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  1. Nethiuz

    Game freezing issues

    Same, it's ok in the base as soon as I leave it's constant freezing and locking up. AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen and 1080Ti on SSD.
  2. Nethiuz

    2019 Valentine's Event End Time

    Still going on PC. It's completely stuffing up my breeding plans as I don't want to raise things on 3x then get a 1x imprint. Ugh just pick a time, inform your customers.
  3. Nethiuz

    Pve Decay Timer

    Get yourself tribemates if you're going to go away for any period.
  4. Nethiuz

    Dino Gate Help

    Adolescent can fit too. The adults used to fit always but they patched out a bigger hitbox a while back.
  5. Nethiuz

    Element Dust Gacha

    They aren't so worth it on EXT. but transferring to servers where ele is hard to get. They come in real handy.
  6. Nethiuz

    Transfer char not working

    Yep you got a dupe, it's common. Just go another server and download character. You'll get two
  7. Nethiuz

    Element Dust Gacha

    Tamed one today.. But rare. Clone them, very cheap! 55 element for my lvl 95 I cloned it today.
  8. Nethiuz


    TEK skin on the giga Taxidermy... It will make it huge. Same with rex.
  9. Nethiuz

    Anky melee = more metal?

    Basically once you 1 hit nodes you're going backwards unless you get to over 1k melee then hello...
  10. Nethiuz

    OC PVE 392

    Oh for the love of God or if you're atheist like me for the love of raptoring sanity! MOVE OUR DAMN SERVER TO ANOTHER HOST OR BOX OR FARM!!! There is two OC PVE SE servers, ours 392, and 98. Unfortunately we are all set up (5 large tribes) and don't want to move. CONSTANT raptorING LAG!!!!!!!!!!! The lag seems much less on 98, but it's already got established people, probably almost capped, we don't want to move. Please move our raptoring server to wherever the hell they are hosted. It's unplayable! YES all of our players report daily on the server is a piece of crap online form! Nothing!