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  1. While playing, some of my buddies and I keep running into alphas wherever we go(mostly raptors). We play on an official server (on xbox) and the place we set up base is very isolated and the only things that really gets us are compys, troodons, Therizinosaurs, bugs, and raptors. Our current strategy is to sacrifice one of ourselves so the raptor will be fixated on the bodies (unless someone runs by it). Someone yesterday donated my buddies and I some ptera eggs so we can have a good start (we already have a trike and iguanodon and we had a raptor but it died). So my question is what is the best way to kill an alpha?
  2. I am getting ark soon and i've played the game for a few hours before at my cousins and he has over 100 hours into the game and he wouldn't give me any advice on the game, so my question is what is the best dino(s) for beginners? Also where is a good place to set up a base and a good spawn area (The Island)? All advice is appreciated and will help me out in the long run.