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  1. I'd like to lodge a complaint against the foo for being a newb. That is all 


    ~ Sincerly Cass of Server 602 

  2. thats alot of snow... Does not seem right for the hidden valley to be snow too...
  3. We found a new use for Compies.
  4. I think we might be at risk for an overload...
  5. GrillMaster has been born, your raw meats will quake in their juices.
  6. wtb digest responses. Over a month now.
  7. Glad to see the ARK devs take a good step towards fighting hackers. I hope BE lives up to the demands ARK will put upon it. As TRH said, will be an ongoing coding arms race. Now maybe Nubsly won't have to copy his 'report hackers' post quite as often.
  8. waits patiently in line for the Digest to come out. (visits tent next door for some Dino Chow, Dodo is hungry ...again)
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