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  1. This creature would be an aggressive bipedal carnivore, capable of high speeds and good stealth, some abilities would include invisibility, a sniffing ability, and tree climbing. Taming would be a difficult feat due to having to find it and not get killed, this creature would be a little smaller than the allosaurus in size, but stronger bite and better stealth, making it a viable apex predator. Log Entry (Wild) I found this creature while I was wandering through the redwoods, the Chilantaisaurus, it seemed rather curious as it attempted to sneak up on me, it had small penetrating spikes from its spine and claws that seemed like they could rip metal with ease, I didn't wait to find out what would happen next. Log Entry (Tamed) After taming this creature, I found it much easier to travel as it can fit through small gaps, climb, and travel quickly, along with the speed of travel, I found it easier to find prey as it has a seemingly strong sense of smell. Saddle The saddle would require the following materials, 250 hide, 20 metal, 300 fiber, and 50 Chilantaisaurus scales (Gathered by finding scales one has shed, tamed or wild.) This saddle would hold two people, but a special armor made from the scales of this creature is required to go invisible along with your mount. Added crafting recipes Along with the armor previously mentioned, you can use 10 scales to modify a forcefield so it cloaks your base as well, and the armor does work without the tame, but only temporarily. (Special armor, dyeable)
  2. So, with the Creature Vote for Aberration ending, it got me thinking about all the creatures on that map again and why the Seeker was never made tameable & I guess breedable too for that matter. How would everyone feel if Wildcard were to make the Seeker tameable for ASA & would you want it too also be breedable? Personally, I think they should be both tameable & breedable. If tameable I could maybe see them like being able to help out your tamed Reapers or something or maybe even being like the Sinomacrops giving you a glide or little bit of flight or something. You could even go another crazier route & maybe make there be a way to get even bigger Seekers that are rideable too for like other maps where flyers are a thing. So, what does everyone think should Wildcard maybe show some love to this kind of forgotten creature? While on the topic of Aberration & ASA should the Basilisk and Karkinos also be made breedable as well?
  3. Chunkingosaurus was a small stegosaurid originating in China. In game chunkingosaurus will be found in the forests on extinction attacking those who get to close to it with its powerful tail. Whatever gets close to it will feel the might of chunkingosaurus dealing massive amounts of damage, chunkingosaurus will have higher attack than kentrosaurus but lower health than it, it is rideable, its saddle unlocks at level 42, it has 2 attacks, its first is a bite, and its second is a tail whip that deals massive damage, while the bite is weaker. In order to tame it, it is a passive tame, who eats either rare mushroom, rare flower or azulberry. You approach, crouching slowly to its face than you feed it , if not, the chunkingosaurus will agro on you, once tamed its can gather berries, wood and thatch. When low health in battle chunkingosaurus will start to spin at high velocity running away and dealing 12 times the damage, after getting a kill the chunkingosaurus will dance. Once tamed chunkingosaurus will eat any kind of berry. He also has a high weight capacity. Chunkingosaurus will get a 800 second attack boost after killing a therapod. Also the saddle can also carry water. After you kill a chunkingosaurus you will get keratin, chintin, raw meat, and raw prime meat. Chunkingosaurus also has a ability called drought protection which allows chunkingosaurus to go without food or water for longer times. I hope you like the idea of chunkingosaurus, I picked this creature because the game has a lack of stegosaurids.
  4. Disclaimer: I am no artist so visual representation won't be super great, but hopefully my written descriptions will suffice! Also The species might not fit the time period qualifications for submission, but it does not need to be this ant species specifically. But in my head since this is extinction I figured the element corruption grew an ant on earth to a massive size, if that is not acceptable then just imagine it is a cousin species of the titanomyrma that underwent the same corruption process! Specific species isn't super important to me, I just think a ride-able ant in ark would be dope! Wild Spawn The Dinoponera Matriavastus is a creature you will never find on it's own. Because of this, they benefit from a pack bonus that gives a substantial damage reduction buff. When killed the Dinoponera drops a large amount of chitin and a small amount of meat. The Dinoponera workers spawn in the vicinity of a nest, which looks like a man sized anthill sticking out of the ground. Inside the nest is the Dinoponera queen, who will occasionally leave the nest to wander before returning into the tunnels. The Dinoponera is not aggressive to humans unless they get close to the nest and the queen. They share the same temperament to wild creatures except small creatures like dodos, lystros, etc, and they will consume corpses. Because the Dinoponera reproduces asexually, the species only contains females and all of the workers will be an identical level to their queen, so if you see mis-matched levels of workers it means another nest is nearby. The nest will act as a structure and is destroyable, when destroyed it forces the queen out and aggros her and all of the workers. Once the nest is destroyed all Dinoponera will stop spawning in the area and any existing Dinoponera will slowly despawn when out of render, so you can clear nests in the hopes of finding a higher level nest nearby in the future. Taming You first have to reach the nest without being detected by the workers. The queen can be coaxed out of the nest by dropping honey just outside of the nest, or you can wait for her to naturally emerge. Once the queen is out of the nest you must feed her bug repellent without drawing aggression. This will cause her to lose health quickly until she dies. Killing the queen this way will not aggro the workers. Once the queen is dead, access her inventory and remove her pheromone. Then apply the pheromone to yourself. If you currently are affected by bug repellent yourself, you must wait for the effects to wear off. Be careful of how long you wait, as the pheromone will spoil within a few minutes outside of her inventory. When you are affected by the pheromone, if you are attacked by any creature, nearby workers will come to your aid. This could help save your life, or get the workers killed by accident, so watch your surroundings. Once covered in the pheromone, approach a worker and it will give you a request for some kind of resource. It could be a basic material or a basic food, ie wood, stone, berries, raw meat, etc... Put this item in your last inventory slot and give it to the worker. The more of that item you have in a stack, the more tame progress will be made. So giving it a full stack of 100 wood will give it more tame progress than giving it a stack of 5. Continue filling the requests of the worker until the tame is complete and you have a Dinoponera! You can technically tame as many Dinoponera as there are in the area, but because you only have 30 minutes of pheromone you have to manage your time properly. Once the pheromone wears off, any wild Dinoponera in the area will instantly aggro on you. Breeding Unfortunately since you cannot tame the queen they would not breedable. But I have been debating whether or not they should be. Maybe a decent idea would be the ability to feed a worker certain items and it will transform into a queen, giving you the ability to have one that lays eggs. Possibly feeding a worker 1-5 queen pheromones will turn it into a queen? I'm still split on this part simply because I love breeding and getting mutations. Saddle Upon reaching level 35 you unlock the Dinoponera saddle, which is crafted in the smithy and costs: metal, hide, fiber, and chitin/keratin. This saddle would provide the usual 25 armor and visually would have slight armor plating and saddlebags all over it. It's saddle acts as a crafter, but not a smithy or mortar+pestle. This saddle is able to craft unlocked primitive engrams that would normally need to be crafted in your inventory. So primitive structures, certain saddles, and much more could be crafted on the move without the need for a blueprint. Utility Weight Reduction Once tamed, it is an exceptional beast of burden, capable of reducing the carry weight of wood, thatch, fiber, hide by -40% while reducing the carry weight of stone, metal, flint, obsidian, crystal by -35%! On top of that it reduces the carry weight of all structures by -50%! This makes it extremely useful when moving large quantities of supplies or setting up/moving to a new base location. It can gather wood, thatch, meat, hide, berries, and fiber, albeit at a relatively inefficient rate. Not the best for gathering, but will do in a pinch. Traversal & Mandibles It is able to climb walls and uneven terrain fairly quickly. Pressing the crouch key while riding a Dinoponera allows you to use it's mandibles to pick up certain things. It is capable of picking up and carrying storage boxes, similar to how the rhynio can carry structures. But the Dinoponera can only carry small storage boxes, large storage boxes, and vaults (vaults will act as a drag that I will talk about shortly). It's mandibles are also able to pick up and carry creatures. Anything with a drag weight of 100 or below can be picked up and carried. Not only that, but creatures that fit the weight can also be picked up and carried if they are dead or unconscious! The Dinoponera is also capable of dragging creatures with a drag weight of 101-300! The drag is quite different from the carry. With dragging, the Dinoponera can move heavier objects, but because of the weight, must focus all of it's strength moving it. Therefore when dragging heavier creatures and metal vaults, the Dinoponera can only walk backwards. But have no fear! The Dinoponera is capable of climbing up surfaces backwards, so you can still drag that unconscious Ankylo up a cliff! This can be quite useful to move knocked out creatures to a safer area for taming. It also has use as the ability can drag corpses, making you able to bring a corpse to a tame with better gathering efficiency or even transporting bodies to assist in Carchar taming! Although you would still need to drag the body closer to the Carchar yourself, the Dinoponera can move the corpse quickly from a further distance. Dinoponera Nectar Lastly, when 1 honey and 20 berries are placed into the inventory of a Dinoponera, it will convert the honey into a sweet and nutritious nectar that will provide +40 food as well as a 15% bonus to movement speed, stamina, and stamina regeneration for 15 minutes! The Dinoponera love this nectar and it can be fed to them as well, doubling the effectiveness of the nectar but for only half the time.
  5. Vulpes zerda/macrotis (FOX) This solitary fox likes to hide in burrows located near tundra biomes or the desert. Its pelt color makes it difficult to be seen in the desert or even in the dark. Most of the times you will find it alone but there is a chance you'll sight it resting with other Vulpes. It loves hiding on burrows or dark places to rest and stay isolated from everything. Whenever there is an intruder wandering its territory it'll stay hidden but can be spotted by its bright eyes. It is capable of detecting nearby enemies pretty easily, be wary of its sharp teeth and claws and dont let its fluffy tail distract you , it may seem cute but it is lethal enough to protect its territory from a large variety of creatures. VULPES Buffs/Debuffs abilities Damage abilities Tracking abilities (Improved shadowmane) speed on the ground Touching any kind of sand will give you a speed and jump boost Bigger than direwolf but smaller than a shadowmane. Can ride it without saddle but wont be able to use any of its modes if the shaddle isn't equipped. When a female and a male are together nearby breeding dinos they have a bigger chance of developing color mutations on newborn dinos VULPES ABILITIES: Vulpes is able to switch between 2 modes , Alert ( damage ) mode where it will have its ears pointing backwards, show its teeth and its tail will wag nervously. Then, relax mode ( support) where it will have its ears pointing upwards and calm itself. Vulpes BASE KIT ABILITIES: Vulpes is able to bite any dino corpse to search the nearest highest level dino of that same species wich was bitten. Vulpes is able to passively give nearby dinos a range detection improvement, this passive is able to make nearby dinos (like parasaurs) increase their detection range, in this case, a parasaur will be able to increase a few meters its radar. Maybe sandflame has bonds with other dinos. Vulpes able to wall bounce due to its high agility and energy, at the same time, he can dash and make high jump from land . (When sandflame is on damage mode , he has traits of an aggresive fox at that moment , when he is on support mode he shows traits of a relaxed fox) Vulpes DAMAGE MODE ABILITIES: -Vulpes BITES BUT IT ALSO HAS A BAR WHICH CAN BE FILLED PASSIVELY WHEN BEING EXPOSED A LARGE PERIOD OF TIME TO HIGH TEMPERATURES AND MANUALLY BY GIVING IT SAND , SULFUR ... WHEN THIS BAR IS FULLY CHARGED, SANDFLAME WILL START CAUSING HEAT STROKES TO ENEMIES THAT GET BITTEN BY IT. WHENEVER ITS BAR IS FILLED, NEXT TIME IT BITES WILL ACTIVATE THE BAR TIMER AND WILL BE ABLE TO APPLY THE HEATSTROKE STATUS TO ENEMIES UNTIL THE TIMER ENDS. When the bar finishes, its torpidity will increase due to the high temperatures it was exposed to but will be able to charge the bar again after a few seconds. When sandflame is able to cause heatstroke effect , a trail will start comming from its mouth and eyes to show the scorching effect it is able to cause. -Vulpes IS ABLE TO JUMP THEIR PRAY AND ATTACK WITH ITS CLAWS AFTER A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF HITS ( DEPENDING ON THE ENEMY ARMOR ) IT WILL BE ABLE TO CAUSE THE BLEEDING STATUS EFFECT. After succesfully applying bleeding its dexterity and attack speed will be faster during 20 seconds. -Vulpes IS ALSO ABLE OF AMBUSHING NEARBY ENEMIES. If it is a small prey it will be able to stun the enemy for a few seconds like raptors do. But if it is a bigger creature, it will have to bite it and attach to any body part of the enemy while its stamina drains. The enemy has the option to struggle and lose its stamina faster but kicking sandflame or to keep sandflame and lose stamina slower.(? Sandflame's jaws are lethal but not resistent enough to keep himself there so after a few seconds it will have to drop. While being attached to dinos , sandflame can parcially use its claws because it has to focus on the strenght of its jaws. While being in damage mode, sandflame is able to go faster but has less resistance. VULPES SUPPORT MODE ABILITIES: -Vulpes IS ABLE TO BITE NEARBY ALLIES ( 1 AT THE SAME TIME ) TO GIVE THEM A PROTECTION EFFECT FOR 12 SECONDS THAT WILL PREVENT ITS ALLY FROM GETTIG ANY KIND OF STUN. -Vulpes is ABLE TO REST AND PLAY WITH SAND ( MAKING IT TO BE UNABLE TO CAUSE ANY KIND OF DAMAGE OR DEFENSE WHILE ON THIS MODE , LIKE OWL FREEZE), WHILE RESTING , IT IS ABLE TO PASSIVELY HEAL NEARBY ALLIES . But it wont do it and get angry if you dont put sand on its inventory or any beautiful rock like gems. -Vulpes IS ABLE TO HOWL AND REDUCE NEARBY ALLIES NEGATIVE EFFECTS TIMER.(TORPIDITY REDUCTION AT THE SAME TIME). While being on support mode , sandflame is slower but has more resitence TAMING: To tame a Vulpes you will have to wait until nightime. When the night falls you will have to enter any burrow or cave where you know a sandflame is resting or hiding. You'll only be able to see its shinning eyes if it stays hidden. Whenever you know its position approach it and offer any beautiful gem ( red,blue or green gems ) or sulfur (but it doesnt like it as much) . Whenever it sees the gem, it will approach you and you will have to wait until it lets you pet its head . Whenever you pet it, it will stun you for 7 seconds and go away to hide again You will have to focus again on its eyes and offer gems until it finally gets tamed . Vulpes is clever and will find the perfect spot to hide from you. Art created by ManuKira On the images Im showing Im trying just to guide you through the aspect and traits it could have . Like fasolasuchus had Drawing created by NLONF The first image is the normal fox ( in real life) , the second image is a special franchise fox called "sandflame" from a special serie. The things of this fox are the special traits he has to make the base creature look cooler like the fasolasuchus.Dont use the second image as main creature . I just wanted to show the traits This is another in real life picture
  6. Survivor, everyone! Don't you want a dinosaur that is cool and good at collecting fibers, and on top of that, a reliable dinosaur? So, I propose the dinosaur "Fukuivenator" excavated in Japan. This dinosaur inhabits Japan from 127 million years to 115 million years ago, and is now considered to be a member of the primitive Therizinosaur. It seems that it was more carnivorous than Therizinosaur. In reality, the total length is said to be about 2.4m, but if it is added to ARK, I think a bigger one is better. wild Fukuivenator mainly appears in sanctutuary and underground forests, but it may also appear in snowy mountain domes. They are covered in feathers like Yutyrannus and are very fluffy! They are the same size as Therizinosaur, but they are faster on foot than Therizinosaur. Fukuivenator is violent, but it does not attack aggressively like other carnivores. However, it attacks from farther than therizinosaur. However, by equipping Gilly equipment, you can get close to them without being noticed. However, if you touch it, you will be noticed. In addition, you will be attacked by REX and Yutyrannus, but you will invalidate the roar of fear by Yutyrannus and get the same effect as the benefits of the roar of your ally Yutyrannus. Taming Fukuivenator can be tamed by making it coma. However, because they are covered with feathers, they reduce the damage caused by bullets and explosives and counteract the effect of Tranq Arrow and Tranquilizer Dart. Clubs and boomerangs are effective, but it is not recommended to provoke their anger. The most efficient way to put them to a coma is to hand them Narcoberries, Ascerbic Mushrooms, or Spoiled Meat. However, once you give it to them, they will get angry and start rampaging. You can't stop them from going on a rampage, so stay away and wait until they calm down. You can put them into a coma by repeating this. However, do not give Narcotic or Bio Toxin. If you give it by mistake, it will be noticed and act violently. It eats both fruit and Raw Meat, but prefers Raw Meat. His favorite bait is Exceptional Kibble. After taming Basic status plan of Fukuivenator Physical strength: 890 Stamina: 320 Oxygen value: 130 Food value: 2700 Weight: 325 Basic attack power: 57 Fukuivenator can be ridden by attaching a saddle. Therizinosaurs are better at collecting than them, but their fighting ability is higher. Also, by being warmed by the feathers while riding, most of the cold will be fine. Left click : Scratching The attack power is higher than Teririnosaurus. You can collect fiber by using it for grass, but you can't collect berries. Right Click : charge scratch It has a higher attack power than a left click, and you can make your opponent bleed like the leader of Allosaurus. However, there is a cool time of 15 seconds. Space Bar : Bite You can collect a lot of Thatches, Hides, berries and Pelts. In addition, the shock wave can stun organisms below the Jutaraptor for 8 seconds. C key:Roar The morale of the surrounding allies increases, and the attack power and attack speed increase for 40 seconds. In addition, the received ally can invalidate all state abnormalities for 10 seconds. X key:Grooming By mending, you can quickly recover your physical strength like Argentavis for 20 seconds. Also, feathers are available at this time, and these feathers can be used as a substitute for Pelts, polymers, and Fiber. However, there will be a cool time of 20 seconds before the next use. passive ability Like in the wild, Fukuivenator reduces the damage caused by bullets and explosives as well cancels the effects of Tranq Arrows and Tranquilizer Dart, and does not sleep by them. Also, it doesn't bleed because it's protected by feathers. In addition, by putting Hides, Pelts, and their feathers in the inventory, when they are damaged, they can consume one for each damage and reduce the damage they receive. Hides cuts 10% damage, Pelts 20%, and feathers 30% damage. As for the priority to consume, feathers are the highest and Hides are the lowest. This also applies to bullets and explosives, but not to poison or bleeding. Also, as in the wild, they nullify the roar of fear by Yutilanus and get the same effect as the benefit of the roar of their ally Yutilanus. Of course, they don't get scared. lastly If you think this creature is attractive, please vote! Also, if you have any questions, please leave a comment! From here on, it's an explanation for Japanese people. (ここから先は、日本人に向けた説明です。) フクイヴェナトル〜原初のテリジノサウルス〜 サバイバーのみなさん!カッコよくて繊維の採取も得意、おまけに頼もしい恐竜は欲しくないですか?ということで、私は日本で発掘された恐竜「フクイヴェナトル」を提案します。この恐竜は、1億2700万年〜1億1500万年前の日本に生息しており、現在は原始的なテリジノサウルスの仲間とされています。テリジノサウルスよりも肉食傾向が強かったようです。 現実での全長は約2.4mだとされていますが、ARKに追加されるならば、私はもっと大きな方が良いと思っています。 野生 フクイヴェナトルは、主にサンクチュアリや地下の森林に現れますが、雪山ドームにも現れることがあります。彼らはユウティラヌスのように全身が羽毛で覆われており、とてもモフモフしています!彼らはテリジノサウルスと同じ大きさですが、テリジノサウルスよりも足が速いです。 フクイヴェナトルは凶暴ですが、他の肉食生物のように積極的には襲ってきません。しかし、テリジノサウルスよりは遠くから襲ってきます。しかし、ギリー装備を装備することで、彼らに気付かれずに近付くことができます。ただし、触れてしまうと気付かれてしまいます。また、ティラノサウルスやユウティラヌスに襲われてしまいますが、ユウティラヌスによる恐怖の咆哮を無効化し、味方のユウティラヌスの咆哮による恩恵と同じ効果を得ます。 テイム フクイヴェナトルは昏睡させることでテイムすることができます。しかし、彼らは羽毛に覆われているため、弾丸や爆発物によるダメージを軽減し、麻酔矢や麻酔弾の効果を打ち消してしまいます。棍棒やブーメランなどは効果がありますが、彼らの怒りを買うことはあまり推奨はできません。 彼らを最も効率よく昏睡させる方法は、ナルコベリーやアスセビック・マッシュルーム,腐った肉を手渡すことです。しかし、一度渡すと彼らは怒り、暴れはじめてしまいます。暴れだした彼らを止めることはできないので、離れて落ち着くまで待ちましょう。これを繰り返すことで、彼らを昏睡させることができます。ただし、麻酔薬やバイオトキシンを与えてはいけません。万が一誤って与えてしまうと、異変に気付かれて暴れだしてしまいます。眠った彼らはベリーも生肉も食べますが、生肉の方が好物です。最も好きな餌は超級キブルです。 テイム後 フクイヴェナトルの基礎ステータス案 体力:890 スタミナ:320 酸素値:130 食料値:2700 重量:325 基礎攻撃力:57 フクイヴェナトルはサドルを付けることで騎乗することができます。彼らよりもテリジノサウルスの方が採取に優れていますが、戦闘能力は彼らの方が高いです。また、乗っている間はその羽毛に暖められることで、大抵の寒さは平気になります。 左クリック:引っ掻き 攻撃力はテリジノサウルスよりも高いです。草むらに使うことで繊維を採取することができますが、ベリーを採取することは出来ません。 右クリック:溜め引っ掻き 左クリックよりも攻撃力が高く、アロサウルスのリーダーように相手を出血させることができます。しかし、15秒間のクールタイムが存在します。 スペースキー:噛みつき わら,皮,ベリー,毛皮を多く採取することができます。また、衝撃波によりユタラプトル以下の生物を8秒間気絶させることができます。 Cキー:咆哮 周囲の味方の士気が高まり、40秒間、攻撃力と攻撃速度が上昇します。また、受けた味方は10秒間全ての状態異常を無効化することができます。 Xキー:毛繕い 毛繕いをすることで、20秒間アルゲンタヴィスのように体力を急速に回復することができます。また、この時に羽毛が手に入り、この羽毛は毛皮やポリマー,繊維の代用として使用することができます。ただし、次に使用するまでに20秒間のクールタイムが発生します。 パッシブ能力 フクイヴェナトルは、野生の時と同じく弾丸や爆発物によるダメージを軽減し、麻酔矢や麻酔弾の効果を打ち消し、それらによって眠ることがありません。また、羽毛に守られているため出血することもありません。さらに、インベントリ内に皮や毛皮,彼らの羽毛を入れておくことで、彼らがダメージを受けた際、それらをダメージ一回につき一つ消費し、受けるダメージを軽減することができます。皮は10%,毛皮は20%,羽毛は30%のダメージをカットしてくれます。消費する優先度は、羽毛が一番高く、皮が一番低いです。これは、銃弾や爆発物などにも適用されますが、毒や出血などには適用されません。 また、彼らは野生の時と同じく、ユウティラヌスによる恐怖の咆哮を無効化し、味方のユウティラヌスの咆哮による恩恵と同じ効果を得ます。もちろん、彼らは怯えることがありません。 最後に この生物が魅力的だと思う人は、是非投票をお願いします!また、質問がある場合は、是非コメントをお願いします!
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCING----ANOMALOCARIS Anomalocaris are native to the waters of The Center, and can be found amongst shallow areas, as they are constantly on the prowl for trilobites. These 'odd shrimp' are semi-aggressive but inquisitive , as they often swim up to survivors out of curiosity. -------------------------------------------- LVL 1 STATS: HEALTH:300 STAMINA:250 WEIGHT:200 DAMAGE:25 TORPOR:575 -------------------------------------- -Anomalocaris also serve as an aquatic healer! When fed silica pearls they can heal themselves, but when fed black pearls, can also heal nearby allies similar to the land dwelling Daeodon. -Anomalocaris can also manuever in any direction similar to the Tapejara. -To tame, simply swim up and feed black pearls aka a passive tame. ---------------------------------------------- ARK NEEDS MORE SEA LIFE!!! dossier by: santaclaus470
  8. hello i think the alberto should be added into the game because the sea feels really empty in ark SO why not add something huge to it like the alberto ok before you search up the size of it it was smaller than the mosa in length reaching lengths around 11-12 meters whilst the mosa reaches around 13-18 meters BUT wild card makes almost everything bigger than real life, The rhynio is a perfect example of this. So we could easily see the alberto way bigger like my idea. Ok so my idea for the alberto is to be a lot longer than the mosa and tuso so im thinking like 2 mosas + 1 tuso sort of length yeah so really big. It would be rather fast for its size and be rather tanky. here is some images of the albertonectes Taming method. so to tame this creature you must feed go to it and through out one of the creatures listed. coelacanth, sabertoothsalmonan, juvi meg and juvi tuso and let the alberto kill and eat them similar to the car car but it wont attack you. You would get max effectiveness by feeding it juvi tusos and not letting it get hit by anything, you will have less effectiveness if you feed it a meg, coelacanth or salmon. here is the list of the best creatures to feed it, top of the list being the best bottom being worsed. there is a massive difference between using a salmon or coelacanth than meg or tuso, for an example lets say you decide to feed a max level alberto coelacanths you would have to feed it like 10 more than a salmon 40 times more than a meg and 50 times more than a tuso. if your going to use coelacanths it would take 60 FEEDS if you use , if you use salmon 50 feeds, meg 20 feeds and tuso 10 feeds. the alberto will have a feeding timer around 2 minutes so if you are going to use coelacanths you will be there for 2 HOURS AND get less effectiveness so I do not recommend using them. use tusos if you can for shortest time spent taming remember this is an end game tame so trying to tame this with salmon or coelacanth will take way longer to tame, give less effectiveness and will have an even faster food drain than a meg or tuso tamed one. This is to encourage people to use meglodons and tusos more and make the alberto feel more end game. you might ask WHY ADD THE COELACANTHS AND SALMON IN THE FIRST PLACE well that's because you might want to try challenge yourself and make yourself suffer i find people like that sort of content on YT somethimes so it would be a good challange for content creators. . juvi tuso . juvi meglodon . salmon . coelacanth abilities listed here. . bite . neck bash . whirl pool: the alberto starts spinning rapidly and creates a whirl pool that sucks nearby boats and creatures down towards the alberto dealing constant damage . passively generates oil . fast food drain . cant be grabbed by tusos Saddles: so for the saddles it will have a standard saddle and a platform saddle BUT it also has a torpedo saddle making it like a war sub. Can launch up to 3 torpedo's from both sides of the alberto they can be destroyed by turret's. Ok I hope you like this idea and sorry for any incorrect punctuation I have never been that good at it. it may sound rather OP with the whirl pool and torpedo saddle and I will change it a bit if I get in the comments alot.
  9. Dossier Info: Common Name: Siats Species Name: Siats Meekerorum Time Period: Late Cretaceous Temperament: Aggressive Wild The Siats Meekerorum is one of the most unique creatures within the ARKs. Due to its uniquely shaped teeth and glands within its maw it is able to store various chemicals within it’s mouth that it harvests from various creatures blood, these chemicals could be used to make various concoctions. The Siats is also quite large being only slightly smaller than that of the Tyrannosaurs. The Siats spends most of its day hunting and spending the nights sleeping. Domesticated Once a Siats has been domesticated it is one of most useful and unique companions. They are strong enough to hold their own against some of the other larger predators and are naturally intimidating to smaller pests. Not to mention being able to put their stored chemicals to use. Taming Process: The Siats is tamed by using a new item called Bug Brew (Bug Brew is crafted using: Chitin, Death Worm Horns, Oil, Organic Polymer, Rhyniognatha Pheremone, Silk, and Water). Next, you must wait for the Siats to fall asleep ans sneak up to it and feed it Bug Brew to begin the taming process. Once the Siats wakes up a spot on its body will be marked you must then hit the spot with a harpoon until it roars in pain, once it roars you must feed it biotoxin until its torpor reaches full and it is knocked out, you must then feed it taming food (Meat or Extraordinary Kibble). Abilities: Actions - Primary Attack - A slow low damage basic bite Charged Bite - A attack that can be charged and held doing more damage than the Primary Attack but is much slower *If performed while held by a Rhyniognatha it will cause it to drop the Siats Stomp - The Siats stomps its foot causing nearby creatures to be knocked back Chemically Infused Roar - The Siats roars and gives off spit particles the creature hit will be affected by the concoction selected (Shown in the bottom left similar to Deinopithicus) Roar - A roar for cosmetic and roleplay purposes Passive Abilities - Pest Intimidation - Small aggressive creatures naturally avoid Siats Pest Control - Siats takes reduced damage from all agressive small creatuers Exterminator - Siats is immune to the Rhyniognatha’s englued effect Chemical Extraction - Certain creatures and breakables will give chemicals when harvested by Siats Saddle Ability - Within the Siats’s saddle you can craft various concoctions using various chemicals harvested by Siats. Here are some examples: Speed Concoction - Grants the Siats much faster movement speed for a short duration at the cost of temporarily reduced health, crsfted using water and Gali Chemicals Defence Concoction - Makes the Siats take reduced damage for a short duration at the temporary cost of significant movement speed Rage Concoction - Temporarily increase the Siats’s attack speed at the cost of defence *These are just examples they could be changed and more could be added. *Will make dossier if people are intrested enough.
  10. Hi and welcome to the Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris vote page! Here we will persuade you into voting for Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris, first off with how Estemmenosuchus would work! Estemmenosuchus would be a mid-late game tame, with it’s saddle being achieved at level 40 or 45, Estemmenosuchus would get a hydration buff when in contact with water, and when deep underwater it will enter an “Manic Frenzy” state, where it will have increased speed, bite force and bite speed, however, Estemmenosuchus will have counters to it such as being unridable if it gains big levels of torpor and/or not being fed. Now, onto the Dossier! Common name: Estemmeno Species name: Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris Time: Mid Permian Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild Few words other than terrifying can describe Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris, I've had various nightmares about being torn to shreds by these monsters. I can't stress enough just how dangerous an encounter with Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris is, they aren't like any other Estemmenosuchus specimen, they are far different, they're aggressive, strictly carnivorous, and lay eggs, almost as if most of their genetics have been modified heavily. Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris seems to hold a grudge against other therapsids, as in will specifically target them if they're in the same vacinity as the creature, now, I don't know if this is a silly rumor, but I've heard that Estemmenosuchus seem to go insane underwater and begin to bite like crazy! Might just be a myth, but better safe than sorry. Domesticated I don't know of anyone who has been brave enough (and/or dumb enough) to try and attempt taming an Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris specimen, in fact, I don't think anyone has tamed one as of yet, however, I know of many survivors who show an interest in taming Estemmenosuchus, which checks out, their amazing hunting capabilities as well as their increased speed when under pressure can make a formidable tame. Perhaps the way to tame them is to lure them towards a creature it can kill or hates like Moschops or Dimetrodon, and aiding the Estemmenosuchus to kill it, maybe gaining it's trust? I view killing a creature as versatile as moschops may look like a waste for some survivors, but for a creature like Estemmenosuchus? Seems like a fair trade. Images and more coming soon, stay tuned! Passive Ability - "Fear the unknown" If Estemmenosuchus encounters you at night, rather than attacking you it will stare at you, if you are (dumb enough) to near it after this stare, it will trigger a chase sequence, where Estemmenosuchus will follow you rapidly and will only stop if you're outside it's aggro range, or Estemmeno is killed. Attack 1 - Left Mouse hold. If you click simply with left mouse, then Estemmenosuchus will just bite the foe, however, if you hold it, you'll see a meter charge up, as Estemmenosuchus holds up it's mouth and then clamps down it's jaws on the prey, holding them in place while attatched to it. Here we can see an example of it, an Estemmenosuchus infinetly clamping the force of 1000 suns down on a pegomastax, who f'd around and found out
  11. Coming to ark, the Thanahita Distos arrives. Spawn locations: red area of aberration, SW surface of aberration, wasteland of extinction, high orbit (lunar biome) of Genesis part 1, and Rockwell’s Profiliteration of Gen 2 Dossier: Common name: Thanahita Species name: Thanahita Distos Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: I saw the rare and deadly Thanahita Distos in the depths today, an encounter that caused me to nearly die. I learned of the toxic quills the hard way, which led to it being harder to see, constant bleeding due to an anticoagulant, my heart beating faster than ever, and a red haze around my head. While we had the reapers to help us, Tha Thanahita easily broke through it’s armor. Domesticated: While an act one could definitely call perilous, the Thanahita can be tamed by throwing a specialized grenade at an angry Thanahita. It’s rage can be funneled to destroy enemies, and it naturally can rip through reaper armor, making more aggressive tribes have a source of power. End of dossier Abilities: Left click, it bites the target in front of it, dealing 180 damage. Reight click, It shoots a quill at the creature near it, dealing 20 damage and the venom debuff. Passive: Strong mandibles: it’s bite attack is not affected by the armor of a reaper. Enragement: When at 10% health or less, it deals 2x the damage it normally does and takes 0.5x the damage it normally takes. Base stats: Health: 10,000 Stamina: 1,000 Oxygen, NO OXYGEN STAT, CAN BREATH UNDERWATER Food: 500 Movement speed: base of 5,000 Weight: 10,000 Taming: To knockout you need to throw a radiant grenade at it, dealing 1,000 torpor to the Thanahita. THE THANAHITA MUST BE ENRAGED TO DEAL TORPOR. New items: Venom: Used to craft some new items and when eaten gives the water the venom debuff Venom dart: crafted using 1 tranq dart, 3 metal, and 2 Venom, when shot through a longneck will deal 20 damage and give the target the venom debuff Radiant bomb:Crafted using 50 red gems, 20 congealed gas blobs, 50 metal, and 3 venom. When thrown deals 500 damage from the explosion to all creatures but an enraged Thanahita, also creates a cloud similar in size the the smoke of a smoke grenade but green and inflicts radiation poisoning. When thrown at an enraged Thanahita will deal 1,000 torpor. Thanahita saddle: crafted with 20 fungal wood, 50 red gems, 50 green gems, and 50 blue gems. Can be used to ride a Thanahita and looks like a Arthro saddle but larger and only on the head of the Thanahita. New Debuff: Venom, Temporarily lowers the vision of the target like Dilo venom but black instead of green and drains 50% of current health over 5 seconds, also creates a red haze near the head of those with the debuff, a person with the debuff will also be able to hear a heartbeat noise. All functions of the venom debuff lasts 5 seconds. The Thanahita Distos is as long as a Rex but as tall as a Carno. That is it for the creature submission,
  12. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Sarco Species: Sarcosuchus excubitor Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Patient Wild: Among the island's water-based threats, Sarcosuchus excubitor is a lot what you might expect from a giant crocodile: A patient killing machine. It spends much of its days lazily waiting in the water for prey to walk near. That said, it is not opposed to scurrying onto land and pressing the issue when hungry. A good tactic for escaping many predators is to jump into the water, as most are slow swimmers. This is a bad tactic for escaping a Sarcosuchus, obviously, as they are actually faster in the water than they are on land. Domesticated: Despite being river-dwelling creatures, Sarcosuchus seem quite at ease in the oceans. More than a few fishing communities use them as mounts simply to help fight off Megalodons, or to gain better access to the resources found within the reefs.
  13. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Procoptodon Species: Procoptodon vivencurrus Time: Plestiocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Reactive Wild: The first marsupial I've encountered on the island is the Procoptodon vivencurrus. Standing nearly three meters tall, it is also the largest jumping creature I've ever heard of. It is a fairly peaceful herbivore that only fiercely attacks if aggressed upon. One of Procoptodon's most unique features is its pouch. Unlike many pouched marsupials, Procoptodon's pouch is relatively dry, and has little in the way of sticky or oily fluids. I assume this is good for the joey, but I have not figured out exactly why yet... Domesticated: Procoptodon's dry pouch makes it an excellent beast of burden that can carry far more than other creatures of its size. But more importantly, many tribes use it as a two-seater transport by having a secondary rider nest in the pouch. Since this passenger doesn't have to worry about controlling the Procoptodon, the pouch-warrior can focus on firing his or her weapons.
  14. Name: Argentinosaurus Huiculensis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Territorial Dossier: Argentinosaurus is a tyrannosaurid sauropod accustomed to life among members of its own species, which means that it is more than prepared to face packs or groups of creatures that seek to disturb the peace of the enormous sauropod. Don't get to close if you don't want one of his legs on you. The Argentinosaurus Huiculensis specimen found on the ARK is slightly larger than usual, being the herbivore equivalent of the two largest predators on the ARK. Argentinosaurus has the ability to disarm coordinated attacks by dealing a strong whiplash with its tail to the enemy creature, causing enormous confusion and making it impossible to distinguish between a friendly creature and an enemy creature. Tameable: yes Rideable: yes Breedable: yes (same time as a Quetzal or Yuty) Abilities: -Primary attack: Just hit with one of his front legs (the leg who moves depends if the objective are at right or left) -Secundary Attack : Argentinosaurus will put in his back legs and charge a devastating hit with his front legs (while the creature is in his back legs he could move his body in 360° like the Spino) -"Pack predator counter" or special Attack : When two or more Argentinosaurus are in a same group the higher lever will be able to make a whip tail attack (like a pack leader buff) this will turn in a "rage effect" the first enemy predator that he hits for 10s, similar as the Giga Rage (this effect will make the Dino turn back and attack any thing in his visual camp, including ally creatures and riders, this ability was a cooldown of 80s). This "confusion" or "rage" effect can be activated on any carnivore creature. Armor: When Argentinosaurus gets a hit will auto activate his armor, this armor are the equivalent of a metal wall (hp10k). This very strong armor protect the Argentinosaurus from bleeding attacks and reduce the received damage in 20% (except proyectiles, explosives, turrets). This armor is an adaptation for his wild life style it means that his armor are not prepared for modern weapons. This armor can be destroyed/disabled with explosives and tek munition (turrets, tek rifles, tek grenades, etc). And only can be regenerated after 10min with no damage revived, if Argentinosaurus gets hit his armor regeration will stop. This armor could be represented as a blue light that covers the Argentinosaurus body with some shards of armor to complement the "illusion*of an armor Domesticated: To tame the Argentinosaurus fist we have to show our dominance. First we have to broke his armor, then reduce his health to 50% or less and then fire him with tranq darts until he gets unconscious, will need a great amount of it so prepare yourself. It is important to know that this creature needs to stay close to other Argentinosaurus for at least 1 hour every 48 hours, if these requirements are not met, the probability that the Argentinosaurus will not pay attention to your commands will increase. (commands such as attack, mate or follow) If this point is reached, it is enough to bring the Argentinosaurus closer to another member of its same species, after which a 2-hour countdown will appear, if the Argentinosaurus remains accompanied during this time it will once again be obedient to your orders. Saddle: (CONCEPT IN THE COMMENTS) Argentinosaurus platform saddle will count hit a protected "cabin" for the rider and a turret in the middle for the saddle that can be used by another survivor, this "cabin" protects the rider from being dismounted (as the Andrewsarchus). Can be learned at level 95 and will have a cap armor in 75 Wild lvl 1 and lvl 150 stats: HP: 5500 - 15000 aprox Stamina: 300 - 1200 aprox Oxigen: 400- 800 aprox Food: 6670 - 15700 aprox Weight: 800 - 2300 aprox Melee: 100 - 270 aprox Speed movement: 100 - 100
  15. Hello Ark survivors! This is the first time that I participate in a contest related to the creation of a video game character, and what better way to do it than with my favorite game: Ark Survival Evolved. Hope you like!! Description: The Lycaenops is a small-medium sized predator whose physiognomy and instinct make it an extremely successful option to explore in a versatile, complete and fast way. It is also a killing machine thanks to its jaw similar to that of a wolf and teeth that pierce even the deepest and most resistant layer of skin. They wound in such a lethal way that the prey deteriorates very quickly and due to its size, it has the ability to more effectively dodge attacks than a larger creature. SKILLS: The Lycaenops has two modes that can be toggled, explorer mode and predatory instinct. Explorer mode (DAY): This mode will take you by default when you mount it. -With the left click it will make a bite that will inflict damage. -With the right click it will make a scratch that will serve mostly to harvest the corpse of the victims in a much more effective way, although it will also do damage. -With the space bar you can jump in a run like many dinosaurs, although you can also charge a jump that will allow you to pounce between stones or not very large trees with great speed that will make the Lycaenops a very good option to explore, in addition to not will take fall damage while in scout mode. It should be noted that, even if the Lycaenops is in explorer mode, it can activate the predatory instinct, but if it is daytime when that happens, it will begin to make it sleepy quickly and it will gain unconsciousness until it falls asleep unless it is previously deactivated. If you fall asleep for this reason, you will wake up much faster than usual and unconsciousness will take you down at a great pace. Predatory Instinct (NIGHT): This mode can be toggled (deactivated or activated) between "Explorer Mode" with the "C" key, although it will automatically activate when it becomes night and deactivate when it becomes day. When activating this mode, the aura of the creatures will be seen passively, neutral creatures will be gray and aggressive ones will be red. Additionally, he will gain 20% movement speed. -Left-clicking will inflict a much deadlier bite than its daytime version, which will apply a percentage life drain effect to the victim's health as damage, and a percentage of that life drain will be reflected as health regeneration for the Lycaenops. -With the right click you can mark a creature as prey. By marking it as a target and after the combat has started, the rival will begin to lose energy as the fight goes by, and if the creature runs out of energy it will receive 10% more damage, also if the combat lasts more than 10 seconds, the Lycaenops will gain 1.5% damage reduction per second up to a maximum of 30%. -With the space bar you will make a normal jump, but if you have a marked target when jumping towards the prey, the jump will be much more ferocious and will have more range. The Lycaenops is the quintessential medium-sized predator due to its high damage and hunting qualities against its victims, but it lacks a large amount of health. Domestication: The Lycaenops works in herds, generally between 2 and 4 specimens, due to this and other factors the domestication of one of these predators is complicated: The only way to obtain a Lycaenops is by stealing a young from the female (in case that there is one in the herd) since it is not possible to domesticate a specimen in the traditional way. To achieve this we must establish a herd and verify that among them is a young Lycaenops walking. If so, the best thing to do is to get rid of the herd by killing it or make them face other creatures to divert their attention from the young. If there is a female in the herd, but there is no calf walking next to her, it is possible that it has not yet been born or that the female is pregnant and about to give birth, if it is the latter case, it is best to wait patiently for the female gives birth to the calf and then proceed with the aforementioned explanation. In any domestication scenario, the best way to get a calf is during the day because at those times the herd is resting, since the whole group is lurking at night and it can become a very complicated task to steal the calf.
  16. The megacerops is a prehistoric rhino closely related to a horse surprisingly, which has been found by many palaeontologists over the years. It had a pair of blunt horns unlike our present day rhinos. So why have another rhino in ark? Well the woolly rhino is well as the name suggests woolly so I think it would be nice to have a variety of non woolly and woolly rhinos and for right now the paracer is the only thing related to rhinos, like how ankylosaurs are related to stegosaurs, plus the game needs more mammals so I think this would be a great addition to ark. Size: the megacerops was 2.5m tall and 4.6m long compered to the woolly rhinos size being 1.6 tall and 4m long Sorry I could not find an accurate size comparison of the woolly rhino. here is some pictures of the megacerops. Taming method: to tame the megacerops you must sneak up behind it and feed it berries or superior, exceptional or extraordinary kibble then you have to ride it, hunt down and kill carnivorous creatures to gain trust (omnivores can work) and once you kill enough you have your very own megacerops. Abilities: the megacerops has a wide variety of ability's which is listed here below. (1) a standard headbutt. (2) a charge dealing high damage to players and dinos. (3) when the megacerops uses this ability it tilts its head close to the ground and starts running wile it does it scoops up rocks from the ground with its large horns and after 10 seconds a small bolder is formed (the bolder begins to form when you start the ability) that weighs down the megacerops but can be launched dealing high damage to players, dinos and structures, if you charge into a player, structure or dino the bolder will break and deal more damage than the standard charge (the larger the bolder the more damage it deals but the less range it has). (4) megacerops will slightly crouch while tilting its head to take further reduced damage to the head by 30%, making its total reduced damage 45% to the head when crouched. (5) megacerops will passively take reduced weight for metal, stone, obsidian, crystal, flint and rockets. (6) megacerops will passively take 15% reduced damage to the head from projectiles. (7) when lower than 20% Hp the megacerops goes on an adrenaline rush and gain red eyes similar to the gigas rage mode, which kicks the rider of and makes the megacerops take 20% reduced damage and deal 15% more damage. while active the megacerops will deal damage to you, your tribe and your allies if you get to close to the attacks but it will focus on taking down anything that deals damage to it. Farming: the megacerops is efficient at gathering wood, thatch, berries, fibber and fungal wood and is decant at gathering cactus sap, rare flower and rare mushroom. Saddle: the megacerops has a standard hide saddle as well as a metal saddle which has a rocket launcher attached to it. I hope you like my submission .
  17. I am not good at English, so there may be some strange sentences. Excuse me. (私は英語が苦手なため、おかしな文章があるかもしれません。すいません。) I propose "Fukuivenator", a dinosaur excavated in Japan. This dinosaur lived in Japan 127 to 115 million years ago, and is now considered a member of the primitive Therizinosaur. It also appears to have been more carnivorous than Therizinosaur. (私は、日本で発掘された恐竜「フクイヴェナトル」を提案します。この恐竜は、1億2700万年〜1億1500万年前の日本に生息しており、現在は原始的なテリジノサウルスの仲間とされています。テリジノサウルスよりも肉食傾向が強かったようです。) The actual length is said to be about 2.4m, but larger would be nice if adding to the ARK. (現実での全長は約2.4mだとされていますが、ARKに追加されるならば、私はもっと大きな方が良いと思っています。) wild (野生) Fukuivenator occurs mainly in grasslands and forests, but can also appear in snowy fields. They are fully feathered like Yutyrannus, and although larger than Raptor, Therizinosaur is slightly smaller than. (フクイヴェナトルは、主に草原や森林に現れますが、雪原にも現れることがあります。フクイヴェナトルはユウティラヌスのように全身が羽毛で覆われており、ユタラプトルよりは大きいですが、テリジノサウルスよりも少しだけ小さいです。) Fukuivenator is ferocious, but doesn't aggressively attack like other carnivores. However, it attacks from a farther distance than Therizinosaur. However, by equipping ghillie equipment, you can approach them unnoticed. However, if you touch them, they will notice you. In addition, it will be attacked by REX and Yutyrannus, but nullifies the terror roar of Yutyrannus and gains the same effect as the roar of ally Yutyrannus. (フクイヴェナトルは凶暴ですが、他の肉食生物のように積極的には襲ってきません。しかし、テリジノサウルスよりは遠くから襲ってきます。しかし、ギリー装備を装備することで、彼らに気付かれずに近付くことができます。ただし、触れてしまうと気付かれてしまいます。また、ティラノサウルスやユウティラヌスに襲われてしまいますが、ユウティラヌスによる恐怖の咆哮を無効化し、味方のユウティラヌスの咆哮による恩恵と同じ効果を得ます。) Taming (テイム) The Fukuivenator can be tamed by putting it in a coma. However, they are covered in feathers, which reduces bullet damage and negates the effects of Tranq Arrow and Tranquilizer Dart. Wooden Clubs and boomerang are effective, but not recommended. (フクイヴェナトルは昏睡させることでテイムすることができます。しかし、彼らは羽毛に覆われているため、弾丸によるダメージを軽減し、麻酔矢や麻酔弾の効果を打ち消してしまいます。棍棒やブーメランなどは効果がありますが、あまり推奨はできません。) The most effective way to put them into a coma is to feed them Narcoberry or Ascerbic Mushroom. They don't like Narcotic. It eats both fruit and Raw Meat, but prefers Raw Meat. His favorite bait is Exceptional Kibble. (彼らを最も効率よく昏睡させる方法は、ナルコベリーやアスセビック・マッシュルームを手渡すことです。麻酔薬では嫌がってしまいます。彼らはベリーも生肉も食べますが、生肉の方が好物です。最も好きな餌は超級キブルです。) After taming (テイム後) A Fukuivenator can be ridden by attaching a Saddle. They can gather the same types of materials as Therizinosaurus, but in lesser quantities. (フクイヴェナトルはサドルを付けることで騎乗することができます。採取することができる素材の種類はテリジノサウルスと同じですが、量は少ないです。) Left click : scratch (左クリック:引っ掻き) It has higher attack power than Therizinosaur. (攻撃力はテリジノサウルスよりも高いです。) Right Click : charge scratch (右クリック:溜め引っ掻き) It has more damage than left click and can make enemies bleed like the leader of Allosaurus. However, there is a certain cooldown time. (左クリックよりも攻撃力が高く、アロサウルスのリーダーように相手を出血させることができます。しかし、それなりのクールタイムが存在します。) Thatch C key : Bite (Cキー:噛みつき) You can collect a lot of Fiber, Thatch, Hide s and Pelt. (繊維やわら、皮や毛皮を多く採取することができます。) passive ability (パッシブ能力) Fukuivenator, like wild, reduces bullet damage, negates the effects of Tranq Arrows and Tranquilizer Dart, and cannot be put to sleep by them. Also, it doesn't bleed. In addition, just like in the wild, Yutyrannus terror roars are nullified and allied Yutyrannus roar benefits. Of course they are not afraid. (フクイヴェナトルは、野生の時と同じく弾丸によるダメージを軽減し、麻酔矢や麻酔弾の効果を打ち消し、それらによって眠ることがありません。また、出血することもありません。さらに、野生の時と同じく、ユウティラヌスによる恐怖の咆哮を無効化し、味方のユウティラヌスの咆哮による恩恵と同じ効果を得ます。もちろん、怯えることもありません。) If you think this creature is attractive, please vote for it! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! (この生物が魅力的だと思う人は、是非投票をお願いします!また、質問がある場合は、是非コメントをお願いします!)
  18. Common name: Eocarcharia Species name: Eocarcharia dinops Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: It's unknown if Eocarcharia hunted alone or in packs. Judging by its size (6-8m length) and fact that he is a Carcharodontosauridae there is a possbility they hunted in packs. Similar to Allosauruses, the Eocarcharias could wander in group of 3 members hunting small sauropods and hadrosaurs. Eocarcharias' fossils were found on Sahara, so they'd live on deserted areas of the map(s). Their bites would apply bleeding to their preys. Encyclopedia says Sarcosuchus might have been his potential enemy, so that could hint something? Bonus damage against crocodiles or something lol (no) Taming: Honestly, I am not sure. Most of lately added creatures have their own unique taming method. Maybe let's stay with knocking them out? Especially if they hunted in packs. Cannot think of something better at the moment uhh unless riding on them like on Equus (good luck) Domesticated: I swear I am trying to figure something out so it does not look like smaller Allosaurus copy...... Let's try to make them more mobile and fierce I wanna make them pack hunters as well but with small buffs so they are actually useful haha Abilities (While standing): LMB - Bite. RMB - Mega-Bite: The longer you hold button the more damage it does/the longer bleeding lasts. Applies bleeding. C - Roar: Would buff Damage of all Eocarcharias in pack. (Self included) (To do big damage) Abilities (While running): RMB - Lunge. Would perform a dash towards target enemy and apply the Mega-Bite. Maybe additionally slowing the target? I chose Lunge because they COULD NOT jump. C - Roar: Would buff Speed of all Eocarcharias in pack. (Self included) (To chase down the enemy) Eocarcharia could also increase it's running speed overtime and drift like Andrewsarchus. Army of Eocarcharias racing for kills! Additionally reduced weight for meat and hide (so they can hunt and hunt) (It's really hard to create a new mechanic for me because it's either already used or too complicated to program smh) It's one of my favorite less known dinosaurs. I'd love to see it getting some love from people. We do not have too much information on this dinosaur, but I managed to find something on various wikis. Also the name sounds cool B) I had fun making this one - my first submission! Enjoy ^^
  19. Nyctereutes Donnezani (Raccoon dog) Nyctereutes Donnezani is an extinct relative of the Raccoon Dog. -Nocturnal -Glowing eyes -Foragers _seeds, eggs, -Great swimmers can dive for meals -Usually seen in pairs or small groups -Mews when friendly and growls when frightened -Omnivore -Short-Tempered -Can have rabies -Capable of living with humans Wild: Nyctereutes is among one of the few omnivores found in this area. Nyctos means "night" and ereuna means "seeking." These creatures are nocturnal and are normally seen in pairs or small groups. Can hear them ‘mewing’ to each other at times as a sort of friendly banter. Usually not aggressive but will growl to warn off danger. Can become protective and territorial of other Nyctereutes. Aggressive when in danger. Stubby like stature means this creature has slower mobility, but still has a ferocious bite - careful of getting infected with rabies! Damage is doubled in packs. Have multiple coats, allowing them to survive in a massive array of temperatures. They can be found in swampy, marsh areas or in the freezing cold and here they will have a light-colored coat to camouflage from predators. Can be found burrowed underground, in caves, or foraging in trees. If survivor builds crops near a Nyctereutes, they will aggro and destroy the nearby plots if not properly protected and/or steal crop products (berries, fruit, veggies). Domesticated: Like most creatures, Nyctereutes do not seek out human interaction. However, they are capable of living with humans and even becoming a loyal companion. Are small enough to be a shoulder mount. With glowing eyes and ears, they are a great source of charge light. Despite being small and stocky, Nyctereutes are great divers and foragers - bringing back items for the survivor such as seeds, eggs, fish, crops, etc. Taming Ideas: • With pelt - large amounts, passively dropping (similar to Gacha) or maybe through tranquillizing using pelt in inventory to keep them warm and torpor high (but will become aggressive when tranqed and aggro nearby Nyctereutes, multiplying rabies risk) torpor would drain quickly • With fertilized Beelzebufo eggs, passively May become hostile, but will not do much damage and will not affect taming effectiveness. Will eventually become passive until next “feeding” • Not tame-able with kibble • Only tame-able at night (nocturnal) • Nyctereutes found in snowy regions will be hibernating and have to be lured out by means of nearby veggies planted in an accessible crop plot. Once lured, they will be available to tame. Possible Abilities: - Can pickpocket items - Infecting intruders with Rabies - Inventory capable of crafting simple or basic kibbles or just used for large storage/refrigeration - Enhance survivor's Fortitude - Night-vision - Charge light - Can make jerky with correct ingredients. However, is able to eat meat. These are just my ideas so feel free to give your opinions/ideas ❤️ IRL info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyctereutes_donnezani Used Ark Dossier Editable Template in Photoshop with toggled icons (taming and size reference) All artwork is my own - drawn in Procreate {chaoticxcoop}
  20. The Pontolis is an extinct pinniped which can be found in groups, basking on the large beaches, or swimming around the shallows. Males of the species are larger and very territorial, they will fight each other in the wild. Females are smaller, have a different pattern, no tusks, and cannot be ridden. Basically these guys would be an early game water mount. Not terribly strong, you don't really want to be fighting with these guys, but great for getting around reasonably safely. If something big attacks then you can buff your defence and stun them to flee. They can be kept on land which makes keeping them safe easier in the early game. Mid/late game their use is more for their agility and speed than strength, and the fact that you can shoot while riding them. In the Wild Can be found on the large beaches along the south and west of Ragnarok, basking in large groups. The males are larger and have two pairs of tusks. The strongest male will have an 'alpha' glow and will fight all other wild males in the area. When attacked males will fight back. Females are smaller and will flee when attacked. They can also be found swimming in the shallows. Tamed Only males can be ridden. Form a pack (harem). A pack can only have one male, who will have the 'alpha' glow, and up to 6 females. Each additional female gives a small boost to all the pack's defence. They are very clumsy on land, but extremely quick and agile in the water, able to swim in all directions similar to how a tapejara can fly. Male's melee attack is a slash that causes bleed. Female's melee attack is a headbutt which stuns creatures and causes them to lose aggro (builds stun on large creatures like a yuty's courage roar) allowing you to flee. Males can 'bellow' to buff the pack's defence and speed. Can shoot from the creatures back. Taming Method You need to fight them to reduce their hp to <10%, at which point they can be tamed by feeding similarly to a Moschops. You can only tame the alpha male when there are no other males in the area. Abilities Left Click - bite (inflicts bleed) Right Click - bellow (buffs defence and speed of pack) Pontolis has very low oxygen drain, allowing it to stay underwater for long periods. Player character oxygen drain is greatly reduced while riding the Pontolis. Appearance Similar to a modern day walrus, but much bigger and males have two pairs of tusks. Males are larger, covered in scars and have different markings. Generally they are a mixture of browns, greys and dark blues.
  21. MACHAIRODUS Species: Machairodus Time: Late Miocene Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: Similar to the Ark’s Smilodon brutalis, the Machairodus is a large species of saber-toothed cat that dwells in the mountainous biomes of Ragnarok. They are much larger in size, however, amounting closer to the mass of a Shadowmane instead. Machairodus also tend to hunt in packs of up to five. This powerful big cat possesses a pounce-and-tackle ability much like the Thylacoleo to survivors and even other small dinosaurs. It is pointless to attempt to overpower a pack with a larger, stronger dinosaur, however, as the larger a predator is, the more the Machairodus' primal spirit boosts their attack damage. Pack Alphas drop their teeth, a special ingredient used in their taming process. Tamed: In similar behavior to their wild counterparts, Machairodus are able to pounce onto unsuspecting survivors and small-medium dinosaurs. However, once tamed, the Alpha of the pack gains the ability to pounce onto larger dinosaurs and attach to them for as long as their stamina allows. During this time, the Alpha is able to inflict heavy bleed damage with a special "shredding attack" that deals immense amounts of damage. Additionally, as long as the Alpha is grappled, its packmates deal increased damage with a stacking bleed effect if being ridden. It's "primal spirit" feature is included in its tamed variant, making it a swell counter to the Ark's largest carnivores… especially the infamous giganotosaurus; arch enemy of this vicious, apex pack feline. The feature increases the amount of damage dealt to larger creatures and also offers a climbing damage reduction the higher the damage dealt to the machai is. It is heavily reliant on pack bonus, however. Taming: To tame these beasts of a feline, survivors must first gather Machairodus teeth from killing prides of them, only the Alpha of which drops its teeth. It is important to kill the whole pride, however, as remaining Machais will linger by their Alpha's body, making it difficult to dismount and retrieve the teeth from its inventory. Once a survivor has gathered enough teeth (provided they are high enough of a level), they will be able to craft a special weapon that is required for taming the large feline. A survivor must approach the pack on foot and allow themselves to get pounced by the pack's Alpha. They must have their crafted weapon equipped to their last slot for the tame to initiate, however. Once pounced, and provided the weapon is properly equipped, survivors will need to succeed through a series of dodges and counter attacks until the Alpha retreats into a state of "temporary respect." During this stage, the survivor must capture the Machairodus they wish to tame using a net projectile. After it is trapped, the rest of the pack will begin attacking and must all be killed. Only then will the trapped Machairodus fully gain the survivor's trust, though it will not yet be fully tamed. To build its taming effectiveness, survivors must offer a tamed sacrifice to be devoured by the Machairodus. The larger the creature and the higher its level will determine how high its effectiveness will turn out. Appearance: This tank of a cat boasts robust shoulders rippling with sheer muscle. Towards the rear they lean out, giving them less weight to support when latching onto larger creatures. Two scarily long canine fangs curve elegantly from their mouths, perfect for dealing damage and key to survivors for defending against them long enough to tame one. A short, spiky mane lines their back, ending at a short nub of a tail. Their rosetted pelts assist in blending in with their surroundings. Extra: I've created this concept primarily as a hardened giga counter. It's a much needed addition in my opinion, as even with the arrival of the carcha the giga has no true rival. Nothing matches its raw damage, and in typical PvP bases it's the most used dino for sheer power. In most battles between dinos it's just a matter of who's giga rages first or gets the most bites in. I think that the addition of the Machairodus would provide an even challenger for the giga, even if only in packs. In stereotype, the giganotosaurus is supposed to be the biggest and the baddest. So, a creature that only amounts to its power (but definitely amounts to it nonetheless) in packs, and with effects like an insane pack bonus and stacking bleed, seems like a reasonable counter to me. They would need a tanky amount of health to survive a giga long enough to kill it; something a lot of creatures lack. It would either not have a saddle period with such high health, or have an optional saddle for pure armor value to survive its rival's brute strength. It would be a late-game tame with a level limit on the weapon needed for its taming mechanic, meaning there would be limited speed-running to tame it. It's different and difficult method of taming altogether evens out for how strong of a creature it would be in general. The fact that it might not have a saddle or have an optional saddle unlocked at a later level would somewhat balance the amount of damage large packs would deal. I just really want to see people use something else for raw power in the game besides gigas, or to have something actually capable of killing them. Please consider the Machairodus, or offer ideas that you think might refine it!
  22. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Liopleurodon Species: Liopleurodon Magicus Time: Mid-Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Patient Wild: Liopleurodon Magicus is a mid-sized ocean predator. Typically between 20 and 25 feet long, it mostly hides within the reefs, waiting to ambush prey that swims by. Due to its low acceleration and medium speed, Liopleurodon tends not to chase prey that escape its initial devastating chomp attack. The species on the island almost seems, to be magical. The reptiles skin secretes an oil that, when absorbed through skin contact, makes the rider process oxygen more efficiently for extreme diving. When traveling the ocean for resources Liopleurodon will show you the way. Domesticated: Neither the fastest swimmer, nor the most powerful ocean predator, Liopleurodon still has its uses for those wanting to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Many tribes use Liopleurodon for long duration oil-and-oyster harvesting trips. Often, those who don't believe in the Liopleurodons qualities are shunned.
  23. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Therizinosaur Species: Therizinosaur Multiensis Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild: I’m not entirely sure how Therizinosaur Multiensis stays populated on the island. It is surprising slow for it’s size, and is a solitary creative (so no pack to back it up). I suppose the fact that it’s sheer power rivals Tyrannosaurus us the only thing that allows this very aggressive medium-sized herbivore to thrive on the island. The claws of Therizinosaur are some of the most versatile biological tools I’ve encountered, as adept at removing trees and foliage from Therizinosaur path as they are at piercing the thick shells and hide of the island’s most defensive creatures if backed into a fight. Domesticated: A tamed Therizinosaur is one of the most versatile mounts a survivor can have. It can be trained to use it’s claws brutally or delicately, allowing the rider to primarily harvest the specific kinds of resources that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme of resource that he or she needs, with abnormally extreme efficiency. And in combat, these same claws can piece straight through. The toughest armor. This flexibility more than makes up for it’s inability to carry the large loads of the islands many herbivorous pack beasts.
  24. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common name: Allosaurus Species: Allosaurus Therotribus Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressively Social Wild: Smaller but faster than tyrannosaurus, larger but slower than Carnotaurus, Allosaurus Therotribus is the island's resident pack-hunting theropod. While most aggressive theropods are relatively solitary creatures, Allosaurus lives in groups of 3-4. One Allosaurus is the alpha, while the others are its mates or a beta male. Like humans find value in forming a tribe, the Allosaurus has evolved to hunt in packs. Its saw-shaped teeth leave its prey bleeding and maimed, making escape difficult. Once an Allosaurus slows a creature with its cutting bite, the rest of its pack quickly close in for the kill. Domesticated: Not everyone thinks a tamed Allosaurus is ideal. Those who value speed generally tame Carnotaurus, while those who value raw stopping power tame Tyrannosaurus. However, Riders of Allosaurus tend to value the utility of its Alpha pack status, which along with its bleed-inducing attacks and relative mobility, can effectively turn the tide of a combined arms battle.
  25. Jatheish


    From the album: Dossiers

    Common Name: Dodo Species: Raphus replicare Time: Late Holocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Oblivious Wild: Raphus replicare (more commonly known as the Dodo Bird) is quite possibly the dumbest creature I've ever seen in my life. It wanders around the beaches of the island, eating berries off bushes and being eaten by all manner of carnivore. Without the Dodo the whole Island's food chain would disintegrate. This subspecies of the Dodo has developed an unbelievably clever way to sustain itself: they mate constantly. I'm fairly convinced that they reach full maturity within a week of being born. This is the only trait keeping them populous on the island. Domesticated: There is almost no reason to domesticate a Raphus replicare. It cannot carry enough to be a beast of burden, it does not provide much food, and it's too stupid to show companionship. I suppose it could work as a last-ditch food source, though.
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