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  1. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Status: intact -- despite the destruction around me. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Try to keep the violence at acceptable levels. Does this mean that Genesis could possibly have some multiplayer capabilities?
  2. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Status: intact -- despite the destruction around me. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Try to keep the violence at acceptable levels. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-09 [LOG_RECEIVE] Explosive munitions are a staple in warfare, [LOG_RECEIVE] But there's an obvious problem: [LOG_RECEIVE] How to ensure they explode "there," not "here." I believe this is the actual transmission for the guided missile launcher.
  3. Here are all the most recent notes: "Who made this Ark so bloody hot? I swear the heat is making me dizzy. And I’m a hologram! You must be burning up! Wait, I get it! It’s your clothes, innit? You drape different things over your torso and whatnot depending on whether it’s hot or cold. That’s brilliant! ...but it won’t work for me, more’s the pity. Well, we better get used to the heat -- there’s a lot of it in our future." "I just discovered something curious. The minds that made the Arks used them to test some of the critters that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation. My
  5. Some of the descriptions of the official trailers for the revealed Genesis stuff has some extra info that I don't think was mentioned in the stream: Cruise Missile: "Want to send someone a message? With a remote-controlled shoulder missile that can be written on, you’re able to do that quite literally. If that message doesn’t go through, feel free to hop on the missile for a ride and deliver it in person!" Fishing Net: "If you're looking to fish on-the-go and don't have time to take a seat, the Fishing Net in ARK: Genesis will come in handy. The Fishing Net is a one-time use item tha
  6. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Conflict is on the rise. We've had to get inventive. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-08 [LOG_RECEIVE] Handles and latches are aces... [LOG_RECEIVE] When you've got a free hand. [LOG_RECEIVE] But it's "handy" to let your feet contribute, too. It's pretty obvious that this is the pressure plate from the stream.
  7. When you spend months preparing to fight a boss but enter the fight and die in 5 minutes:
  8. ARK Genesis is yet another DLC from Wildcard ARK Genesis has creatures and biomes we’ve seen in some way before ARK GENESIS HAS A LUNAR BIOME
  9. The arrival is mentioned is in the Genesis trailer ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgmk9MGoQtY ) at 0:33 when Helena says "The arrival is soon". Hope that helps
  10. Now for a bit more lore-based stuff... From what we can tell, the simulation includes at least a volcanic, ocean, snow, bog, and lunar biome. The lunar biome is the most interesting one to me. As the devs briefly mention in the stream ( 0:38 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wDHW8Il9ng), the lunar biome isn't just some random group of rocks, but the remains of a "broken moon" orbiting some planet. Hmmm, now where have we seen a broken moon before? Obviously I don't think the lunar biome we play isn't in the simulation, since the planet shown in the trailer looks more like a g
  11. Genesis stream showcase (last one!): Lunar biome and Astrocetus The lunar biome is a group of space rocks that has low gravity and oxygen vents the survivor needs to survive since the biome has a low atmosphere. The vents can also be used to launch yourself into...space, much like the geysers from Extinction's desert dome. It's day-night cycle is like Aberration's, but with a less...gradual shift into fiery chaos. Of course, there will be safe havens for this event, like rocks or spires. My word of advice is if it's blocking the sun, it's safe to hide behind to avoid melting. The Ast
  12. Genesis stream showcase: Moeder An ocean-based mother eel mini-boss that resides in an ocean cave. You will have to fight her projectile-shooting baby eels to get to her. The fight itself apparently involves a light of cool light effects.
  13. Genesis stream showcase: Biome-specific reskins There will be volcanic, snow, bog, and ocean variants for the normal creatures. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Genesis#/media/File:Biome-Specific_Reskins_Concept_Art.jpg (actual image wasn't pasting for some reason )
  14. Genesis stream showcase: Bloodstalker That "Hexapod" creature from the 4th mysterious mystery, the bloodstalker is a giant spider-like creature that can shoot webs to either trap prey and reel them in so it can drink its blood, or swing from surface to surface like a living grappling hook. He can float while falling, walk on water, give a boost to the vision of it's rider to help find targets, and can climb on walls. If a player pulls out a weapon while riding it, the bloodstalker will go into "sentry mode", where it stands upright to help the player aim better. The only disadvantage I se
  15. Genesis stream showcase: Tek shoulder cannon An element-fueled tek cannon that goes on your shoulder. It can be equipped via the shied slot and is compatible with all other armor. It can be enabled/disabled via an option in the interact menu and once activated can have it's preferences changed via whistling as if it were a creature. It also can have it's preferences changed as if it were an automatic turret. It will automatically detect enemies that the player cannot. It comes in three modes: a standard-fire mode, a rapid-fire mode that causes the thing to overheat when used for too long,
  16. Genesis stream showcase: Mining drill A super-harvester that runs on gasoline. Clicking and holding the fire button will enable you to harvest large quantities of resources from trees, rocks, corpses, etc. Holding down the button for too long, however, will cause it to overheat and become useless for a short time, and also damage it's durability.
  17. Genesis stream showcase: Fishing net Swing it like a bola and launch it at fish to capture them, then reel it in to get an amount of meat that depends on the amount of fish caught and their size. The more fish you catch per load, however, the harder it becomes to reel it in, with a possibility the fish may even escape. There is also a chance you will catch some low-tier loot.
  18. Genesis stream showcase: Pressure plate, Tek alarm system, and Tek jump pad All three of these items are customizable. The pressure plate can be linked to "other items, like traps etc", which I assume could be stuff like doors or automatic turrets. For example, if a player tries to infiltrate your base and steps on the plate, it will trigger the doors to close/lock and the turrets to target the infiltrator. The plate can also be adjusted so that it triggers when only certain things step on it. The tek alarm system, or that "sentry" from the 2nd mysterious mystery, is similar, but it doesn
  19. Genesis stream showcase: Tek Remote Guided Missile and Tek cruise launcher These are pretty self-explanatory: shoot the missile from the launcher, get put into missile-vision, guide missile to target (creatures will be highlighted), kill/destroy target. (Note: I'm not actually 100% sure if the missile launcher is the same item from mysterious transmission #5 pictured above, but they do look kind of similar)
  20. Genesis stream showcase: Ocean platform That "dock" structure from the 6th mysterious transmission. As it turns out, it's actually stationary, essentially a floating island. It has a large open space in the middle for either more foundations or a pen for sea creatures. The platform comes in two variants - the smaller wooden version or the bigger metal version. (Note: top picture shows wooden version, bottom one shows metal version)
  21. Genesis stream showcase: Magmasaur The Magmasaur is another creature seen in the trailer. This creature is a bit more simple: It can eat literally anything, but stuff like oil, gas, and propellant will satiate it more. The Magmasaur can then take this food and if necessary turn it into fiery projectiles that it shoots out of it's back (at the cost of some food). The saddle for it doubles as a heat shield, protecting the rider from the extreme heat of the volcanic hellscape and enabling them to ride the Magmasaur through lava. Finally, when raw metal is put in the Magmasaur's inventory it
  22. Not to mention the fact that the official description of Genesis states that it's "a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK". To me I think that means that the Island through Extinction was the first chapter, and now our character is continuing the story with a sequel storyline, or second chapter.
  23. Genesis stream showcase: Ferox Being what is probably going to be one of Genesis's most iconic creatures, the Ferox is that adorable four-armed creature from the trailer. According to the devs, it is by default a shoulder pet that will keep the player warm and also help them locate element. If it happens to consume element, however (and it CRAVES the stuff), it will essentially turn into a rideable battle tank for a short time, with a variety of different attacks. And the more it damages enemies, the more it builds towards an ultimate attack, which is when the Ferox does a ground slam tha
  24. ...Maybe it implies that we play as some test subject from a test tube, like on the ARKs, but designed for the Genesis simulation? I don't know.
  25. Also, I've figured out that Mysterious Mysteries comes out every 6 to 8 days, though the latest three mysteries have come out every 7 days on the dot.
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