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  1. Tribe mates and I have been kicking around the concept of Pay for No Decay timers. It might sound like a way for people to take over servers, but there are ways to mitigate. The idea is people could pay monthly for a claim block that when placed in an area it would prevent all decay timers from counting down in a limited area. As long as you pay monthly service fee, the block would stay active. You could 'rent' as many as you like. Each one generating enough revenue to pay for the servers/space they are using and a little revenue for Wild Card to keep the lights on, pay for servers to run, R&D, Etc. They can't keep Ark 1 going forever with no income and dinos hitting critical stat mass. Yet I can't imagine a world where people can't pick this game up 10 years from now and have the same great experience many of us had for the last 4 years. I'm interested to hear your ideas; -How do they keep Ark1 going long term? -Would you pay monthly for no decay? -What are the pros and cons? Like servers filling up with no decay claims. Some of the thought process behind the idea; -Revenue to support better servers, more maps, continued support. -To play Ark 2, you should first beat Ark 1. Will Ark 1 still be running in 10 years? How without a subscription and server wipes? Thank you WC. Ark has been a wild ride!!
  2. 1654 as well and 1542 before that. Other servers are running just fine, but a hand few are being manipulated in some way. Mission crashing, Strider Crashing or other bugs. Who really knows. After taking a weeks vacation for Gen 2 release and hardly being able to play, with 0 response to tech support tickets from multiple people, I'm at my end. We moved servers only for it to catch up last night. Tribe of 8. They won't do anything. You are just stuck like this until they release a patch for Xbox next week (PC today). Just starting over on another server that is working in the meantime. You are #1 WildCard t(o.o).
  3. In other words... "Our servers can't handle the game, so you don't get a real event." Last time I schedule time off for a WC event.
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