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  1. DILO the only time gamers care what is happening outside is if there is a risk of a power or internet cut! I'm very disappointed in this decision!
  2. Do you think ark one will be on xbox series x? Do you think ark one will be on xbox series x?
  3. Xbox series x Will ark be playable on the xbox series x and will it be on epic graphics?
  4. Random crash on the snow biome genises Iv got no idea what causes it. Just randomly my xbox crashes when in the snow biome genises. On all but one insistence iv been flying around or building with gcm. Iv had no crashes on the other biomes.
  5. Ark is good, better than ever before.
  6. Wow 15 ankys an hour. That's incredible
  7. people that play pvp Iv been playing ark on and off for a number of years on xbox. Almost always on pve because thats what my friends want to play, on my own nitrado server. Iv been interested in trying pvp but had no one to play with. so i watched this base tour from this guy on official small tribes. (link to the youtube video below) I have some questions. Why do they have so many dinos in their bases? How can they have gathered so much resources? when small tribes is 6 members if im not mistaken. How do they find the time. and how do they maintain all them bases with such few members on offical rates? Why have they spammed tek underwater structures everywhere and not turned them on and why are they floating? On official servers is there not a dino limit? because they have enough cryo fridges to hold army's of dinos. lastly i noticed they have 8 industrial forges. why do they have so many and how could they possibly fill them all and keep them going with offical rates?
  8. Staircases everywhere Why do people build spiral staircases up high and around their bases?
  9. kemosavy

    Xbox series x

    Xbox series x I suggest to optimize ark for the new xbox series x that is comming out at the end of 2020.
  10. Crystal isles caves Hello I have an xbox 1 and play ark on that. So I dont have acces to the new map. I'm really excited about it. I am wondering if there are many caves with artifacts on the map. As challenging as the island?
  11. Xbox frame rates Hello I have an xbox 1 and play ark on that. Every one knows ark isnt the best on xbox. So iv been trying to increase performance. So that it is less laggy. I lowered the resolution and removed what I can e.g. Weirdly performance dropped when I did and the game worked better when resolution was 1080p and everything on. On genesis I'm getting 20 to 30 frames per second and it lags. Of course I need better hardware but I cant afford it so What can I do?
  12. kemosavy

    The new xbox

    The new xbox The new xbox is comming out at the end of this year. Will ark be available on it and if so because it has 12gb or ram will it be playable on max graphics?
  13. Ark ini codes suggestion Ark ini codes suggestion. I normally play ark by renting a nitrado server on xbox. I like writing up the ini codes and playing and hunting down dinos from other maps all on one map. I was pleased that the reaper variants such as the queen and surface king were available to add for valguero. The surface reapers were a great addition because they only came out at night. It made things more interesting. I hope the surface nameless will be available one day. Crystal isles will be put on xbox this summer which I'm overly excited for. I hope the devs will allow some of ( hopefully all) the genesis creatures to spawn as wild dinos using ini codes such as the reaper king prince and the brute dinos on the new map. Because they are nice to look at and fight. I like to add challenging creatures in the map to fight because I normally play pve. The prince reaper kings will be a great fight in caves. And the brute herbivores are going to look amazing in a herd. Do you also wish this?
  14. kemosavy

    Glow worm cave

    Glow worm cave If any one has seen a glow worm cave will know that it is very beautiful. A glow worm cave would be a beautiful addition to the game.
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