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  1. Glad to see the basilisk is getting eyes but the pelagornis still doesn't have a face
  2. No colours no new skins and no change in the breeding rate hyped for nothing another fail
  3. I'd just like to see turrets buildable on platform saddles again in pve
  4. I'm not sure why there's a counter at all on pve. Just remove them same with transfer timers
  5. Extinction kiting remove corrupted structure damage on pve If you arent goin to fix the kiting problem on extinction then change the corrupted until you do. I've had 3 friends bases destroyed in the last couple days. A kiter known on all ps4 pve facebook groups is still active making his rounds on extinction servers. 1030 was hit yesterday and 991 today. His tribe is just one of dozens of kiter tribes. They travel from server to server teleporting gigas into peoples bases (no it's not fixed on extinction shut your tps off) and reap the rewards without consequence. Fix the corrupted until
  6. My 225 Ferox lost 75 levels when I gave it element then it was killed by anti mesh when shrinking down in snow biome. X=-337345.406 Y=201966.828 Z=-28247.0211
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