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  1. I cannot help at this time, but I am the owner of an up-and-coming tribe of people who fight to clean up the servers of people like this. We are currently small but are still trying to grow and expand. Hmu if you're interested!
  2. Hey. I am the owner of a tribe called the Taskmen. Our job is to clean up these sorts of players. We are currently very small and don't get on too often, but we are looking to grow, and when we do we all will get in and do the work needed in the servers.
  3. Is it a thing on this site and if it is how do I do it?
  4. Sometimes the safe-zone resets or changes itself after an update. Just go into your settings and adjust it and you should be good to go.
  5. Hello there! I'm not new to the game, and am equally as experienced in the forums. I've been playing the game on Xbox since before game preview closed and have noticed how toxic the community has become. I'm currently in the process of attempting to create a big group of people who will work on cleaning up the servers of this toxicity (HMU on Xbox if you're interested, GT is FlyingDynomite). Anyways, that's not what I'm here to say. I'm a guy who wants to fight for the justice of the little guys, and I'd like to help out anyone who really needs it. I play on Xbox Official PVP servers, normally in the NA region. I'd love to find others interested in restoring the integrity of this game so people can enjoy the PVP servers again and not be wiped when they're just starting off as a beach newbie before they can even level up enough to reach stone and metal structures and gear. HMU on Xbox if you need help or just want to chat!
  6. These guys were posting videos of exploit techniques to the public. These videos had no filter on who could and couldn't see them. I believe that this simply means the reason they got a temp. ban was because if those videos were seen (and they most likely WERE seen) by the wrong sort of people, then those people would use those exploits to mess with others trying to have fun on the public servers. I understand that the meshing problems need to be highlighted, but if the wrong sort of people figure out how to use them to their advantage, that could actually BREAK the servers. Coding and programming is a long process, not to mention they're pretty much doing it all from scratch. It'll probably be a bit before anything gets fixed up, and even then it'll never be perfect. All we can do is wait for those fixes to come, and if things are still amiss, then we will need to take note of those problems and report them to Wildcard so that they can try to fix them up a bit more. The player's input is a much needed one, and all of us attacking the company like this will just distract them from fixing up the problems we attack them for.
  7. Did they attack you or something? Or is this just you outing some tribe's base?
  8. Hey. I understand that you enjoy the pvp aspect of the game but hate how people end up getting wiped almost instantly. I'm setting a little something up and think that you would be of great help if you were a part of it. HMU on Xbox if you're interested.

    My gamertag is FlyingDynomite.

  9. I'm planning something big and I think you'd enjoy it.

    HMU on Xbox if you're interested, my GT is FlyingDynomite and I really do think you'd make a valuable member of the team.

  10. This isn't quite about an in-game change, but maybe a way to SPECIFICALLY search for tribes and keywords in the tribe title or description?
  11. I like this thought, but maybe not till 100. I feel like it'd be more enjoyable if it were maybe around 45 or 50, and while you're trying to get to the required level you get slower food and water depletion and maybe twice as much xp gain? Also, about the flags idea. Maybe you can get a flag at around level ten, but if you join up into a group of people then everybody in the group must be around 15 or 20, and with every alliance you have with a full group the required level goes up by 5 more?
  12. I haven't gotten to play it yet since my console is being fixed rn, but I thought there was supposed to be a hover-over option to change the looks of the structures after you've place them.
  13. I guess I've figured it out but it still doesn't show my profile on my page?
  14. This is probably a very simple problem with an even simpler answer, but I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME get my steam link to work with my account, and as far as I've seen no one else can either? I've tried following all the steps given at the steam link page, but everything I do just seems to disappear from history after I've completed the steps, and I just end up still seeing a blank page with zero indication that I've tried anything. (I couldn't find anywhere else that this post would be appropriate to put up so I'm just putting it in here)
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