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  1. Looks amazing cant wait abberation part of the map with fliers allowed is gonna be gay af hope the design it where its like a different ark below the map
  2. I think wild card should focus on more maps that arent better than the last ones but rather on the same scale valley- one huge river that floods into a ocean at the bottom of the map and the rest of the edges are just mountains with a massive valley in the middle simple maybe but more maps adds alot more variety to ark which is the same old maps idk
  3. U need to read the post again and stop thinking its about money or being the best by grinding its about three man tribes building up in one spot for five days then two days of war rinse repeat if u afk for four days your base can be demolished if you know thats happening un pack ure base purlovia your stuff and wait till the war is over to start back up again for your three man its simple no little guy that cant do poop no big guy that controls everything just five days of peace then war and there are no bigger tribes ony three man groups and if you get wiped you have five days ti build back and try and fight back which is great you are just stating problems with the game and offer no usefull feedback on my idea fair balance fove day peace two day war
  4. Hey. I understand that you enjoy the pvp aspect of the game but hate how people end up getting wiped almost instantly. I'm setting a little something up and think that you would be of great help if you were a part of it. HMU on Xbox if you're interested.

    My gamertag is FlyingDynomite.

  5. Bro u are dumb af cuz you dont get it you cant build up you get wiped by guy on mana anytime u think being alpha is what ark is about no its about war and there is no war if you just wipe stone base guys and you cant destroy structures 247 in the post im saying structure decay in 4 days not 247 re read the post then try and talk with this proposal you cant be alpha mate cuz you can only build so big and no transfers out of server so no wyverns on center and island ARK ISNT ABOUT ALPHAS OKAY????
  6. First u need foundations to make basic stuff like bed preserving bin mortar pedistal also note running is what everyone pro does, hell on my small tribes server on x three note running got me to lvl 60 no sweat also look for the dossier and explora note map on ark wiki i dont think lvl building limitation will work plus read the entire post again cuz u cant build anything unless you have three tribe members including yourself to build anything including narcotics so this is great for bringing a group of people together
  7. Yeah thats kinda part of the game also its when people are going to be on the server en masse plus thats not a problem it’s incentive to be on at that time if the red drops weren’t enough I need constructive criticism on this idea not the game in general its pvp that allows noobs to build up in time for the purge with high rates so the can but not so big tribes can take over the server hence the flags
  8. So I see alot of people who try and start up on unboosted servers just get wiped by one dude on a mag or wyvern on the beach with nothing but a stone raft with a smithy on it and you cant do build up or anything So i propose ark make a specialty server cluster with only character transfers (nothing else) with the current small tribes modifiers with one difference in the server So people have the opportunity to build up make the server pve for 5 days then pvp for 2 (on the switch reset the server and kick everyone off for 10 minutes) to limit building make flags to claim territories one person puts a flag down and nobody can build there but them ofc people cant place anything outside the aoe of the flag and players gain 2x xp inside thier flag(tree platforms count as a flag if placed on a redwood tree) flags arent limited on height no caves obilisk and spawns for players only a tribe with exactly three people can get a flag in thier leaders inventory the flag is a undamagedable tek foundation the building ring extends from that in about a 20 foundation radius enough to build a decent size base once placed flags cant be picked up within 12 hours alliances are allowed in another group of three but if allied then thier flags must be placed with touching building rings if when trying to ally only one tribe in the alliance may have a flag down and that three man tribe is the head of the alliance if the leader of a tribe doesnt get on for 120 hours then the flag turns into dust and the tribe disbands and these members must find or start a new tribe caves have unbreakable walls and cant be entered cuz tek is retardedly op in pvp plus they have no use besides materials but people with find mesh exploits so no i think this forces people to find others or play with friends and allows people to establish a base ready for pvp in 5 days no need for a wipe constantly cuz you cant build up past ure flag unless you create a huge alliance with alot of people and have three death towers in the sky but they cant extent beyond that plus nothing in ark is unraidable player limit on these servers may vary and make it you can kill any afk asleep guy on the beach if hes been like that for a hour cuz thats annoying in pve for me drops arent needed on pve but make a total of 50 or so red drops containing great loot spawn during the purge 48 hours provoking fights and luring people out of bases drops cant be built right on but can be built near (maybe put a warning for people who are about to place down their flag near a drop location) kibble can spawn in drops and maybe cryopods get rid of swamp sickness cuz its dumb and troll candy (obvious things trolls will use to make others mad) same with clubs force feeding players narcos etc (hitting with arrows is fine cuz it does damage which eventually kills them) add a suicide switch in the pause button menu and make the green light beam appear to allies on death cache cant hit if frozen or asleep gives you a 5 min death timer sadly Resources spawn back very fast and can spawn close but not on top of you or near foundations taming traps are part of this game and taming argys is very difficult without them so maybe add a much smaller flag for all tribe mates with a 4 hour timer and everything is destroyed after the timer is up plus those flags are given out from the flag foundation every 12 hours so u cant block resource spawns but can tame argys and griffins cuz if not good luck taming those things. on three times tame you can meat tame griffions or even berry tame a therinzino this would be amazing on abberation with rock drake hunting on the two purge days or simply flying around on a wyvern on rag looking for cave drops on the purge its just and idea and i think would be incredibly fun if you have something to add please do and if you agree this should be a thing then help me by sharing it with the link and #arkflagpurge
  9. I have alot of ideas as before I got a xbox i played pc and messed around with mods and ideas in my spare time so plz see if a few spark your interest 1. Spawn lvl 20 with all those engram points 2.tame harvesting X5 player harvesting X1 3. flier speed increased at a certain height in the sky like aways above the red wood trees 4. Lock speed hunger water stats on humans 5. Station crafting x3 speed like smelting metal making narcotics etc 6. Water metal nodes have x3 the amout like abberation blue zone (makes metal underwater worth it) 7. Offline raid protection servers leader has to be on for raid protection to disappear and for other tribe members to get on 8.size multiplier like the bigger something is to what its attacking exponentially multiplies damage (giga one chomps most tames) 9. Remove whips? 2 op in pvp 10. U can pause and hit commit suicide 11. Crystal collection x2 please 12. Shoulder mounts can detect players like abberations do 13. Wyverns eggs decompose quickly without incubation and knocked out females produce milk even tamed ones bring loads of narcotices or biotoxin 14. Tame nest great idea from reading queztal dossier where you cant tame things but rather must find the nest of that animal and raise the egg pteranodons nest on cliffs good luck with a parachute and gj eacaping a flock of pteranodons 15. traliers and carts that tames can pull and store items eh idk 16. Tribe request center a area above the world where you spawn and try and find a tribe to spawn down on the ground with if people leave your tribe and make thier own they can only request fresh spawns on the server inside protection so you cant remake character but can rename character for a lvl reset if you wanted to like to 1 again just to rename makes easier to find tribes and people
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