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  1. Good job. It was only delayed 8 hours. On pc. Now pleas release this for console
  2. It's a shame that I don't have ark on pc. These mods look awesome
  3. I started playing on an unofficial pve server on Thursday. Today I tamed an argent and a thyla. Now I'm working on grinding to make a big base to fit bigger tamed.
  4. While some of the changes seem a little bit trivial, just be happy that it hasn't been delayed yet and there's only ~3 weeks left.
  5. Yay they actually added another cool tek creature after the slightly underwhelming tek raptor and the downright disappointing tek pararsaur. I was hoping theyd add this or the mosa instead of the trike and for once wildcard has failed to disappoint me.
  6. I know the tek trike will probably be the next one but I'd love to see the tek mosa or quetzal.
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