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  1. kemosavy

    Human breeding?

    I hope so. It be cool to breed and make AI babies. Ot be like sims. But the kids do chores and sometimes defend the home.
  2. Increased spoil timer on supply create The bag left by the supply create spoils in 30 min. That is is a bit short. I would like to see this increase to an hour or more. Or have the ability to change this using ini codes. Currently the three available dont change the timer.
  3. Glitch xbox The tamed gacha doesn't harvest resources.
  4. I'm upset Im on xbox. I like to play ark but not on official. I like to rent my own server and play ark as I like it. That is what I find appealing about it. The editing and customisation. Every time there is a new map my friends join my server and we complete that map. Iv completed all the maps and tamed almost all the dinos. Valguero was good because I could have all creatures on it. I found that entertaining. The new map crystal isles is great but I'm disappointed I cannot add nameless, reaper queens and brute dinos to the map via ini codes. I dont like that wild card has
  5. Glitches iv found on crystal isles xbox Camp fire not lighting. I couldn't light a camp fire I made. It had wood in it. Then my friend put thatch in it and that got it working. All camp fires since then have been working as normal. Near the volcano sw of the volcano. Boardering the desert biome. The enforcer refuses to grab onto terrain. In the same area the enforcer is glitchy and mergered with other creatures. The tent looks funny some times while inside.
  6. Why cant I spawn reaper queens on crystal isles? Same
  7. Human zombies for the next Halloween event and otherser ideas Human zombies for the next Halloween event. Have them spawn like surface nameless attacking players at night that dont have a light pet, have an generator on or are in the vicinity of something such as a boss. I have an idea that the boss could be a reskin of a fernox. To be made to look like a werewolf from a teen movie. Or a witch. Ghosts during the event. I know they are limited to ragnarok, but the Halloween event does suit the spirit creatures in tha labyrinth. Have them spawn wild on ragnarok
  8. Forest wyvern spawns Has any one had success in having forest wyverns spawn wild using ini codes?
  9. DILO the only time gamers care what is happening outside is if there is a risk of a power or internet cut! I'm very disappointed in this decision!
  10. I am looking forward to this map and have been encouraging my friends to retry ark again. Many of them, (9 in total )left fed up with the glitches on extinction. Vowed never to play again. However last week I purchased genesis and I have been impressed by how well it works. Of course I'm on xbox 1 so it doesnt run as well as on PC. It lags some times but that's it. But iv been telling my friends that ark works again. Because iv encountered next to no problems. They have shown interest in this new map. Iv learned that this crystal iso map is a work in progress. Which is a bumme
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