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  1. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Our explorations are expanding. Lots of terrain to cover. [LOG_TRANSMIT] And it's not all solid ground. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-07 [LOG_RECEIVE] Swamps, lava, mountains, craters -- [LOG_RECEIVE] Blazing a trail is hard work here. [LOG_RECEIVE] The trick is to interact with the "trail" as little as possible. FLYING VEHICLE CONFIRMED?!?!
  2. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] We've taken a turn toward the nautical. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Not surprising -- it's a big ocean. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-06 [LOG_RECEIVE] Ocean explorers are always scanning the horizon, [LOG_RECEIVE] hoping to cry "land ho!" when they discover a new land. [LOG_RECEIVE] And if you can't find a new land, you've got to make one yourself. Sounds to me like the dock is a larger raft with more for space for building. The normal raft also allows building, but the dock seems like it's taken that and cranked it up
  3. This is called a dock. From what I've gathered it's like a raft on steroids.
  4. GUYS I JUST REALIZED!!! - So I was looking back at those mysterious transmissions that Ê€2Š(¥ËÌY has been putting out, when I realized just how [LOG_RECEIVE] speaks throughout them. With Genesis chronicles just having been released, I now realize that there's only one character that would speak like that - HLN-A!!! [LOG_RECEIVE] isn't just something to do with HLN-A or it's creation - [LOG_RECEIVE] IS HLN-A!!! It all makes sense - those weird messages [LOG_RECEIVE] has been making were her observations of survivors and other things within the Genesis simulation. HLN-A is in the
  5. Based off the message that comes with the image and just the look of these objects themselves, I'm guessing this is some kind of new tek weapon or device.
  6. Honestly I think there's just not enough information at the moment to conclusively know the premise of Genesis. If you recall at the end of Extinction, the last thing our character did was get their implant removed. Then, in the Genesis trailer, the first thing our character did was inspect their arm to find no implant. Then, at the very end of Extinction, you have the scene we know for a fact shows Aberration having crashed after the reseed protocol. If Genesis really does take place before Extinction (and the reseed protocol), then why even keep that scene in the game if it thereby has no re
  7. I pretty much agree with all of this. Also, here's the notes themselves: LAVA CAVE: "Take a look at this. Its a bit of flash that the other survivors must've missed. Good thing you've got ol' HLN-A following you around, right? There's a reason I'm following you around. My creator, Helena, used to be a survivor like you. If I observe you, maybe i can understand her better." SOUTH CAVE: "It fascinates me how you survivors find your own solutions to problems. Stranded in a strange land with no tools? Just punch the trees! I never would have guessed that's effective. Can't wait to
  8. Genesis chronicles just got released on all platforms
  9. Me: Kills Dodo with a spear, cooks it, and eats it. Everyone else in the DNA cloning lab:
  10. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Rumors everywhere. The bog has a boogeyman. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Today's rumors are tomorrow's folk tales. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-05 [LOG_RECEIVE] We find the lucky ones trapped in giant webs. [LOG_RECEIVE] But we find the unlucky ones as corpses, drained of blood. [LOG_RECEIVE] Unluckiest of all are the ones we never find. Given the above text, I assume that this is some spider creature that spits webs and lives in bogs (hence they say "The bog has a boogeyman"). It seems that if you get trapped in it's web,
  11. Red Beacon Drop: *Lands* Me: Red Beacon Drop: *Contains nothing but blueprints for a compass and crop plot* Me:
  12. Waiting for Genesis chronicles be like
  13. According to this, Genesis chronicles should start sometime around the 11th. That's so far away...
  14. *Nearly a week later with still no Genesis chronicles* Me: *furiously pounds fists on desk* WHERE'S - MY - GENESIS - CHRONICLES!!!
  15. Never mind what I said earlier about it being an eggshell, I read the ARG and I'm now like 99.9% sure it's the fishing net they were talking about here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fishing_Net_(Genesis)
  16. I thought we were going to get some more voice lines from HLN-A. Though given they say "Survivors with the cosmetic HLN-A will find some explorer notes provide a glimpse of what to expect in the forthcoming Genesis expansion", I guess there's still a possibility that if you collect these special explorer notes with HLN-A equipped, she may say something special. As for the new thing they just teased with that third transmission, it's late where I am so I don't have time to translate the text next to it right now, though someone else is more than welcome to do that. For now it looks to me like s
  17. The Sunken Forest on Extinction was most likely a prototype version of Aberration before it sunk into the ground, similar to how the other two domes are prototypes of SE and the snow biome on the Island. Hence, the proto-Aberration might have housed the (man-made) reapers and rock drakes we end up seeing in the official Aberration, similar to how the desert dome houses the morellatops, a SE creature. So, when that proto-Aberration sunk into the ground, it must have taken down the shield surrounding it, allowing the reapers and rock drakes within to escape into the wastelands. This would explai
  18. I dunno, Epic ARK isn't really a clickbait channel. I mean, it might be possible to fake this if you got into ARK's files (ARK is an online game and Extinction is an official map, though, right? Which is why I say might), but whether someone would actually have the nerve to fake it in the first place is a different matter. All his other 170 videos from the past 2 years are legit and focus on cinematics and mods rather than clickbait. And it's not like his channel is in any sort of decline that would have him fake this for publicity, either. As he said himself, it would be stupid of him to kill
  19. To me this looks like either some sort of sentry turret with cameras or just a camera.
  20. So Epic Ark was getting a lot of skepticism in the comments of this first video, from me and even from Cedric (https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded/status/1176200340066037760). So to prove it was legit, he made this second video containing "raw footage" of a new image: Here's where things get interesting: there a couple of other people both in the comments of the vids and on twitter that have reported seeing the same images! (https://twitter.com/Supertotoo/status/1176227974632345600) This leads me to believe that these images are indeed real. That being said, here's my take on the
  21. When your parents won't buy you Scorched Earth
  22. When your parents won't buy you ARK
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