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  1. Excellent, thank you
  2. Squid taming with friends is it possible to tame it with a friend whos not in my tribe getting grabbed (their turtle or something like that) and then i feed it the black pearls, or do we need to be in the same tribe?
  3. Go tame yourself a high level mosa and go alpha hunting. I had stalled out in the low 80s with my leveling, but im at 91 now that ive been in the water with my mosa. 30k health 500+ melee and i only have a jm saddle but i cam take on up to lvl 90 comfortably
  4. Same as what a few have already said, agro one, swim up to the max height they will go to, shoot as many times as possible until it chases me again, repeat. Have gotten a lvl 35 mosa, 2 lvl 35 plesios, a 135 plesio, and 150 mosa this way.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind for stsrve taming, some creatures dont have a high enough food level to be able fully starve tame. Its rare but it does happen, at least on old rates. Dododex is excellent with the counters for this, just double check with a 2nd source for how much kibble you need.
  6. Only real reason to starve tame that i can think of is if youre in a dangerous spot and the tame might take a hit, then you can let it wake up and reknock it out and not waste any kibble.
  7. I dont think it was over spawns, im on the island and we're just used to having NOTHING spawning. It could be, but im hoping his was the fix they were talking about so we would have something to do other than build.
  8. I noticed a TON of creatures in the water last night on our official, at least 4 times the usual. Maybe the patch put spawns into overdrive
  9. I always take screenshots of high level dinos i tame, all i have to do is scroll through my xbox captures and theyre there
  10. As one of maybe 3 people left on my server from the beginning, at this point id welcome a wipe if we can save our animals to single player. The titanbombers have gotten out of control. Id gladly either set up my own server or play single player if i could transfer my stuff off officials.
  11. I thought the same, but i got 45 into a sharks melee the other night. I think in theory every level could go into 1 stat (granted the likelyhood of that is close to zero). If by some act of god you had a line of every stat with all 250+ levels into it the you could get those super dodos. Good luck with that though.
  12. You could argue that pvp is easy mode then as pvp is able to pick up almost everything. People dont grief with small stuff anymore, thats what titans are used exclusively for.
  13. They dont ban people for anything and kiting dinos is "working as intended". We have evidence of somebody selling in game items for cash and they did absolutely nothing.
  14. Awesome, thanks folks.
  15. I havent seen any threads about this, but lets say im out on my mosa and get grabbed by a tuso, can my mosa attack it while beig held? I dont thik im understanding how this creatures mechanics work.