

    Hey the most recent (before the 756 patch) Bronto footfalls were wonderful! they didnt sound like someone is messing with their mic, like the new (vanilla) footsteps sound. i loved the low rumble pf the bronto approaching your position. please bring it back!
  5. How about a Target painter turret that needs a cript for target selection. Scipts available are for bronto, turtle, paracer, dunkeostous, rex, giga, diplo, yutyrannus, daeodon etc.. You place the target painter turret close to other turrets. You then select a script onto it to choose which targets to focus on. That turret then outputs a laser beam with a small delay into enemy dino and provides dmg bonus for the autoturrets either linked to it or in close proximity of the turret. If the turrets dont have target of selected type they will shoot normally what ever.
  6. So of course we are all used to the same old quetzal and anky method for obtaining metal and other resources on mountains, let's face it it was always an incredibly boring and repetitive task half the time my tribe mates on the anky don't even watch the screen and everyone always found an new exploit to lose some weight ( if only real life was that easy ). But maybe with some slight stat tweaks and map upgrades we could have some new options for obtaining metal that can be more challenging but more rewarding. Concept 1 heavy haulers So what if you walked a bronto up a mountain to get your metal? Before you say that sounds like the most painful thing you could think of here's how the devs could make it viable. Creatures like Brontos, Paracers and Diplos are what I have in mind here they all have decent weight but not really enough to consider doing a metal run with so that would either have to be increased or you could train them to carry specific resources more efficiently similar to the options on the moschops of therizeno. Next they are painfully slow but what if they had a slow and steady wins the race idea behind them with loads of stamina, and your travles to a mountain especially are dangerous so you would need an escort of a Rex or something similar. So your probably thinking that is still much more difficult than using a quetz, and it is but if the weight was high enough you could obtain much more metal so it becomes a risk/reward factor and it would be much more interesting than slowly flying to a mountain and back with a quetz free from any danger except losing your sanity. concept 2 the dunkleosteus This big bony fish is pretty useless right now, who gets oil from the ocean nowadays anyway? But it is basically a vary tanky swimming anky so what if the ocean was rich in resources ( like its supposed to be ) and contained more than oil and silica pearls and death, what if it had loads of metal and obsidian too?. A good Dunk can for the most part hold its own in the ocean but it's by no means the most powerful ocean creature so it is a risk using one adding that risk/reward factor. The big difference with this one is that a solo player could mine underwater.
  7. If we use a magnify glass before attempting to tame it, that is.
  8. Redesign the platform saddles so the driver can not be boxed in. This thing of nearly invincible dino riders , due to an exploit / flaw in saddle design, really makes dino combat, during wars, very unbalanced since you can not snipe the driver off of his / hers dino. You have brontos sitting outside of bases draining turrets and very little you can do about it to defend against them. Get rid of the boxed in drivers and combat (offensive and defensive) becomes a lot more interesting
  9. Hey Devs, I'm legitimately curious as to why the platform server limit (how many structures can be build ON THE SERVER, not per dino) isn't attributed to tribes. My server (Official Center PVE 599) has an issue with some Chinese guys that came on and built tons of rafts, now the server limit is bogus, there's maybe a handful of people here with platforms, and the rest of us got raptored. Now, any kind of platforms are useless other than being a normal saddle. My own, one and only, quetzal with a small mining platform was killed by a giga while I slept, and now I'm unable to even make one form myself when the chinese tribe has a fleet of boats. This is a fairly easy fix and hope to see it in the upcoming patch. Otherwise, advertising build-able platform saddles on multiplayer is simply false advertising, Thanks!
  10. Saddle Nerfs!!!

    Saddle Nerfs!!! Someone brought to my attention that under patch v254.86 that there was a line that read.. * Reduced Armor Rating Effectiveness on Golem, Bronto, Quetz, Doed, Carbo, and Quetz by 50% So I checked a few of my dinos and sure enough, what was once 100+ armor was now 56/52/50 etc etc. I checked all my blueprints and sure enough the nerf reflected those values as well. Now I know the Bronto also received nerfs as well as the Golem. Doeds can no longer eat veggie cakes. Etc etc. Part of the reason for having better quality saddles is the ability to use certain dino's without an escort, as they would be able to defend themselves fairly well. So with these saddle nerfs I guess I'm looking for validation and reasoning. This is not a gripe, I'm long past my initial frustration. I have accepted it. Please respond positively and rationally. Thanks!
  11. I wanna use a kibble tamed 150 bronto as a mobile base on PVE. I've acquired a nice fertilized lightning wyvern egg and wanna get to and from SE as fast as I can. I was thinking of building a stone base on its back with some storage, but mainly beds and standing torches to hatch the baby. I'd bring some argents and rexes for protection while offline of course. My friend's got a trap on a SE server he says I can use to get milk so that's covered. Now I just need some help on ideas to make the base most secure. Like has anyone made an efficient outline for such a thing before? Do I wanna make double walls? Maybe one layer of walls, then a layer of pillars and then have the real walls for the real room. How about extending some walls downwards as body armor? Or is the idea so dumb I should just build a small adobe base on SE and take it from there?
  12. In my probably ignored attempt to get brontos back into some sort of balance without undoing the nerfs that were done, heres a suggestion that i believe would make sense to a point. Increase the inventory slots available for brontos, unlike beaver which can be used for smithy, bronto inventory serve no purpose but transporting items, and with its weight it isnt rare that youll fill the inventory slots before the weight (for instance, with berries you can get about 3k weight then its full even if you have 8k weight on the bronto). You can already work around the problem by using platform and storage so it would hardly change anything, but it would at least one advantage/something special for bronto over paracer.
  13. Bronto harvesting with massive blind spots specially when on uneven terrain and bushes that are about 3 to 10 meters away from the animal. I harvested with a bronto with 5000 weight until I got it halfway (2500 weight) full of mejos and narcos... it took me much more time and maneuvering than it should and it was no fun.
  14. Bronto harvesting with massive blind spots specially when on uneven terrain and bushes that are about 3 to 10 meters away from the animal. I harvested with a bronto with 5000 weight until I got it halfway (2500 weight) full of mejos and narcos... it took me much more time and maneuvering than it should and it was no fun.
  15. This topic is about a weird imbalance there is with the quetz or with the bronto. One or the other is out of wack since they both serve the same purpose as an high capacity transport / platform. According to the dossier bronto should be able to carry "incredible quantities of resources" whereas quetz is supposed to be "Too slow to be an efficient local transport, and too weak to be an effective warbird". Yet the quetz is superior by a huge margin on both local and combat. Size Quetz are much smaller to fit in a base than bronto, allowing for more to fit in a smaller garage. Weight Quetz has about 9% less weight than a bronto with same weight level Speed: Assuming no sprint is used (sprint make it even worse) for stamina concerns The quetz goes a little over 3 times faster than a bronto, but also fly which allow for direct routes / less detours Defensive Ability Quetz Fly forever - No danger whatsoever unless sitting in turret range. It sport 2/3 of the bronto hp at tame, and same hp % per tamed level. Bronto High Hp - Alpha rex and wild gigano will kill just about any amount of bronto (a decent group of high lvl bronto can deal with alpha rex but at high risk/cost) Combat Ability Quetz, thanks to its ability to fly forever and the build platform, is the top of the food chain as far as pve dino goes. No wild dino can face a quetz with plant x, including gigano even if the quetz is lvl 1 Bronto is unable to chase (which mean that with the wild dino fleeing ai killing alpha raptors / carno become a real pain in the ass), it is also unable to escape if problem show up. Its dps is low but easily compensated by the large aoe (altho interestingly enough, seem to be lower aoe than gigano) Bulk Transport Ability (1 dino) Ignoring the flying aspect for simplicity sake (assuming a straight line of open ground is the road used), the quetz can move a little above 3 times the weight a bronto can in the same time. This is the best possible scenario for a bronto, make the route pass by a mountain or rocky area and this numbers skyrocket Convoy Transport Ability (multiple dinos) The quetz thanks to being a flyer has very little ai problem with convoy (no dino getting stuck and when they do you fly up and theyll go above whatever they got stuck on). To top it off, they are also smaller which allow for more quetz to be used before you hit the problem where the back of the convoy is frozen due to no player activity around it. In a convoy you can have around 3 times as many quetz as you would have bronto before they get stuck out of server, ignoring the fact that you could easily create a double chain with quetz (1 leader with 2 quetz following him, then chain from those 2). This mean that a quetz convoy has the potential to move a over 9 times the amount a bronto convoy could ever under ideal circumstances for the bronto. In a nutshell, as it is right now, Quetz are flying bronto with no real disadvantage over a bronto and some serious advantages. Quetz solo has the ability to move 3 times more stuff as a bronto of the same level and is less at risk while doing so. Quetz in a convoy has the ability to move over 9 times more stuff than brontos and with a lot more ease. Quetz lvl 10 has nothing to fear while traveling whereas bronto convoy lvl 200+ can be killed at any time by an unlucky wild gigano spawn or high alpha rex. Either the bronto should be beefed on weight and hp so that it can actually survive when facing large predators (not win the fight, just live long enough for rescue to happen for instance, as it is right now a wild gigano will go through a lvl 200 bronto with 40k hp in about 40 seconds. Its nowhere near enough to even just grab another dino to go fight if you have the other dino in the convoy, let alone arange for help / rescue. Gigano goes 10 times faster than bronto at walking speed there is no way a bronto could ever actually escape a gigano so they should at least be able to live longer than 40 secs (thats a pretty high hp bronto with a fair amount of tamed level put on hp) and move an actual incredible amount of load. Or the quetz should be nerfed so that its either much more vulnerable while flying or slightly slower than bronto at moving large amounts of mats. Id rather bronto weight be boosted since too many other dinos beat the bronto on bulk resource movement (rex, mamoth, direbear to only name a few). But either way there is a clear balance issue here between a carrier bird and the largest ground pack dino currently in game.
  16. Hi survivors, I made a short instructional video and a steam guide on how you can lower the height of your foundations so you can level it with the base of a raft or platform saddle. This makes it easier to mount your dino and access its inventory from the platform. Additionally, it saves on your structure limit. Watch the video here: Or check out my Steam guide: I hope this helps you! If it does, please let me know by rating my guide or liking my video. Many thanks!
  17. Bronto Platform

    From the album Artwork

  18. Bronto

    From the album Dossiers

    Common Name: Brontosaurus Species: Brontosaurus lazarus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Docile Wild: Among the largest creatures I've seen on the island, Brontosaurus lazarus is larger than any sauropod I've read about. In fact, the dinosaur is so massive that it ignores most other creatures. I've seen a pack of Raptors tear apart smaller Dinosaurs while Brontosaurus continues eating, seemingly oblivious to the hunting pack. The Brontosaurus is extremely protective of its eggs and will attack if provoked. However, some may think this is an Apatosaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Argentinosaurus, or other sauropod - but this is a strange island and I'm the one doing the research. I'm convinced that this genus is Brontosaurus and no one can tell me otherwise. My study, my rules. Domesticated: Because of how docile it is, Brontosaurus makes the ideal pack-animal. Peaceful tribes use it to carry incredible quantities of resources, while warring tribes use it to mobilize their army. Unfortunately, its enormity means that most attempts to tame Brontosaurs can take longer than almost any other creature on the island.