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  1. I feel like this is a valid thing to report. Even on pve it seems to be very scummy, As it gives a clear advantage to the tribe that has such Dino’s.
  2. Same issue here. When I search nothing shows.
  3. Memorial Service for Ark Hey all. Due to the latest issues with exploits and ark devs disabling transfers for ps4. My duo manned tribe got stuck on Val and wasn’t able to transfer to do maintenance. We lost quite a bit of stuff. From Dino’s to structures. I wanted to to make a space for people to vent and morn their loses. Id rather keep this space clean and non toxic. (Ark is full of that as is) Instead let’s just share some of our favorite things that we have lost and how. Rather it be from bad luck to funny events. I’ll begin: RIP -Thor. My very first breed Dino in ark. I forced fed it meat for almost 3 hours before realizing how the baby mechanic worked. Died by auto decay :,(
  4. Does anyone know if decay timers will be locked? All of my tribe have been on Valguero.
  5. Rather odd but definitely interesting evo event. I hope they create more interesting events throughout each month. Example: breeding event where it’s 2 time breeding. Or somthing like double lootdrop rate weekend. Idk. Just neat that their trying new stuff.
  6. I did my first boss fight been playing for bout a year. Finally just went and did it. My goal now is to beat em all. On every difficulty.
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