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  1. did rockwell gamma on foot with my girlfriend, no dinos (legacy server). 300 rounds each with 298% shotguns. We had some left over
  2. SA legacy servers (505 and 504), both down right now bad moment to be feeding 27 babies rex -.-
  3. Sorry for necro. This is happening to my nephew on his account. Same cryopods can be deployed by me without any problem but he can't. His account is epic and mine is steam. Game files were verified. He doesn't use mods. We play on a legacy server. Is anyone else on epic having this problem?
  4. I wish you luck. I have been playing at legacy for 4 years. I'm screwed up
  5. honestly, I doubt they will give us anything back.
  6. I don't know what that "FIX" consists of, but today I caught 3 150 araneos and none of them could be tamed.
  7. I don't think anyone likes these things to happen to them. If you had at least warned us you were going to do this, we could have save their inventories and saddles. Eliminate 6 dinosaurs practically maximum level, 4 with their asc saddles, is a hard blow and should not happen.
  8. I guess it only remains to resign. I had a hard time getting these dinos, but also, I had them with their asc saddles and used them as a deposit for secondary blueprints. Everything is gone now ...
  9. Current Version: v316.18 - 11/07/2020 - Hotkey for GCM demolished has changed to "G" when using keyboard and mouse Solved. thx!
  10. Sometimes I spend my time building on my local host. Today I took up some projects that I had abandoned and I realize that by pressing the Q key in GCM, I demolish my structures. Investigating I found this: v315.2 - 10/23/2020 Players can demolish structures quickly in GCM by using Q on keyboard or RightBumper + X on Gamepad / R1 + Square. The Q key now has 2 functions on PC. Now, by default, when you want to change the snap point of a structure in GCM, you demolish your construction. How can I disable this? I hope I'm not drowning in a glass of water. I would like to leave ev
  11. And that's how you spend hours and hours waiting just to craft a simple emote. This is so wrong. Last year we got more spooky piles with fewer skins and emotes to craft. I wonder if they play their own game ...
  12. All weekend to get only 11 scarecrows. Something is definitely wrong with this event ...
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