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  1. I believe the location and info of untamed creatures is deleted, weather and time of day.
  2. Dodos only drop feathers after a size of 3.5, and they are pretty rare, but despawn in 30min, so it is possible to afk and check every 29 min for feathers.
  3. Crystal isles became a sponsored mod, as well as the Valguero map, but I don’t think that they will be coming soon to the main game, due to crystal isles having lag issues and Valguero not being finished.
  4. How much torpor does the player actually need to have to get knocked out? Because I always get knocked out at only 80/200.
  5. Griffin taming is meant to take really long, as it’s THE endgame creature. But I believe it shouldn’t take that long. Are u using balm?But IMO, it takes far too long to tame.
  6. My only complaint is that once it’s daytime, they are basically incapacitated. Apart from that, it’s my favorite Dino BTW, I used a bary to tame mine. It can’t be picked up an you can shoot from the back.
  7. Will you still be able to get balm from tributing? If so, which ones will be btainable from tributing?
  8. I mainly use imprinted megalosaurus at night, but also an imprinted baryonyx for the hunter swamp and central caves. For the lava cave, I just run it naked and the skylord, I have built bridges to cross the falls. I haven’t done the hard ice cave yet, but I’ll use an arthro, as they are not targeted by cave creatures.
  9. Today, I tried to tame a titan and I failed... Of course. It killed one of my quetz and then I killed it using canon balls. Flying pirate style. Good XP, tho. Went to dead island to lvl up my 200 Rex and fought 2 lvl 100 alpha carnos... Also meat and metal run.
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