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  1. Makes no since to me...Why don't sloped roof pieces snap to the triangle roof pieces? Or better question could someone show/explain how to make a bigger circle sloped ceiling than just the 6 triangles. If it's even possible. Having a hard time. Surely it's possible right? If not that should definitely be a thing.
  2. Yeah, destroying the cooking pot fixed it for me. I didn't have to use the prime fish for exceptional though. Whats really weird is it crafts five paint (random color of berrys used in recipe) before it makes the kibble. Kind of a pain getting it to work but highly enjoying the update otherwise. We have triangles my friends! Ps the new fencing is awesome on land but seriously difficult to snap straight under water. Slaps forehead...
  3. So after trying and trying, it seems as though the industrial cooker isn't working right with kibble at the moment. Worked in cooking pot after it created paint first. Not sure why but...
  4. Hey everyone. Not sure if something is wrong or I'm just doing it wrong. Since the kibble update I've been trying to make kibble with new recipes and it just doesn't work. Anyone else having problems? Any help would be awesome, thanks.
  5. For a long time now I've waited on a fix for arrows not loading. Being in the middle of taming and the bow/crossbow not reloading...Not cool. Hope to see it fixed soon since the focus has changed with the game. Have to say, good job wild card for listening. Keep the updates to fix issues like this and so many others coming. Highly excited to see even some of s+ coming to console
  6. Well I got on my dedicated ps4 Extinction server. Decided I'd check the map out, haven't really had a full look around just yet. Headed towards the snow biome on an Argentavis just as I passed through the dome polygon's filled the tv screen. Couldn't see anything....Landed (hoping nothing was going to eat me) Jumped off and the screen went back to normal, I thought; huh that was weird. Got back on and the same same. Now the polygons won't go away. Seems specific to that tame now. Got on another one and was just fine. So then I wondered, what if go back (Slaps forehead) Why did I have to go back? Now two I can't fly anymore. Can't begin to explain how hard it was to make it back home both times lol.
  7. LMAO...The flu, and half a bottle of DayQuil says your absolutely right. (Forehead Slap)
  8. I don' t know if everyone is having this issue but wanted to report. Every time I'm on a mount and head any where near one of the domes the screen fills with polygon pixels (only way I know how to describe it) its so distorted you cant see anything. Soon as you dismount the screen clears right up, hop back on and its always the same for that mount. Jump right on another dino that hasnt been near a dome an no prob. Seems as though when it happens it stays that way for that specific dino. Hope this gets fixed ASAP
  9. I'm not tryin to hear that noise man. No offense but pc players always say the same thing, its not meant to run on console. If thats the case it wouldnt have run fine in the past years as it has and would have never been ported over. When there's plenty of games that run smoothly on ps4 an xbox, and games out there just as complicated as ark if not more. Ark has had its issues yeah and every game does....even on pc. But to say its a systems fault when all content for the game has played fine until this one says somebody screwed up.
  10. Boy Oh Boy... Alrighty. Lemme start off by saying I've defended ark and its devs for a long time now. I've played since it hit the playstation store in the beginning before official release. (Before pc players chime in I know, I know you've played longer, but we're all die hard fans here) Heard for a while mods were coming for console only to be let down...S+ being integrated....naw. Dates set that were missed, still; I have been on your guys side. Now extinction was delayed, ok... I can deal with a better product with a delay. I'm cool with that. But that right there is the thing. Extinction is one hot mess. Seems as though ark is the most buggy I have ever saw it. From all the dinos spawning into the sky and wont come down, to the pixel-ized view after flying through a bio dome that wont go away, the EXTREME heat I cannot beat beyond the borders of the sanctuary, dropped items floating away into outer space or hopping around like a bunny rabbit, hit boxes non existent on a lot of rocks, lamp post, dead dinos etc; even down to my tamed dinos actions not working period like the trike. I don't honestly even know what to say. How this is ANY where close to a finished project or how it has passed certification is beyond me. The numbers speak for themselves wild card, highest numbers on steam weekly yet just to try out this dlc and with the problems it has, being game breaking. The map, concept and direction in which this dlc was trying to go I absolutely give you two thumbs up. But truthfully and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this....It's been a HUGE let down. I understand its been a just as equally huge undertaking but come on....really really?!? I really hope you guys somehow save this train wreck because we all appreciate your game and the work you put in but geeze....ugh... get it together people.
  11. Seriously.....Come on now. I'm sure as many do. I feel as though console pays for pc development of games yet console always get the short end of the stick. No console mods, No S+ and now console release of extinction delayed yet pc players get it on time. Why not delay it for everyone, vs making console players feel even more left behind as many game devs do to those on console. A delay...understandable but how come you delay 4 days from release. I'm sure you guys knew already at twitch con it would be delayed probably before actually. How about you guys make some content specifically for consoles, show us some love. Feels like the console has turned into the poor mans pc that just settles consistently for the scraps left over and told hey if you don't like it spend more money to play better. ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTING.....Regardless of all the talk of ARK has fallen off, ARK is broken due to meshing, and the infamous left in the dark for a year over console mods coming my whole family still plays, bought all dlc for all our 4 playstations, bought an extra ps4 to run own server and still no love for us. Even the release on Switch is just another way to pay for future development for pc players......I think the time to give something back to console is way past due.
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