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  1. Congratulations on getting so far in 4 years, just wish we had some sort of hint that there's still more to come except atlas
  2. Welcome to wildcard, where we will pay you to pick on weaker players........ Ummmmm did anyone consider one of the biggest issues was megatribes killing servers? Was that not why one of the first 'specialty' servers was 6 man tribes and no allys.... Unless I'm mistaken. Why not just fully extend that middle finger to consoles and just pay pc users, oh no, you're doing that already
  3. Got somw friends on official who say its working fine, not sure about unofficial as our server is on the centre but also seems single player may noy have the fossil piles with loot in them either, jist hoping we at least have the tek rex
  4. Loving the event and the way its building up things for evolution but one problem..... Can you please fix the fault on single player where any bones you collect disappear from your inventory, or your dinos, cooking pot or storage boxes everytime you log off?
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