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  1. So does this mean you will still update ps4 ark? Just no servers or what....ive been wantingblive wild dino babies for ages
  2. they wont the support team is useless, they told me they werent going to do anything about people teleporting gigas event thought we have so many reporting the same thing, HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED WC....anyway honestly im disappointed wc has showed me within the last 5 months that they will nto help with this situation, nor will they help you replace hard work. Im incredibly disappointed in their team support
  3. great another thing for pvp player to bitch is to op.... Watch wc make this as unusable as the mana is right now....
  4. I put in a remove complaint about a guy on 1027 extinction 3 months ago and no one has done anything he has pillared the whole map blocked me from building, kill the tames im trying to tame trolls us in the chat. AND MORE AND THEY STILL HAVENT DONE ANYTHING, humano in extinction 1027 is ruining the fun expeirence we had. The server is so laggy that we loose our tames to falling through maps, he blocks pathways which is cod by the way and still they wont do anything
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