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  1. Looks amazing cant wait abberation part of the map with fliers allowed is gonna be gay af hope the design it where its like a different ark below the map
  2. I think wild card should focus on more maps that arent better than the last ones but rather on the same scale valley- one huge river that floods into a ocean at the bottom of the map and the rest of the edges are just mountains with a massive valley in the middle simple maybe but more maps adds alot more variety to ark which is the same old maps idk
  3. Hey. I understand that you enjoy the pvp aspect of the game but hate how people end up getting wiped almost instantly. I'm setting a little something up and think that you would be of great help if you were a part of it. HMU on Xbox if you're interested.

    My gamertag is FlyingDynomite.

  4. I have alot of ideas as before I got a xbox i played pc and messed around with mods and ideas in my spare time so plz see if a few spark your interest 1. Spawn lvl 20 with all those engram points 2.tame harvesting X5 player harvesting X1 3. flier speed increased at a certain height in the sky like aways above the red wood trees 4. Lock speed hunger water stats on humans 5. Station crafting x3 speed like smelting metal making narcotics etc 6. Water metal nodes have x3 the amout like abberation blue zone (makes metal underwater worth it) 7. Offline raid protection servers leader has to be on for raid protection to disappear and for other tribe members to get on 8.size multiplier like the bigger something is to what its attacking exponentially multiplies damage (giga one chomps most tames) 9. Remove whips? 2 op in pvp 10. U can pause and hit commit suicide 11. Crystal collection x2 please 12. Shoulder mounts can detect players like abberations do 13. Wyverns eggs decompose quickly without incubation and knocked out females produce milk even tamed ones bring loads of narcotices or biotoxin 14. Tame nest great idea from reading queztal dossier where you cant tame things but rather must find the nest of that animal and raise the egg pteranodons nest on cliffs good luck with a parachute and gj eacaping a flock of pteranodons 15. traliers and carts that tames can pull and store items eh idk 16. Tribe request center a area above the world where you spawn and try and find a tribe to spawn down on the ground with if people leave your tribe and make thier own they can only request fresh spawns on the server inside protection so you cant remake character but can rename character for a lvl reset if you wanted to like to 1 again just to rename makes easier to find tribes and people
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