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  1. Mindwipe doesn't consume After the release of the large update that came with Genesis several bugs have arrived. One of them is that mindwipes cant be consumed now. Either that or you have reverted back to previously when you need to level up before you can use another one. Anyways, my character was a crafter and i haven't been able to use the mindwipe to put him back to decent stats. My level 120 has swamp fever and is down to 80 health, he is literally more useless than a level 1 character. Its been like this for a few days now, someone please enlighten me whats going on
  2. I totally understand that. I actually have a few tribemates that are only returning to ark when Genesis is released. With the launch of it being a month later they got to wait even longer i guess. The issue i see here though is that they advertised Genesis far too early to the community. I certainly don't even see why its available in store so soon because once you purchase a product you clearly want to play it. No wonder there is outcry in my opinion. Anyways, atleast there wont be any meshing in Genesis!
  3. My First Ever Positive Comment A kill barrier in the mesh. A huge leap in the right direction, finally. I have been waiting eagerly for this day to happen for a good couple years now. I often find myself ranting on about this topic whether in the forums or the ticket system after loosing bases to this exploit and im glad to see it has been resolved (hopefully). Infact, i am that happy that i am spending my time writing this, my first ever positive comment on these forums. Im seeing a good deal of complaining about Genesis being delayed, so what! This has been unquestionable the greatest step forward i've seen in Ark. Im glad to see wildcard focusing on what matters in the game. Beforehand, official servers were unplayable to the average person. I don't care if Genesis is released for another few months, or at all for that matter. This is far more important than a DLC that will (lets be honest) introduce even more exploits and bugs and possibly tip the scales of PvP. With that bein said, official servers are in no way perfect at the moment (and im only talking about xbox that i play on). Id personally like to see this anti-mesh system being perfected and the issue with the duped meks/tames dealt with as thats also a major deal at the moment. Anyways, i can finally build where ever i want on the map without checking to see how meshable the spot is. Thanks for making this possible. The phrase "make ark great again" has finally been resurrected!
  4. Preach. Now you imagine loosing a few hundred tames to a mesh on official servers, and wildcard shrugging shoulders? And then again, and again and again and again and still no hope of a patch. I think sometimes they forget just how many hours goes into the game
  5. Actually i will be buying it, i just dont like how they push new content when official servers are in a crisis. Xbox transfers down, PS4 transfers down. Theres a mek apocalypse going on and has been for almost a month. Almost every tribe has dedi boxs capped of duped loot. The most broken the game has been since legacy. First of all i want to point out that the ark pet is just a knock off of Guilty Spark from Halo, same AI companion idea. Im all for funding wildcard to improve their game but where does the money go.. to make a new cluster of maps? If the dlc read "Funding towards solving meshing" i would buy that too, even if it were 3 times the price. Atleast i know the money would go towards something productive and not some new broken-game content that will probably get exploited again. Don't feed salty tears. Nice. Of course im going to be salty, i've been waiting almost a year to build back in the cave i normally build but i know i'd get meshed out again like i have the last 4 times. I genuinely feel ark should put 'Game Preview' back in their title because it's far from developed I love this game man and i'd love to see it do well but all i find myself doing is reporting issues and abusive players. I would love to tell you just what has been happening that goes under the radar but apparently i can't dip into that in these forums. Wildcard are banning the offenders without working on a long term solution. These maps get waved in our faces but dont promote that anti-mesh plug in. I had to stumble on it in youtube. They are so detached to their players, its unreal. Half of these exploits could be prevented if they just played their game cause right now i can list you off 5 or 6 exploits that work right now and i don't report anymore cause they fall on deaf ears
  6. Select Character instead of server When you first load up ark official servers have a character selection screen instead of picking a server. I have around 9 characters that are around level 100, 3 of which are on a random server that i dont know. I've played ark since launch on console and almost every server has a star symbol beside it, marking that i've played on it. I have literally spent hours joining servers to try find my characters again. Its all too easy to go PvP on a server and not write down the code. If for instance you have a lot of level 2 or 3 characters simply delete them. Have a search filter at the top where you can type the name of your survivor. Just to clarify, this is only when you load the game, transferring server should be as normal. Ark has been out for a good few years, around 2 years being a complete game and not labelled a preview. Why hasn't this interface been changed. Literally anything is an improvement
  7. New maps.. again? Great! A 12 day countdown, surely this will be exiting! It must be official server wipes or fixing their biggest underlying problem. Nope Underwhelmed. The maps were supposed to stop after extinction and the game would get developed but no, Valguero was released and now Genesis, the latest release being 2020. A whole year of wasted effort simply to make more money. Im all for having add ons to purchase but not when it draws the attention from what actually makes the game function. Server transfers are down and have been for almost a week, you've just released an update that has a broken PvP and the plug-in to end meshing still goes under the radar, probably still undeveloped. Why are you pushing new content?
  8. After this long awaited meshing patch which may or may not happen they should wipe all Official PvP servers. Hundreds of mesh bases. All of my tribemates are going to hide there and i don't want to go down that route. Pretty much every tribe i've joined got a mesh base server. On a side note, when i quit ark the other day, 2 days later my tribe gets meshed again marking my 11 base lost ye yeee yeeeeeeeeeeah
  9. When i did the Alpha Rockwell i didn't get the tek rock drake saddle engram. My tek drake on abb was our best line of defence which i couldn't use. Spent half an hour watching our base get hit, pressing random buttons only to find out i didn't get engram. I've got the +15 level implant to prove it
  10. The fate of the game rest on this bloke. * Aragorn turns around * FOR WOOOOOOOOLY
  11. But these posts are taken down quickly and diverted to the ticket system, or i've seen posts vanish completely! In theory when i commented it should have been pushed to the top but wasnt even on the first ten pages. Was "Death barrier mod" and obviously some moderators make negative posts disappear
  12. Holy frekin mother of god. When Nerd Parade, a smallish youtube channel help the game more than any developer ever has! On a side note, when meshing disappears then duping normally takes over again. Was huge in legacy and has made a return already, only a handful of people know how to do it though. If this was to go through i will worship the parade and give no credit to wildcard, they've left this game to rot for too long
  13. The origional method of meshing thats been used over a year now still works. I think thats all you need to know about development team! Im not descibing the method but if you were to put the placement of these objects only placeable a fraction back from the wall then it would be fixed. Or another method thats been all over youtube for over a month and it still works! I can play about on single player and mesh literally anywhere i want, how doesn't the development team know these? I sent a ticket explaining that almost every base i have ever built these past couple years has got meshed and if i was to continue playing the game, i would need a human response and not the "thank you for contacting", "we're investigating" and "due to player privacy" jargon that means nothing. Failed once again! The origional post has been edited and now i look like an idiot
  14. Word my man. Im very surprised to not see as many complaint about meshing/duping/ddosing ruining the game. I've wrote a few posts myself but most people on these forums have no clue. Almost brainwashed that this game is perfect if you ask me! I've stopped playing this game after 8k hours on it. It's gone! No control over what happens in it! The origional post has been edited and now i look like an idiot
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