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  1. Sorry but this is bulpoop! Why are there new map coming out, if genesis 2 is unplayable! Why cant you fix one map for once before releasing new one!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????? God damn it, so many delays, and still Its impossible to play, pings is 250. Crashes is every 30-40 min. Waiting for server turning back on takes about 20min. wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff is that!? :@ :@ I had lost so many stuff because of crashes, dinos. Please fix this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it could be possible i would ask for refund, i feel ripped off. 937 is that nightmare server, please save your nerves do not play there!!
  2. I hate this event so much, epic lag, crashes, rollbacks, it's a nightmare. I spend more time waiting on server turning back on than enjoying event.
  3. I like Sitharius - ARK Millineum Falcon the most
  4. I like Sikkenskit - Rock Drake and reaper
  5. Need to close all legacy servers, so they start play officials, not that long time since ext come out and servers are almost empty
  6. i think velo was the best.
  7. Drake & Griffin is the best
  8. My favorite is mana and brothers
  9. I like microraptor picture and buldog is okay
  10. 1. Winter is Here in ARK 2. Blue Dragon - Galaxy Spino 3. JH_Arts - Raptor and Argent They are best in that order
  11. Im realy sad to see how useless manas is now in PVE, at the begining they was so good and usefull but after all nerfs, you cant even move around with tham. Its realy sucks, because of pvp problems mana is garbage now in pve.
  12. My favorite is gasbag picture
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