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  1. I delivered a squid only to disconnect and die on the way home. My body must have fell through the map because there was nothing zip nada no body to recover. Good bye squid. Last week, a level 5 megalodon spawned inside my 20x24 double and triple block solid metal walls water pen and killed a high level angler in the middle of 3 crabs and 4 basilos all on neutral. Week before that, 5 dinos shoulder to shoulder. 3 rex, 2 golems, all on neutral, rex in the middle "was killed". My dinos don't die from gameplay. The mechanics, bugs, disconnects and all the other problems NOT gameplay make this unplayable.
  2. Wish they would fix the horribad lag instead of pumping out more lagtastic maps. Running double lag and triple disconnect events 24/7 makes this game very hard to deal with. Only been playing for six months but this seems like a common occurrence to miss another release date. What exactly is a week gonna remedy? Fingers crossed hoping nothing blows up in a week?!?
  3. Was looking forward to picking up and using my only thyla(green mut 233) to help my SE toon. Only got the thyla from the beacon as I didn't know on beacons "Take All" only takes the items the beacons drop apparently. So I had the thyla on follow and neutral as I keep all my land dinos on neutral. Slideshow lag effect starts, get 1 shotted by megatherium, respawn get back to thyla, seconds later a pig(55) kills me, respawn and run back to eyesight of the thyla as it dies not even defending itself. My game day is ruined, I'm pissed, knew this game was gonna f*ck me good somehow. Just yesterday I dc'd 4 times, died 3 of them. Fix this crap. I play games because real life is enough of a kick in the balls, I don't want to play a game that does daily also.
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