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  1. Jen, ty again for this info
  2. Hi One of you has to sit on Yutyra and give a boost, and the other on Rex and kill the leftovers. Greetings
  3. Hi Actually, you can use Woolly Rhino or Therizinosaurus, but the best option seems to be 19 mutated Rex and 1 normally tame Yutyra at a high level (140-150). Personally, I did all the barefoot in 19 Rex and 1 Yutyra way. I will add that I have always played alone and it was not a problem. Greetings
  4. Hi I think that increasing the amount of meat in one pile would be a great help. It would be a huge help when it comes to reproducing dino by beginners who do not have, for example, things like that. This is my opinion. Greetings
  5. Hi I advise you not to use the managarm on The Island until it is repaired. Many people have such a problem. Greetings
  6. Hi It's in the snow cave, but u must without on yeties. Good luck
  7. Hi You should search in this arena whose is red. I give u now map. I wish u good luck $.svg
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