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  1. I agree here. I have a large yard and have had to build cubes to keep wild spawns out and excessive boulders and trees out that showed up a year after I enclosed the yard.
  2. Devs, you seem to be ignoring one very valuable use of pillering: to protect valuable spawn areas that everyone uses. When a player builds on a high resource area then everyone loses out. We are not claiming land, we are trying to protect it.
  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Some great stuff surfaced this year, some of it actually slipped past me so thank you tremendously for featuring it here. What a delight. My your content continue to increase and your non tameable bugs be eradicated as you continue to grow.
  4. GAH I am in my base and a therizino spawns INSIDE my crowded base and almost kills my wyvern before I can get to it and kill it. I thought you guys fixed this!!!! Wilds are NOT still supposed to be spawning inside bases. SHEESH! If I hadn't been right there................... OH and I took one of my hand fed Q's out and only flew her to my sea pen to check it and back and I RAN OUT of stamina. The sea pen is right next to my base............Really? You guys DO realize that we can't recharge our Q's from the air means we have to land our Q's to recharge............. A Q on the ground is completely helpless............It CAN'T fight. If it is out of stamina it can't fly away if it lands near, oh, let's say a pack of troodons that will prevent it from ever building stamina, or even compys. A Q can't fight while landed and will be slaughtered by anything from bugs to whatever is near. This is game breaking. My sea base which was right next door and I ran out of stamina before getting back to where I took off. How am I gonna fly around and feed? After over a year and over 4 thousand hours playing, this may be it. You have made the game unplayable. I cannot maintain what I DO have let alone get my counts down enough to even consider taming or breeding again. IT was a nice run but you have made it impossible.
  5. I am enjoying a lot of the sound edits and I hate to be negative about so much but PLEASE give us our T Rex roar back. All the reverb is gone. They sound like they are roaring from under water. Having my rex roar was one of those "Wow, how cool" moments in the game and you took that away too. No insult to whatever the process was that made the decision to make them sound like a lizard hissing from under a puddle........but, I am respectfully pleading for that awesome RAWR to come back.
  6. Welp, if your goal was to balance things I think you achieved that. Now all my flyers are as obsolete as my mammoths.
  7. Is there a way to check if your question was addressed in a prior digest? I would like to know if I should resubmit or not. Thank you ;D
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