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  1. VicRattlehed

    Its been awhile

    Hey folks, i recently got a itch to come back to ark after taking awhile off (my son saw a video with the dinos and thought it was amazing) but my question is how are the procedurally generated arks doing now? Last i was around they were still buggy and there was a warning any update could wipe them out. On xbox.
  2. VicRattlehed

    PVE Titano egg collecting

    Awesome, thank you. I was wondering what kind of a baseline to use :-D
  3. VicRattlehed

    PVE Titano egg collecting

    Care to share what youre trading for them?
  4. VicRattlehed

    Mastercraft rex saddle

    Sell the actual saddles for cost + a little extra. I have over 1k hours into ark and just found an ascendant bp 2 weeks ago. My rule of thumb is i keep every blueprint until i get a better one to replace it, then sell the old one.
  5. VicRattlehed

    Quick Leveling 80 - 94?

    Go tame yourself a high level mosa and go alpha hunting. I had stalled out in the low 80s with my leveling, but im at 91 now that ive been in the water with my mosa. 30k health 500+ melee and i only have a jm saddle but i cam take on up to lvl 90 comfortably
  6. VicRattlehed

    Server Wipe

    As one of maybe 3 people left on my server from the beginning, at this point id welcome a wipe if we can save our animals to single player. The titanbombers have gotten out of control. Id gladly either set up my own server or play single player if i could transfer my stuff off officials.
  7. VicRattlehed

    Troodon Ridiculousness

    So, has anybody tried taming them by sacrificing themselves, then respawning and doing it again? Because that would be hilarious.
  8. VicRattlehed

    Your experience with Terrible Official PvE Servers?

    I think a lot of it is exageration. On the official pve im on few of the beaches are built up on pretty heavily, but nothing so much as you cant walk a few minutes and find a place to at least set up a temp base. Although i will admit i am guilty of the pillar spam, myself and a few other tribes had to coral a thatch spamming tribe who had thrown them down as close to some of our bases as they could, in a vain attempt to drive us out.
  9. VicRattlehed

    dung beetle Dung Beetle Escape

    This. Ive kept mine (Ringo, i know, super original) in the people cage and hes never gotten out. You have to beat them a little to get them to cooperate, but its been worth it.
  10. VicRattlehed

    Witty Dino Names

    I have: Lady Liberty, a 120 kibble tame rex. Delivers freedom with every bite. Stumpy, a 120 kibble tame carno Ivan Drankylo, 120 kibble tame anklyo, i have one named Rocky too, but he was a low level tame Starfire and Nightwing, two pteras AlaF, 104 wolf that ended up with better stats than the 116, therefore she got the alpha status
  11. VicRattlehed

    Community Crunch 46 & ARK Digest 30!

    So whats going on with the green portions for the swamp? My base is right on the edge at 72,27 near red tower. Im guessing ill be fine but curious as to what is actually changing other than part of it turning to redwoods. (sorry if i missed this somewhere)
  12. VicRattlehed

    PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    Wolves and sabers both have 5* chitin collection (according to the wiki). Wolves also collect pelt at 5*. For me their only real weakness is they dont get the benefit of armor like the sabers do, but so far it seems they make up for it in sheer attack power.
  13. VicRattlehed

    PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    Direwolves should be A rank at worst for pve. Ive taken mine caving and it absolutely wrecks havoc on everything. A good wolf (mine has 300% melee and 2.5k health, and is only getting stronger, shes a fresh tame) will get the job done with ease.
  14. VicRattlehed

    Under water torch?

    Freaking Brits. Learn how to speak english!
  15. VicRattlehed

    Under water torch?

    Does the mining helmet work under water?