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  1. Finally I started playing in EU, with more ping and away from my friends. I'm already installed enough to move out and start from 0. Sad
  2. A few hours ago we were trying with my girlfriend and we could feed them without problem, but they are still broken. Those of the highest level usually past 50% taming freak out and leave indefinitely, no matter you do everything right. We were only able to tame 3 a few weeks ago with no issues and now getting a high lvl is irritating. When the rates go back to 1x this is going to be crazy. BTW... I play on official legacy servers.
  3. We tame 3 in the first weeks without any problem, no traps or weird methods. Conventional passive tame. But now... for 2 days we have been trying to get others and we cannot. They clearly made some change that broke the mechanics. It's really very annoying, frustrating and demotivating.
  4. update: I still with this problem (Steam) - I tried installing Ark in EPIC on the same PC with the same ISP, and NA servers were there... I only have this problem on Steam, which is where I play regularly.
  5. I have this problem too. I'm from Argentina and I don't see any of the 2 legacy Lost Island NA servers. Only those of EU. My friends and my girlfriend can join without problem. Has anyone found any solution?
  6. If you mean the Legacy NA servers on Lost Island, I'm having the same problem. They are the only ones that don't appear on my list, however, my girlfriend has no problems to join.
  7. From Pach notes: v315.9 - 10/29/2020 "Changed scarecrows, pumpkins, gravestones to now give players a random amount between 1 and 5" This should change, as each pile is giving 1 item, like last year before this fix.
  8. I don't want this topic to be misinterpreted. I'm not complaining, I'm just reporting something that I think they missed. I don't think we have to apply such extreme options as spay our dinos for something that was badly thought out. The solution should not come from our side.
  9. While Wander is enabled, the Achatina will passively produce both Organic Polymer and Achatina Paste, and now... babys too... Without even wanting to, now all my achatinas are gestating. I don't think they had thought of this, right?
  10. How much in legacy today?
  11. legacy 948 server (gen2) crashed numerous times today. Also, after one of the many roll backs that there were, I'm not allow to mate any of my dinos and since then I can't mate anything. Genesis 2 sucks every day more. So long waiting for a breed event for this?
  12. This race in alpha, with how bad the servers are, is too difficult and frustrating. They should increase the time for this race on official/legacy since the servers are clearly not going to improve. In fact, are getting worse.
  13. AGAIN, surely server will come back when I can't enter to play. Hatchlings that survive will not have their full imp. This really sucks .... Very tired of losing stuffs due to rollbacks and constant server outages. This is worse than Genesis 1 instability.
  14. Again. Both NA legacy servers down for more than 6 hours. I paid for a DLC that I literally can't play. I will definitely not buy ARK 2
  15. legacy 948 gen2 down since 5 hours. Genesis servers are a real mess. Totally unplayable. When server returns I will no longer be able to connect. R.I.P. my babys AGAIN by the same situation -.-
  16. Good video. Unfortunately, on the Legacy server where I play, I never find a single bulb every time I enter the cave. The indicator doesn't even appear. I already gave up on these seeds for that reason.
  17. SA legacy servers (505 and 504), both down right now bad moment to be feeding 27 babies rex -.-
  18. Sorry for necro. This is happening to my nephew on his account. Same cryopods can be deployed by me without any problem but he can't. His account is epic and mine is steam. Game files were verified. He doesn't use mods. We play on a legacy server. Is anyone else on epic having this problem?
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