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  1. it should be oxygen just like your character
  2. It still tells me i need to do more missions i already had 18 done.
  3. So they said they added a work around for us to tame high level stryders on console but i haven't been able to find out what this work around is.
  4. i had mine vanish its still alive i can spawn on its bed if i die but i just die immediately if i do it gives no reason like mesh or drowned.
  5. i just usually glitch thru the walls on the missions hitting what ever rings i can
  6. I was flying back to my base with a skiff carrying a stryder and about to land when the game lagged and i was forced to the ground. The stryder has dissappeared its not in the ground and no death has popped up in the tribe logs.
  7. its not just that location i had that happen when entiring rockwell's side of the map thru one of the ports up top where it would teleport me back and when i kept trying to go thru it i just died.
  8. I've purchased engram points from the exchange twice now and have not recieved my points. I have 320 additional points purchased already and play on official legacy pve 1151 server.
  9. so the 10 hours have passed but still no legacy servers on ps4 for genesis.
  10. Any time frame on legacy servers for genesis?
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