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  1. Hey. I understand that you enjoy the pvp aspect of the game but hate how people end up getting wiped almost instantly. I'm setting a little something up and think that you would be of great help if you were a part of it. HMU on Xbox if you're interested.

    My gamertag is FlyingDynomite.

  2. I'm planning something big and I think you'd enjoy it.

    HMU on Xbox if you're interested, my GT is FlyingDynomite and I really do think you'd make a valuable member of the team.

  3. Flyingdynamite90

    Forums idea

    This isn't quite about an in-game change, but maybe a way to SPECIFICALLY search for tribes and keywords in the tribe title or description?
  4. Flyingdynamite90

    Kings of PVP xbox

    Who holds the highest level in your tribe and what is it?
  5. Flyingdynamite90

    Why Nobody can build up on official servers

    I like this thought, but maybe not till 100. I feel like it'd be more enjoyable if it were maybe around 45 or 50, and while you're trying to get to the required level you get slower food and water depletion and maybe twice as much xp gain? Also, about the flags idea. Maybe you can get a flag at around level ten, but if you join up into a group of people then everybody in the group must be around 15 or 20, and with every alliance you have with a full group the required level goes up by 5 more?
  6. Flyingdynamite90

    I don't get it?

    I haven't gotten to play it yet since my console is being fixed rn, but I thought there was supposed to be a hover-over option to change the looks of the structures after you've place them.
  7. Flyingdynamite90

    Linking Steam to Profile

    I guess I've figured it out but it still doesn't show my profile on my page?
  8. Flyingdynamite90

    Linking Steam to Profile

    This is probably a very simple problem with an even simpler answer, but I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME get my steam link to work with my account, and as far as I've seen no one else can either? I've tried following all the steps given at the steam link page, but everything I do just seems to disappear from history after I've completed the steps, and I just end up still seeing a blank page with zero indication that I've tried anything. (I couldn't find anywhere else that this post would be appropriate to put up so I'm just putting it in here)